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Sims 4 Witch CC | Witch Mod (Download) Updated – 2021

The realms of magic game pack fulfilled all our child-like fantasies of being witches, casting spells, mixing potions, and doing witchy stuff. But to make it top-notch and to keep all the simmers elated, the custom content creators have come up with several notable and magical sims 4 witch cc. These ccs make the simmers life enchanting like never before.

The witch cc sims 4

To make the most of your enchanting world, we have curated a list of all the best custom content mods to help you create a mystical, fun, and magical gameplay. 

Sims 4 Witch CC | Witch Mod (Download) Updated

The list is as follows,

Witchy Choker & Earrings

To have those gothic and dark accessories added to your enchantress, Here’s cc by Blahberry Pancake from The Sims Resource, the Witchy Choker & Earrings CC set. The must-have set includes six swatches of inverted pentagram necklace and earrings.  

Classic Witch Hat

What has always been signature to witches is their hats, so we’ve found one of the fantastic hats for The Sims through this witch hat cc by Philosimy, a classic cone-like hat that yells, “Look, I’m a witch!” It’s also available in various colours. To download and seek more information.

Witch Make-Up.

For Sims to look like a real enchantress, makeup plays an essential role too, and the right makeup can make or break the deal. Luckily, we’ve found one that can turn heads and make your witch complete its dark look.

Wizard Maxi Dress

To have a break from those traditional witch dresses, here is another stylish option from Helsoseira. The custom content for sims 4 witch mod has four different fabrics of black gothic maxi dresses for female Sims aged teen to an elder to add that extra flair. Go to this site to download the file.

Witch Craft Tattoo

Tattoos add boldness in one’s physical outlook, so a unique tattoo set by Benevolence-C is another must-have for sims witches to get bold and occult designs engraved on their body. This SimplyPixelated – Witch Craft – Tattoo CC set and more details.

Necromancer Eyes

Who doesn’t love a set of beautiful baby-blue eyes? Here’s a custom content to fill the void of the witch mod download by adding a superb range of different eye colour swatches created by “Tatiana” of tatysim.tumblr.com that will indeed look aesthetic. To download the witch eyes.

Witch Tattoo V3

Another witch tattoo that makes it into this list of must-have witch CC for the Sims 4 is The Witch Tattoo V3,  an exquisite collection of archaic and dark tattoos by mod creator Reevaly from The Sims Resource. It has 12 swatches for your teen and elder female spellcasters.

Witch Girly T-Shirt

Your teen enchantresses shouldn’t be devoid of stylish clothing so, the next up is these girly t-shirts cc designed by Helsoseirafrom The Sims Resource. It’s a popular mod with over 81k downloads so far. The set consists of cute and latest t-shirt designs in 15 swatches for female Sims aged teen to elder.

Little Witch Set for Kids

Who says kids cannot look like voguish sorcerers? Here’s an incredible creation byKarZaLee from her website, the Little Witch Set for Kids custom content. This set, which is Created for both boys and girls, includes a dress, devil wings, spider net socks, witch hat, and pumpkin wand for that hint of realism and style.

Nature Horns

Inspired by the blockbuster Disney movie Maleficent, this nature horns cc will shun your mainstream witch-look and add a sturdy, incredible look with a pair of horns, one that is straight-up inspired from maleficent and the other from animals like the ram. These are perfect for eccentric spellcasters, so get yours.

Medusa Dress for Sims 4 witch mod

It’s no good having beautiful accessories if you don’t have a cinematic gown to go with them. This Medusa dress cc by Renora Sims is perfect for those seeking a queeny flowing gown to cast magical spells in. You can download the dress, where you’ll also see the other swatches. There are solid colors and dual-tone options, giving you a massive range of choices from traditional black to bright red.

Witch Nose & Chin Presets

The witch imagery that always gave us chills down the spine characteristically had a weirdly long nose and chin, so for the old time’s sake, If you want to give your spellcaster that stereotypical look, then this nose & chin preset from Ice Cream For Breakfast is the one for you.

Witchy Face Paint

If you wish to have old face paint for your sorceress, look no further than this detail-oriented face painting CC by Alaina Lina. Check out the complete set and you’d get four different style options with five colors available for each style.

Lilith Eyeshadow & Facial Tattoos

This bold and catchy eyeshadow cc comes in 4 shades and also includes 4 tiny occult-themed facial tattoos. The makeup can be used on teens and elders but is especially great for a gothic teenage witch. You can look at further details of the tattoos as well.

Witch sims 4 cc for the outside magical world

Now, after your witchy beauty-makeovers comes time to renovate and add mystical artefacts in your homes and shops because these makeovers are as essential as your own. These are,

Pufferhead stuff for your sims 4 witchcraft mod

This pack makes almost every magical-themed CC list, and you need to take a look at Mlys Makes’ Website to see why. This cc is Based on the Henry Puffer poster in the base game, and this pack contains everything a budding young witch or wizard needs to plunge themselves into the world of magic; this is one download that will sweep you off your feet. 

Witch store signs

Talia’s cute custom signs are perfect for an enchantress setting up a potion shop to make some simoleons from her magical skills. She has also created a considerable number of books and other witchy CC, so make sure you take a look at Tumblr for more details and give your shop a chic look.


From beautiful outfits, makeup, and tattoos to enterprises. Sims 4 witch cc is essential to make your witchy-world flawless, and your necromancers transform into their best versions. So, what are you waiting for? Grab yours now.  Another excellent challenge that you should be a part of is the asylum challenge.