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Sims 4 Teleport Any Sim | Teleport Mod: Download – 2023

The new mod for Sims 4 “Teleport Any Sim” allows the user to summon or even teleport the sim of interest. This modification is particularly useful when used in a conjunction with pose player. However, some of the features were actually broken in the earlier patches. As of now, the update has been worked out with latest patch. Many errors associated with the patch & earlier patches have also been fixed for Sims 4 teleport mod.

How do you teleport a sim in Sims 4?

  • Unzip 2 files in the download and then place the same in game mod folder.
  • Make sure you carry both .ts4script and .package in the mod folder.

Issues with Teleport Any Sim

  • Initially, make sure the script mods have been enabled inside the game.
  • Now, delete all the older versions of the .package and .ts4script in the mod folder.
  • After this, make sure you patch the game with the current EA patch.
  • If you placed the .ts4script and .package inside the sub-folder; make sure you move the same to the main folder for Mods.
  • Now, take out everything from the mods folder except for the one teleport package as well as the ts4script file.
Sims 4 Teleport Mod : Teleport Any Sim
Sims 4 Teleport Mod

How can you use Sims 4 Teleport Mod?

For ending your curiosity about “how do you use the teleport mod” read these instructions carefully.

Buy a teleport statue if you are looking forward to teleport any sim. Now, place this statue at the location you want your sim to be teleported. If your sim isn’t present in that particular area, use a summon option in order to bring the Sim at that place. If your Sim is present over the lot, you can easily use the teleportation option. Now, doing this will allow the Sim to appear in the place where once the statue was. When you require the Sim summoned by you to leave, click on the same and opt for the “Just Go Away” option.

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Sims 4 Teleporter Not Working

The current game version for the teleporter mod surely works with the fresh patch. However, your game should be updated to ensure that this modification functions. If your game isn’t updated, it might be considered as a broken mod.

How can you install the latest Sims 4 Teleporter update?

  • You can unzip the updated patch files & place the same within the mods folder
  • Next, you need to assure that both the .ts4script and .package files are in place

With the new patch, there might be a case where the updates tend to switch off your script mods. So, make sure they are turned on. If they are in the off state, you need to turn them on in the game and restart to see the effects.

How often do bug issues occur in the game with a Teleporter?

Generally, the chances of a bug taking over the game with the Sims 4 teleport any sim are about 10 to 49 percent. So, one might say there is a high chance that your teleporter modificaion might not work.

What happens with Sims 4 Teleporter bug?

When the bug takes over, the characters will look like they are transporting from one place to another. However, the actually aren’t. This might look like a teleport cheat where the character is simply sitting or pulling back in the chair while changing positions which is a result of the pose statue teleportation.

They will simply jump from one location to another in the nearby area. They could have done so simply by walking as the area is just close by. However, this glitch makes them teleport. Even if you haven’t opted for the ts4 teleport mod, the sim will teleport from one location to another.

Say, for example, the Sims 4 modification is standing by the kitchen & you click over the shower present in the house bathroom. Now, in normal scenario, the character shall directly teleport into the shower. But in this case, the character shall teleport to the bathroom and then normally walks up to the shower. This is what happens when there is a bug in your game for the teleporter mod.

Several issues might also surface when the the avatars are involved in some interactions during the teleportanysim process. They tend to randomly jump from one angle to another without being asked to do so. If this happens ever-so-often, make sure you remove all the cc and re-download the fresh set. After you are done with it, place the телепорт для симс 4 mods in a place where you would normally have them. Now restart the system and check whether the error or bug is fixed.

To ensure that the teleportation mod pops up with no bugs or error, make sure you:

  • Have a game that is completely patched
  • Check for the presence of Script mods and download one if there isn’t any for Andrew teleport
  • Make sure the Script mod package is not within the sub folder of the mods folder
  • Assure that there is no copy of the modification in the mods folder

Teleporter Pose Player: Not Working

This could happen to the Sims 4 pose player teleporter if you haven’t played the game for a long time. Things might not be updated with latest patches as they should be. There are chances that if you want to teleport the Sim, they might not be able to do so. Even if they do it, there could be issues with their interaction post teleportation.

In case this happens with the Andrew pose player teleporter, it can always be re-downloaded. So make sure you look for a fresh version of скачать телепорт для симс 4. If this doesn’t solve the Teleporter Pose Player issue you can file in for error patch with the creators of the mod. Plus, the teleport anywhere Sims 4 mod might also seem like it is being treated as non-interactive mod object. So, make sure you download its latest version of the Teleport mod update.

