Sims 4 Teleport Mod : Teleport Any Sim

Sims 4 Teleport Mod : Teleport Any Sim

The new mod for Sims 4 “Teleport Any Sim” allows the user to summon or even teleport the sim of interest. This mod is particularly useful when used in a conjunction with pose player. This mod was totally broken with the patch of 03/23/2017. However, some of the features were actually broken in the earlier patches. As of now, the update has been worked out with latest patch. Many errors associated with the patch & earlier patches have also been fixed for Sims 4 teleport mod.


  • Unzip 2 files in the download and then place the same in game mod folder.
  • Make sure you carry both .ts4script and .package in the mod folder.

Issues with Teleport Any Sim

  • Initially, make sure the script mods have been enabled inside the game.
  • Now, delete all the older versions of the .package and .ts4script in the mod folder.
  • After this, make sure you patch the game with the current EA patch.
  • If you placed the .ts4script and .package inside the sub-folder; make sure you move the same to the main folder for Mods in the Sims 4 Studio.
  • Now, take out everything from the mods folder except for the one teleport package as well as the ts4script file.

How can you use the Sims 4 Teleport Mod?

Buy a teleport statue if you are looking forward to teleport any sim. Now, place this statue at the location you want your sim to be teleported. If your sim isn’t present in that particular area, use a summon option in order to bring the Sim at that place. If your Sim is present over the lot, you can easily use the teleportation option. Now, doing this will allow the Sim to appear in the place where once the statue was. When you require the Sim summoned by you to leave, click on the same and opt for the “Just Go Away” option. Now, doing this will instantaneously make them disappear with the help of Sims 4 teleport mod 2017.

Crafting Enabler

This particular mod enables the inclusion of the custom content based craftable items inside the menus in game. These craftable items are inclusive of things such as drinks, food, woodworking, paintings, sculptures, and many more. It works with all the craftable items that have been made to align with crafting enabler. The new system might not require any updates to script for adding the new craftables. This confirms that people using this need not re-download this script every time the user needs to make any new craftable thing. It also suggests that the creators need not ask permission for creation of new craftables or joining the group.

Here are some places to download the new craftable items that work perfectly with the mod:

Click Here For Leniad’s Cupboard:
Click Here For
AOM Studio:

Updates to Teleporter Mod

  • Version 1.2 (November 14, 2018): This particular patch adds support meant for the patch named Get Famous.
  • Version 1.3 ( December 16, 2018): This fixes an issue for Sims 4 teleporterfound in the version 1.2 that introduced new menus such as Grab A Drink in AOM Studio to stop working.

Bug Zapper Mod

This particular Pets Patch was introduced on 03/03/2018 that comes with 2 custom interactions.

  • Watch Bugs Getting Zapped: This custom interaction will aid the Sims to watch bugs getting zapped while gaining some fun. They might be eating, sitting, or even drinking while doing so, as they stand close enough.
  • Touch: With this interaction, the Sim will eventually walk towards bug zapper to touch it. Doing so electrocutes them. As seen with all the electrocution protocol in the game, make sure you do not opt for it pretty frequently as the Sim you have might die from electrocution. This interaction also comes with customized animations.

There are 2 latest buffs to be gained from Touch interaction:

  • Amped Up! – When any Sim with Bro trait happens to touch bug zapper, the energy bar gets maxed. The buff that is Amped Up will make him feel completely energized. The Non-Bro sims shall have all the energy drained followed by fainting.
  • Zapped! – All the Sims that happens to touch this bug zapper shall get Zapped! With a feeling that is pretty uncomfortable.

Flies tend to swarm all around bug zapper. When turned on, the users can hear them as they get zapped with sparks.

Get Famous Mod Update

This particular mod enables the custom accessories such as Umbrella in the Seasons for being used without the overriding of tuning files. Currently, this feature only functions for new umbrellas. However, in future this can be extended towards other things such as Cell Phone Covers available with game patch. The upcoming version of the Studio brings in added resources that are required for automated mod functioning.

In order to use the mod, you might need the files to be unzipped in the download folder. The user needs to place them in the Mods folder. Make sure the scripts mods have been enabled inside the game. You also need to have the customized umbrella package for the mods folder.

The recent patch works perfectly with the following script modules:

  • Teleport Any Sim
  • Pose Player
  • VFX Player
  • Crafting Enabler
  • S4Studio Accessories


Filename SizeDate
Teleport Any sim Mod198.6 KB 10th Mar 2016


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