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Witcher 3 Builds | Sign, Chracter & Alchemy build (Updated) 2022

Witcher 3 Builds

If overpowering all the monsters is your mission in Witcher 3, then we’ve got you a list of the best Witcher 3 builds keeping your playstyle in mind. No matter if it’s alchemy, combat, or defense, these would suit your needs. Even though you’ll be stronger each time you level up, these can be great to start. 

If you wish to construct your build after reading all the tips, we have a segment dedicated to creating your build. Make sure you read this till the end.

How to choose the best Witcher 3 build?

Since the definitions of “best” vary from person to person, you should opt for the gears that suit your playstyle in particular.

So, you could choose an alchemy build that focuses on using potions, decoctions, and bombs, a magic build which is about utilizing Witcher signs, a tank build with great survival instincts, or a combat build that transmutes Geralt into a juggernaut. However, combat skill build should be on your list because it’s the foundational part of the Witcher and is needed regardless of which playstyle you choose to specialize in. There are also mutation gears that work on getting the most out of those powerful abilities like piercing cold and Euphoria.

On top of that, many character builds amalgamate different skills together, significantly above level 30; you unlock many skills; you have to know how to equip them.

Witcher 3 build guide 2022

Here are some of the most incredible builds ranging from the early game gears to the most powerful ones.

Early game build

The total skill points that you need for this one is 12. So, to start building your character early in the game, you should first choose an armor for Geralt (light, heavy, medium) and then, primary damage source such as a fast attack, strong attacks, etc.

Fast attacks are a great option; hence, this mainly focuses on fast attack build and light armor. So, put most of your points in muscle memory that would initiate fast attacks, then three resolves to lower adrenaline point, grabbing resolve, and taking cat techniques to reduce overall damage. 

Gourmet is also advisable as it heightens your survival rates in the early-mid parts of the game.

Euphoria build

Euphoria is the most powerful builds of all time, which hangs between alchemy and swordplay. However, it is recommended that you play it after level 40.

The total skill points that you need for this is around 65. Named after the mutation euphoria, increases your sword damage and sign intensity immensely as your toxicity increases.

 The upper half of the tree focuses on increasing the damage of Fast and Strong attacks and provides a significant boost to overall attack power with mutagen synergies. But the lower half of the tree is what makes this build so potent, with various alchemy skills allowing you to gulp multiple decoctions and potions throughout the fight while keeping your toxicity on top.

Skills that should be spent more on are metabolic control, synergy, strength training, crushing blows, rend, sunder armor, razor focus, precise impacts, whirl, muscle memory, poisoned blades, protective coating, and tissue transmutation.

The decoctions to use are:

  • Ekimmara:- Damage rendered to opponents regenerates Vitality.
  • Succubus :- Attack Power grows throughout combat or Troll.
  • Water Hag:- Damage dealt increases when Vitality is at its maximum.
  • Arachas:- Reduce damage received on armor and inventory weight.
  • Basilisk:- Applies a boost increasing the intensity of a randomly selected Sign at dusk and dawn.
Euphoria build

Full combat

Here’s a fun skill set, the caveat. It requires a virtuoso to fully utilize this one because this is called a  “glass cannon” build – a lot of damage potential but dies quickly. So, it would help if you were very good at dodging deterioration. This is primarily an assemblage that requires rational use of Quen to succeed.

This build takes skills exclusively from the combat tree. Still, it also focuses far enough into alchemy to unlock the extraordinary Synergy skill, which vastly increases the at that this build provides, ranging from 140 to 210 percent. And to top it all off is the magnificently robust Bloodbath mutation, which rewards evading damage with mountains of attacking power.

Full combat

Fast attacking piercing cold mold

You should reach up to level 35 to fully use this mold, and the total points required to access this are around 90.

This build combines fast attack skills, Aard sign, and adrenaline point boosts, empowered by the enchanting Piercing Cold mutation.

This mutation lets you freeze, deal massive damage, and sometimes instantly slay enemies while using Aard.

