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Witcher 3 In Wolf’s Clothing | Morkvarg & Feed Morkvarg (2021)

Witcher 3 in wolf’s clothing is a secondary quest, in the main search “Nameless” in Skellige region.

To start this quest, you should at least be on level 15 of the game. Now, this side quest will be given to you by Priestesses of Freya at Lofoten or by Josta at the Temple of Freya on Hindarsfjall.

The gardens of Freya are plagued by a monster that looks like a wolf, called Morkvag. Every year he takes the lives of innocent souls. Your job is to find Morkvag, learn about his curse and help the people of Freya by getting rid of this monster. Henceforth, you’ll be rewarded and praised!

Guide to complete in wolf’s clothing Witcher 3

Begin this quest by reading the notice posted on the Larvik Notice Board or by talking to the women in Lofoten while simultaneously completing the “Missing Persons” main quest.

The notice-

The Skellige islands have a long and rich history. Scattered throughout their rugged lands are many ambiguous ruins, elven relics, ancient woods and natural marvels. One of the areas that most stuck in Geralt’s memory was the deserted garden near Freya’s temple. Geralt discovered it by chance, and found there was work waiting for him within – a powerful beast prowled inside its collapsing walls.


Ciri’s trail had led Geralt and Yennefer to a derelict garden in Skellige. There they hoped to find the man named Craven, who alone could provide answers to their intense questions. Unfortunately, they were first greeted by an entirely different individual – a monster known as Morkvarg. It seemed Geralt once more would have to paint his silver sword with blood.

Talk to the priestess of Josta about Witcher 3 Morkvarg

You will find Josta and the priestesses in the village of Lofoten, who’ll inform you that killing Morkvarg won’t be an easy task as he’s been destroyed many times before but keeps coming back stronger than before. 

All of this directs towards a strong curse! Further inquiry reveals that it was allegedly cast by the late arch priestess Ulve, who, on her last breath, cursed Morkvarg for all his foul deeds, but in particular for attacking Freya’s Garden, a sacred place.

You can talk with Einar too, a pilgrim on that fateful day who happened to survive these events. But how?

Talk to the priestess of Josta about Witcher 3 Morkvarg

Talk to Einar about the curse

Travel to Larvik’s harbour to find Einar getting ready to sail. But he’ll tell you how he remembered Ulve putting the curse that transformed Morkvarg into a deadly werewolf that proceeded to attack his men but couldn’t taste any of them as they immediately turned to ash in his mouth.

Talk to Einar about the curse

Find Witcher 3’s Morkvarg

For finding Morkvarg, follow the wolf tracks, and then cross a small river. Head to Freya’s Garden and get to the segment of the garden where the Morkvarg’s Lair is located.

When you enter the cave, you’ll see Morkvarg talking about some key. Now, to speak with him, you first need to attack him to get his health down and then, he’ll tell you about the hoax that was cast on him. 

“It’s everlasting hunger!” Morkvarg will start to beg you to lift the curse from him, promising lot of treasure in return.

Find Witcher 3’s Morkvarg

In wolf’s clothing Witcher 3, feed Morkvarg his flesh or lift the curse using the fangs.

Since eating his flesh burns his throat, and the typical food turns to ash in his mouth, the beast pleads for you to free him of the curse and promises you a treasure.

You can,

  • choose to leave him
  • slay him
  • feed Morkvarg

If Geralt escapes or kills him, he’ll be dead and disappear, going some loot with some werewolf meat and any of the food if he was fed earlier.

Find the wolf’s clothing key using your Witcher Senses

Another option could be finding the key that Morkvarg mentioned in his talks. So, get out of the cave, and you’ll find two levers with which you can control the flood gates. It would be best if you opened the right floodgate.

Then, jump in the river and swim to the waterfall at the open gate. Use “Cat” for night vision to see in the dark and then, dive through a tunnel.

In the end, you’ll find a cave with a treasure box and some goods as well as the key and a pile of bones.

Swim back and exit the lair via the stone ladder placed on the left.

Find the wolf's clothing key using your Witcher Senses

Unlock the chapter house doors: Morkvarg’s journal

Raise the middle peg of the switches and swim through the open gate to get to the Chapter House near the giant tree.

There’s a building to the west, about halfway at the left/western wall of the garden at the edge of a circle that’s marked on your map.

Open that door, turn left and climb up, then continue, and you’ll get to the Chapter House. Inside, there will be two doors. Open the right door to get loot, including a Longclaw blueprint.

Open the left gate to get more loot and the Morkvarg’s Journal too. You’ll find out that Morkvarg was not a fantastic person and has not been telling you the truth.

Unlock the chapter house doors: Morkvarg’s journal

Back to Einar

For the next segment in Morkvarg’s quest, travel back to Larvik and ask Einar via the “Lied to me” option.

Einar was one of Morkvarg’s guys! Tell Einar that you don’t want to fight and tell him that you want to break the curse (that’s what a witcher does). Tell him to do it for the priestesses and get the necklace from him, Back to your werewolf friend.

Back to Einar

Getting rid of the Werewolf in the garden

Follow your marker to find the wolf in the garden. You’ve got the key, so you can open the gate on the left (not the main one) to get there faster. If the marker is switched off on the outside, this indicates that Morkvarg is inside the cave.

Please open the door near the cave entrance (north-east) and search for him. Fight the wolf, and say your “here we are again,” and choose the option to give him the Toradar’s fang necklace.

You’ll see that Morkvarg is unrepentant. Ask him for the reward to get him to tell you that you can get some coin from a pawnshop owner in Novigrad. Then, the quest will be over; he’ll walk away.

Optional: Draw your sword or punch him to start a fight. After you’re done, loot his body for the blade.

NOTE: Josta will pay you anyway.

Getting rid of the Werewolf in the garden


Go to Josta to claim your reward of 85 crowns!

For your second reward, Go to Novigrad and talk to the Loan Shark in The Bits. After selecting “Morkvarg Sends His Regards”, you will get Deithwen, experience points, and a torn-out page to make the Werewolf Decoction.


  • Due to a bug or intentionally, if you fail to kill Morkvarg right after asking about the reward, you won’t be able to get the bonus rewards from the Loan Shark.
  • The journal entry won’t get updated if you kill the Werewolf right after lifting the curse, and can cause some weird comments from Skelligers.
  • If you ask about the reward and then kill Morkvarg as he walks away, you’ll have both the journal entries for killing and for not killing him.
  • There is a slight chance that the objective “Talk to the priestesses of Melitele to learn what happened in the garden” will not be able to get completed, and will stay as an objective even after talking to Josta.


That’s all you need to know about the Witcher 3 in wolf’s clothing side-quest. We hope you find the key and slay the wolf in time to claim the fantastic rewards.
Happy gaming!