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League Of Legends Time Played | How To Check(Updated) 2022

League Of Legends Time Played

We don’t perceive the amount of hours we spend playing an exciting game such as this one. You are so preoccupied in it that you forget the aspect of time which could have been used on other productive things. However, you can know the League of Legends time played.

How many hours have I played League

There is a simple way to know the time spent on League, through the website “Wasted on LoL.” It would make you aware of the hours you invested in the game since you first signed into your account.

How much time have I wasted on LoL

This is how you can operate the site to know the time wasted on League.

Select your area and enter your summoner name. The site would tell you the LoL time played and your ranking compared to other competitors in your region. A section is dedicated to rubbing salt on your wounds by informing you what else you could have done at that time. The website is user friendly with little clutter and links. This website was created by a small Indie company, Riot games.

All the accounts managed by Riot games are accessible on the site, but regions such as China and South-East Asia come under qq and Garena, so they aren’t incorporated.

League Of  Legends Time Played  | How To Check(Updated)

League of Legends hours played

An alternative way to find out the same is to navigate sites that collect player statistics and data. For example, Laoyuegou.com. You have to see the number of total games you played and the average game hours. Multiply the two numbers, and you know the total hours you played.

Also, playing for extended hours doesn’t guarantee top leadership. A player might have been playing for years but doesn’t progress. Therefore, time and progress aren’t harmonious. Various programs provide support and are better than expensive coaching.

  • Mobalytics, for instance, gives an updated patch tier lists that offer a support guide. They would steer you towards victory and progress. It also includes team fight tactics and legends of tune terra.
  • Op.gg is another place to improve your skills. You have access to item build paths and proficiency from any player, even your favourite LoL YouTubers, and streamers. You’d have the upper hand over your opponent if you follow the build paths. This is beneficial, particularly for beginners.

How long have I played League

An average person devotes 832 hours to this game, which is equivalent to 35 continuous days. New players are also involved in this data, although the older players are more likely to exceed as they have played the game for almost a hundred days.

Also, it might be discomforting to know the hours you ended up investing, but if you take out an average, it doesn’t seem much.


LoL is a popular program with a high number of people interested in it. League of Legends time played is just a method of being self-aware as to where your day goes by.

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