 The gameplay is relatively straightforward:

  • Use Aard as much as you can, especially Aard Sweep.
  • Deal fast attack damage throughout.
  • Use alternate mode Quen to heal you up if needed.
  • Because the focus lies on fast attacks and light armor, it is advised that you dodge attacks.

The Witcher Feline gear is suitable for this setup because it mainly avoids damage and uses fast attacks. Plus, the two Feline swords will also heighten the effectiveness of Aard.

Ensure you acquire all the combat skills like focus, cat school techniques, rage, aard intensity, aard sweep, shock wave, synergy, mutagens, undying, fleet-footed, precise blows, resolve, etc.

Fast attacking piercing cold mold

Crit build

If you’ve reached level 35 and have around 77 skill points, then you can enjoy this skill build. The crit set would give you the most physical damage in the game and is quite similar to the Euphoria set, except this one is crit-focused.

So, for skill choices, start by unlocking the combat skills- Muscle Memory, Precise Blows, Resolve, Whirl, and Razor Focus. Then, go for four attack skills, fleet-footed too if you wish to dodge attacks. Now, go for cat school techniques to get the crit and damage bonuses.

You should also take Euphoria because it boosts your damage, metabolic control, and acquired tolerance because they synergize with Euphoria.

Then, aim for the new armor set; for weapons, pick up the Viper steel and silver sword at level 39 and pick-up Ursine crossbow for more crit stats. Another essential set of gear is Nilfgaardian guardsman’s gauntlets and levity enchantment.

Witcher 3 combat alchemy build

This is a substantial build; hence, begin with the combat tree as it is foundational and gives you the strength and survivability early in the game.

Now, start by treating your fast attack as a primary attack as this will allow you to land multiple hits, increase your crit chance, and are unlikely to be dodged.

The skill order and distribution start with Cat School Techniques from the tree, followed by 3/3 Delusion and 3/3 Exploding Shield from the Sign Tree. Then, until you have maxed out all the majors and have reached the last Tier of the Tree while opting for Muscle Memory, Precision Blow, and utility skills such as Resolve and Undying and rend, this ends your fundamental needs. You should then begin distributing the remaining points into Alchemy and the Sign Tree after your fundamentals are unlocked.

Besides Poisoned Blades, Alchemy doesn’t reveal its real power until Tier 3; that’s why it is the final investment tree. So, other skills that you could acquire would be cat school techniques, survival instinct, focus, which gives you 15-30 percent DPS increase, exploding shield, delusion, active shield, melt armor that permanently weakens your opponent’s armor, acquired tolerance, hunter instinct which will, at maximum adrenaline, increases critical hit damage by 100 percent based on oil application, fixative, synergy and killing spree.

The armor you could go for with this set is cat feline school gear, considering it improves adrenaline point and stamina regeneration. And if you are a beginner, temerian armor would work fine too.

Best weapons- cat feline school swords and viper school weapon assemblage.

Witcher 3 combat alchemy build

Best sign build

You can get this on any level, but all you need are 150 points to have the best sign build, par with the death march difficulty.

At first, you should focus only on unlocking Active Shield to boost your survivability quickly. Next, spend points on other signs that you prefer to use, such as Igni and Yrden, which will be in your main signs, but if you are fond of Axii and Aard, you can choose to level those up too or the other signs but continue strengthening Quen.

After you finish with the sign’s tree, you can pick up the vital attacking skills, which will be a boon against enemies resisting sign damages.

So, skills that you should strengthen are exploding shield, active shield, fire stream, magic trap, griffin school techniques, strength training, crushing blows, sustained glyphs, which will increase the duration of yrden, razor focus, and sunder armor.

Now, the perfect gear for this mold would be the full griffin armor gear as it bestows sign intensity bonuses.

Best sign build

Finest defensive build

If you are into surviving damage than to attack, then this is tailor-made for you. You’ll become a slow-moving, indestructible Witcher with a high defensive mechanism.

