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Witcher 3 Places of Power | Locations – Updated (2021)

Witcher 3 places of power are magical relics that were created after the conjunction of spheres, which opened the gates of the world of magic. These locations contain runestones that have hidden powers. When Geralt syphons these powers, it increases the intensity of any sign and grants an ability point the first time you syphon a runestone.

So, to do this, press and keep holding the E key on PC until the power is activated. If you manage to have all five Sign intensity activated simultaneously; you will unlock the Power Overwhelming Achievement.

Locations Of “place Of Power” Witcher 3

Now, there are around 30 such places spread throughout White Orchard, Velen,  Skellige, Novigrad, Kaer Morhen and Toussaint. Let’s look at the map of these locations.

White orchard places of power

 There is 6 POP in the white orchard. These are:

Cemetary – Igni

Igni can be located on the mausoleum entrance in the graveyard off the main road, a level 7 wraith guards this runestone.

Northern Woods – Aard

Head to the north of the cemetery; another runestone sits burrowed in the woods beside a Monster nest full of level 2 Ghouls.

Western Forest – Axii

In the centre of the bleak woods between the Nilfgaardian garrison camp and The Herbalist’s hut lies a POP marked with the Axii sign. Beware, as the forest is full of wolves, and axii may be guarded by a level. 6 Wraith.

Griffin’s Nest – Quen

Heading south from Griffin’s nest, in The Beast of White Orchard quest and Nestled between two giant trees sits a POP for the Quen sign.

Abandoned Site – Yrden

Along the road that stands east of the Abandoned Village, get off from your horse at the Abandoned Site and move into the trees to the south. Combat with the level 6 Bear who’s a guard of the area.

Battlefield – Quen

If you’re approaching from the east, ride to the opposite end of the battlefield, just before the locked gate (which can be unlocked by coming from the west). Then, to the north of a Ghoul’s nest is this last Place of Power.

White orchard places of power
White orchard places of power

Velen places of power

There are again, six runestones in Velen a.k.a. No man’s land, but two of the are inaccessible.

Lonruk’s Island – Quen

On the north-western tip of Velen, after the Isolated Shack, this island has a POP at the bottom of the rocks (which is quite a drop) but beware of the level. 14 Wyvern that resides in the fort.

Elven Ruins – Yrden

Eleven ruins, is below the earth, near the Lake Wyndamer which is north of the Byways. You won’t be able to reach this site until you have moved past the main story to the Wandering in the Dark quest. Once finished, initiate the Magic Lamp Side Quest to solve the mystery of the ruin.

Southern Frischlow Mire – Aard

At the southern-most point of Velen, at the centre, you’ll find a large mire in the forgotten town of Frischlow. The POP is at the bog, in the southern direction.

Bald Mountain – Quen

Like the Elven Ruins, until you take the Main Story quest: Bald Mountain, the bald mountain stands inaccessible near the road to the mountain.

The Ancient Oak – Igni

The ancient oak is in the deep woods near Southeastern Velen, which is close to the Oak Signpost. But watch out for the tree spirit and the wolves nearby.

Downwarren – Yrden

Reach the northwest region of the Downwarren town and look for the hilltop and then, climb up. At the peak is the Yrden POP for you to draw power from.

Velen places of power
Velen places of power

Novigrad Places of Power

There are only two POPs, and the place of power map is included below,

Elector’s Square- Igni

Head to the northern side of Novigrad to find elector’s square. Walk in the Temple and go to the north-eastern side.

Alness- Axii

 Alness is a small mountain in the south-east, close to a road that splits into two like the letter “Y. Climb to the top to reach the POP.

Novigrad Places of Power
Novigrad Places of Power

Skellige places of power

Eight runestones can draw power in skellige. These are,


You can find crossroads when you first reach Skellige during the quest – “Destination: Skellige.” It resides near the ocean.

Ancient Crypt

The “Sunstone” segment of the main quest “Battle Preparations” will lead you to the ancient crypt. So, when you enter it with Philippa and fight Drowners, turn to the right to find this runestone.


On the western isles of Skellige lies the town of Svorlag from there, trail up a mountain. Then, when you come across an abandoned building, climb the rocks that are placed near the building. Keep walking on this track, and you’ll reach your location.

Druid’s Camp

The runestone is the easiest to locate, just travel to the Druid’s Camp and look in the woods on the eastern side. Soon you’ll see a purple glow of Yrden’s Place of Power.

Gedyneith – Aard

This is where you can worship skellige but beware of the cyclops of level 30, if you are strong enough then kill them otherwise, stay far from them!


This runestone near Fornhala is a cakewalk. Follow the path up the mountain near the village to the other side. On your way down, on the right-hand side, you’ll see the runestone. 


Start moving west from the town; you will come across a road that leads to a rundown building. Mark it on the map and walk the road to the POP for YrdeN. Watch out for any wandering wolves.

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The Trail to Yngvar’s Fang

The closest travel point to this one is yngvar’s fang, but you have to walk the trail to get there. Make sure to kill the rock troll that might attack you. Then, keep moving until you see the sirens flying above, kill them too. Next, continue running and walk across the bridge, to the left and reach the Yngvar’s fang.

The Trail to Yngvar's Fang
The Trail to Yngvar’s Fang
Skellige places of power
Skellige places of power