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45 + Best Total War Empire Mods Of 2022 (Download)

Best Total War Empire Mods

The article below suggests some excellent and improvised empire total war mods. It tells about all the additions and the descriptions of the modules. Please read the article below to go through all the suggested and given modifications to understand them better. Download the most suited ones for your game. Good luck, commander.

The empire Total War Mods

At some point in time, we loved Empire, but due to the terrible online community, it went down from the list. But as you could see too, the game is making its way back. So, as always, we gave Empire another shot, and there were some fantastic mods we came along. The article gives you a brief about the different modules that are being part of the Empire and are best for enhancing the game. The total war game is mostly famous amongst teens, which is all about 18th-century combats, radical thoughts, and military advancements. 

The empire total war mods will make your day with its different and unique interactions, which will help you conquer the world in the game, of course! Let us not wait longer and jump straight into the modifications. Read the below-suggested list of the modules and select the set of mods to download. 

45 + Best Total War Empire Mods Of  (Download)

The total war empire mods of 2022

At this moment suggesting you some of the best total war empire mods of 2022 to enhance the gameplay with its new interactions and they are:

Imperial Destroyer Project

This imperial destroyer project adds new regions to play and conquer. The module adds more reinvigorated areas in the world map to make it look more unique and exciting. The new units added in the modification can make them more fun and enjoyable. 

Regiments of American Revolution:

As the name suggests, this particular modification adds new units similar to that of the American Revolution. It consists of both American and British entities, so; you could witness the clash between these powerful clans. 

Colonialism 1600 AD

This modification acts as a time machine as it takes you back to the 17th century, which was the days of freshly started world’s colonization. With this module, you could become the warrior with the most compelling colonial powers. It also consists of historical changes in the world map with old religions and customs added. 

Empire chaos mode

This module will bring your inner warrior to life as it is more non-historical and vigorously aggravates the game’s chaos. The soldiers would be robust enough with the grenades and mortars, which are exclusively destructive. It could cause utter madness until you start a campaign, as many consider it dull. Have a total blast, literally, with this mod.

Nec Pluribus impar

The Nec Pluribus impar depicts the French soldiers. It adds a new troop that fought for France in the seven years war. It also allows better transitions and gameplays, unlike the vanilla game. Overall, it would add only French armies. Grab this module now if you were a fan of the French Revolution.

No protectorates mod

If you have played this game, you might know about jurisdictions that won’t let you control over your choice of colonization world. With this module, you could have full power in your colonies, and your American soldiers could now attain freedom from Britain. It shows you a better world and adds imperialism to the game.

Ottoman overhaul mod

This modification is an overhaul module because it has many positives to contribute to the game. It repairs the Ottoman faction and not only that, it adds new cool features that enhance the fighting system. It also improvises the armor, collisions, fatigue, morale, and the naval battle’s quality. These are minor changes that bring a long time success story. 

Unit size mod

It is considered one of the best modules of all times as it increases the unit size of the soldiers from 120 to 400. The game is well known for its cinematic epic scenes, where two large troops have a fight that is worth remembering. Grab your hands on this modification to enroll yourself to witness the best battles on the ground of the Empire.

A proper empire, Terra incognita: It also contains some improvements and newly added units to the game. 


This modification brings you more updates in the units, armies, and regions, specifically of the period that ranges between the second parts of the 19th century up until the First World War. This mod is still getting updates and has the best gameplay and interactions. Grab your hands on this beautiful Victoria total war module, which is more than a mod for the creator as they took four years to make it. 

The Best Empire total war Mods of 2022

The rights of man

Now, let us review the best of all total war empire mods of 2022. There are

This module has to be the most realistic mods of the game. It consists of a new sound, better gameplay, more variety, better flags, new units, realistic blood, improvised smoke, etc. It also adds more historical events, and the gamers have no other choice but to have this modification downloaded.

Imperial splendor

It is not much of an overhaul but still contributes a lot to the game. It provides the game with added tweaks to the sound effects and improvises factions of France and Great Britain. The additional tweaks are also suggested to be the part of philosophy and tech trees that make the game more enjoyable. 


This modification is the most effective one of the lot and is the favorite of the game’s veterans. It enhances the gameplay the best and adds unique sets of units. Also, the armies and troops are entirely improvised. Moreover, it also fixes the AI as it used to roam around the map pointlessly, but now it won’t. The most challenging battlegrounds are found in this mod and will make you a veteran for sure. Grab it now. 

These were some of the best empire total war mods of 2022. I hope you find the one that suited your game the most.

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