Heavy armor, like the bear armor, is the top choice for you to deal with destruction.

You will also have to use a lot of strong attacks and the skills like a survival instinct, which increases max Vitality by 500, resolve, undying, razor focus, metabolism boost that allows adrenaline points to reduce the toxicity of potions, gourmet, bear school techniques, strength training, crushing blows, rend, sunder armor and Mutation- Second Life: When your Vitality would touch 0, you can become temporarily invulnerable and regain all of your stamina.

Finest defensive build

Versatile tank

If you are new to the game, then the versatile tank mold with ursine Witcher gear would be a blessing for Geralt, as it would make him indestructible.

A mix of all three significant skill trees (combat, signs, and alchemy) gives you the fluidity that many other builds lack. Potions and decoctions will excitingly increase your survivability, and a light boost on Quen will help keep your Vitality high. But there’s also a little dose of combat skills and attack power boosting in this mold, so you’ll be able to hit hard as any enemy you come across with.

And, there’s the Second Life mutation at the center of this build, which will usher you into the realms of invulnerability.

Versatile tank

Signs & magic Witcher 3 build

This build is a result of many attempts to make a viable end-game sign-oriented mold. This build pushes Sign Intensity to almost a maximum range, with a little more survivability, which I think is the main downside. This is quite similar to a build by a Reddit user called “Sujiren”

You’ll see this has deviated from Sujiren’s build with the addition of Refreshment skill and a green mutagen in the bottom-right. This gives you just a little more tackiness while giving you the potential to make your signs hit like a train!

Now, are you wondering what more you could do to make Geralt unbeatable? Then, you might want to consider reading our article on the Witcher 3 best armors that has the most incredible gears that you can claim to defeat all enemies.

Tips for making your builds

It’s always fun to create your things, so these are some insights on how to construct your character builds:

  • There are some great builds out there that incorporate alchemy, combat, and sign skills altogether. However, it’s challenging to pull this off, and chances are you might end up weak in all three fields. Hence, master 1 or 2 areas only.
  • You should pick up Acquired Tolerance and one of the three Witcher school techniques to raise your maximum toxicity. (other options are active shield and synergy)
  • From playing the game, you’ve must have found specific abilities you like to use. This can be a good start. For example, if you love using Igni, try a build that improves igni and pair it with items that enhance sign intensity.
  • Some skills become weak later in the game because they give you a flat bonus or don’t require them anymore. So, don’t stick to any unnecessary skills.
  • Try to make use of the console as you’ll be able to hop into a new game and use cheats freely to test out entire builds in-game. The commands you should use for testing out builds are:
  1. cleardevelop
  2. setlevel(100)
  3. addskillpoints(30)
  4. enablemutations(1)
  5. additem(‘Greater mutagen red’, 30)
  6. additem(‘Greater mutagen green’, 30)
  7. additem(‘Greater mutagen blue’, 30)

How do I reset my skill points and build in Witcher 3?

You can reset your skill point anytime with a Potion of Clearance, and for resetting mutation points, you can use the Potion of restoration. You can buy each of them for 1000 coins from specific NPCs in the Witcher world.

Potion sellers:

  • Potion of Clearance – Keira Metz, Gremist (a druid in Ard Skellig), merchant in Gildorf, Novigrad and Yolar, a druid living in a cave under Gedyneith.
  • Both potions seller is the merchant in the Perfumery in Beauclair, the herbalist east of Lazare Lafargue in Beauclair, the rescued herbalist at Coronata Vineyard, and the herbalist at Castel Ravello.

Which is the best build?

Euphoria can be an all-rounder in terms of power and attacking skills.


There are many great options for Witcher 3 builds, and these are some of the finest choices you’ll find on the internet.

From playing with potions to combating with fast attacks, they fit all purposes. We also hope this intrigued you to create your character builds because they would be genuinely designed based on your gameplay and preferences and would, in all aspects, be best for you.

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