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Your rendering device has been lost ” Error? (Fix) – 2021

There are some errors you encounter while playing a game. In Overwatch also, you might face “your rendering device has been lost” error. But no need to panic, it is easy to fix them in no time.

Your rendering device has been lost " Error? (Fix)
Your rendering device has been lost

Overwatch your rendering device has been lost

A black screen might appear at times, and you’d eventually be expelled from the game. It happens if you’re meddling with your computer to know its speed and performance. Overclocking your PC is the primary issue for this error.

If such a thing happens, the rendering device lost fix can be done in these ways –

  • By adjusting your components back to their factory default speeds.

Another reason for Overwatch rendering device lost 2021 might be overheating. The PC shuts off to prevent itself from crashing. The way to repair this is –

  • Old or outdated computers can cause overheating or because of an error in configuration. You need to replace that particular element or get a professional to secure it.

If there are no problems listed above, then it could be because of a missing or distorted file.

  • The System File Checker repairs and replaces any such files. So you can make use of it to get out of such a situation.

The SuperFetch system could be behind why Overwatch isn’t working correctly.

  • Press Windows key and ‘R’, type services.msc, find SuperFetch, right-click and select properties. If it isn’t functioning correctly, modify it to Automatic and reboot the PC.


You are all set to deal with this error if you reach the principal cause of the issue and follow the solutions mentioned above. Happy gaming!