Teleport through Various Versions

Throughout the game series, there have been several methods for the characters to enable teleportation within the game. However, keep in mind that teleportation is an ability that can be possessed by certain Sims or learnt only be some. In general, the teleportation feature isn’t an action of free will. It is a thing that needs to be directed by the character. At time, the characters might end up with some unroutable spot that might cause issues such as getting stuck in a place from where they need to be teleported back from by the player.

The Sims (First Game)

In this particular game, the Sims characters can gain the ability to teleport by obtaining the purple colored crystal named as the Crystal Clear Ability Rock. It can be found within The Sims: Makin’ Magic section. This ability can be learnt or acquired by both adults as well as children. It is also available all the time with almost negligible need for preparation.

However, the avatar that opts for teleportation might be fined under a circumstance where the non-magical characters might have seen them teleporting. However, this rule isn’t applicable when the character is within the Magic Town. The Sims avatars can use this mod to reach areas that are inaccessible by other means.

Further, the Sims: Livin’ Large houses a painting of a Tragic Clown that comes alive when the characters are having a bad temper. This particular character also has the ability to teleport.

Sims 2 (Second Game)

In this version of the game, the characters can attain the teleportation ability by having meditation skills. The avatar can meditate only it they possess a minimum of 3 Points. This is true only if the overall playful score isn’t more than 8.0. On an average, it takes around 12 hours in the game world for a Sim to gain the teleportation ability.

Once you have learned this ability, your Sim character needs to meditate for an hour again which will allow him to levitate & teleport.

By clicking over the ground, players can tell the character to teleport in that place. Every time the avatar wants to teleport, he/she has to meditate. This way of transportation tends to leave a form of invisible market within the spot from where the Sims had teleported.

However, you need to remember that the teleportation ability doesn’t guarantee the avatars a position to enter the dormitory rooms owned by Sims along with apartments, hotels, or slots. They would still be required to knock the door in order to obtain entry to such areas.

Sims 3 (Third Game)

With the Sims 3 game, you can teleport to another lot with the use of the Teleportation Pad. In order to obtain the teleportation pad, one needs to pay up 75,000 from the lifetime happiness points & it can easily be refunded for payment of §15,000. At times, this Teleportation pad might malfunction & hence take you to another location instead. You can also purchase “The Not So Routine Machine” from the store, which also functions in the form of a perfect teleportation pad. It surely houses more modifications over the regular Teleportation Pad. You can purchase the same at §15,000.

The Sims 4 candidates can meditate and teleport if they possess 5 skill points in Martial Arts. The characters need to meditate for a minimum of 4 hours to attain meditative focus.

Apart from this, the players can also make use of the cheat in order to teleport whenever the need be. The cheat code for this teleportation is: testingcheatsenabled.

How to teleport in Sims 4?

The avatars in Sims 4 game can teleport by using the cheats available within this game. By enabling this cheat, you can teleport the Sim instantly to a place or precise spot within the game. As a part of the Sims 4: Spa Day, the characters can develop their wellness skills via meditation.

This is a method similar to that of the 2nd game version. If the wellness skill present in the avatar is high, it will allow them to teleport from one part of the world to another. There isn’t any limit to overall number of instance when the character can use the ability.

If your avatar is a vampire, they will be able to opt for the teleportation mod if they are in their “Bat Form”/”Mist Form”. They can make use of the powers up until they have ample vampire energy.

Sims 4 Just Go Away Mod

This modification can be useful when there are instances of a hard work day and your sim is simply lying down. As the vampire comes up to suck the blood from your character, you can easily teleport him/her to another location of choice. The Just Go Away command also makes the vampires leave without sucking your blood.

Andrew Teleport

The Andrew teleporter Sims 4 allows the avatars to be teleported or summoned. This particular mod is generally used in combination with pose player by Andrew. With this modification for Andrew teleport any sim, you can essentially shift any Sims character from one location to another depending on where you want them to be.


How do I enable cheats in Sims 4?

In order to enable the cheats in Sims 4, you need to press & hold the combination of buttons CTRL+Shift+C. Select the box which appears over the top half of your game screen. Now, type the command testing cheats true, & press the enter button on the keyboard.

How do you teleport any SIM?

In order to teleport any SIM, you need to use testing cheats. When the function for cheat code is enabled, it will allow the avatars to teleport instantaneously from one spot to another. There are several other ways to teleport like meditation or other aspects.

How do I enable cheats in Sims 4?

In order to enable the cheats in, you need to press & hold the combination of buttons CTRL+Shift+C. Select the box which appears over the top half of your game screen. Now, type the command testing cheats true, & press the enter button on the keyboard.

What happened to Scumbumbo?

Unfortunately, Scumbumbo passed away and we’ll no longer be able to enjoy any new mods of his. However, the other modders are updating his previous work including Scumbumbo teleport any sim to continue his legacy.


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