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Skyrim Armor Mods, 20+ Best Armor Mods to Choose From (Updated) 2021

If you love to play war games, you will surely realize that the armor is one of the best and main defensive objects for any warrior. Regardless of the shield’s quality, packing in a decent armor set could be the ultimate deciding factor that lets your character live or die.

As great as the base game Skyrim armors are, there are many that can be added to your game and improve the overall performance. With the help of the Skyrim armor mods developed by the game’s modding community, you can get access to some of the best and incredibly crafted armor mods that will amp your overall gaming experience.

As of writing this article, the overall number of additional armor mods that can be downloaded for the game is so extensive that browsing through any of the forum for Skyrim mod can take you several hours in a row.

aĒ asHowever, if you are in need of the best Skyrim Armor Mod from the collection of top-ranking options available, you can definitely take a quick look at this list created by me.

Skyrim Best Armor Mods

Immersive Armors:

If you are looking for a rich-feel Skyrim armor mod, the Immersive Armors is known to add a fresh new set of armors to the game. It also increases the overall varieties of spawning armor. If you just had a base game added to your system, this mod type will make things way better and immersive in nature. All the armors that are added with the use of this mod tend to be highly lore-friendly. You get access to 50+ armor sets to select from.

So, it is obviously difficult for you not to find something you like given the fact that this mod has almost everything you need to make the game all the more friendly and experience-packed.

Immersive Armors

Click Here For Immersive Armors:

Silver Dragon Armor:

With the help of this dark armor mod, it would seem like there is a dragon that is standing instead of a normal human player. Apart from this, the mod caters an amazing defensive form of an attribute. This helmet is among the perfectly crafted armor mods seen in the modder community of the Skyrim game. The armor is perfect to be used by the ones that are a tad bit far from the game’s light.

Passing through the Skyrim plains with the help of a dark-colored horse, this armor is something you need to behold. Downloading this mod is no doubt the best thing you would do for your gaming experience.

Silver Dragon Armor:

Click Here For Silver Dragon

Master of Death-Rise of the Dark Brotherhood:

This particular mod can replace most of the dark-colored Brotherhood armors. As meticulously as these mods are made, they are similarly beautiful to view. Termed as the amazing Sicarius Armor, this particular mod adapts perfectly with any of the assassin playstyles that you aim to follow. This mod type is based upon the traditional style of the Assassin’s Creed game. This set also doesn’t fall short with regards to details.

Master of Death-Rise of the Dark Brotherhood:

Click Here For Master of Death-Rise of the Dark

Shudad Armor:

If you are looking for top armor mods, this amazing armor set was designed to look like something that was brought in straight from any movie set. It is as majestic in terms of the look that you might not find anything similar to this in the official Skyrim mod page when looking for the best Skyrim armor mods.

Although you might not get access to this mod with the help of the classic Nexus browser, the mod is just available for download with the Steam. However, the developer isn’t supporting it as of now. This model can be worn by both males as well as female warriors. The appearance of the armor mod is so amazingly mighty that it looks like the holy warrior is wearing it.

Click Here For Shudad Armor:

Kynreeve Armor:

The Kynreeve Kahl in the Skyrim world is actually a very powerful Daedra that can be called upon with the help of the highly skilled conjurers. However, you can only get access to his armor when the mod has been installed. If you are looking for the best Skyrim armor mods, this particular option could be your best bet.

This armor that is worn by the Dremora tends to be very beautiful, and most players want to access to the same. This powerful set will give you access to a better fighting chance.

Kynreeve Armor:

Click Here For Kynreeve Armor:

Knights of Thorns Armor:

Wondering what to look for when selecting the right Skyrim SE armor mods? This particular set comes with the wonderful Spear of Thorns. It is perfectly suited for any role-player that loves to be the Dark Knight. This Skyrim knight armor has also been designed to adapt to any variant of body-type within the game. Plus, it works amazingly with the female as well as male characters.

In order to uncover this powerful set, you need to look for a coffin that can be found within an island named Serpent Stone.

Knights of Thorns Armor:

Click Here For Knights of Thorns

Demon Hunter Armor:

If you are looking for a female-only armor, this is just the one you should get for your Skyrim game. The Demon Hunter/Huntress Armor can be defined as a well-detailed leather piece that accurately complements its look that is very defensive. It also comes with multiple metal alloys making it one of the best Skyrim heavy armor mod. Plus, the set is also very light in weight and easily adapts to varying playstyles. However, it looks way better with the nimble characters such as assassins or thieves.

Demon Hunter Armor:

Click Here For Demon Hunter

Daedric Reaper Armor:

If you have ever felt that the original Daedric Armor isn’t as evil in comparison to what you thought it could have been, you can take things up a notch with the Daedric Reaper Armor. This particular evil armor mod looks like it came out straight from the Diablo universe.

Your armor comes with a set comprised of 2 highly powerful swords accompanied by defensive wear. This armor might not be something that any Dragon born would want to wear, making it the best dragon armor mod. However, it is an awesome piece with extreme detailing. So, this is something that you should definitely check through.

Daedric Reaper Armor:

Click Here For Daedric Reaper

DreamBurrows Regal Huntsman Armor:

If you are looking for a top-quality Skyrim imperial armor mod that makes you feel just like a super amazing hunter in the Skyrim game, you can do so with the help of this mod. The DreamBurrows Regal Huntsman Armor is a beautiful armor set that has been crafted with the addition of fur. It also adds decent protection atop the game that cannot be found with anything else in the Skyrim base game.

Plus, it is evidently based on the assassin creed game.

DreamBurrows Regal Huntsman Armor:

Click Here For DreamBurrows Regal

Raven Witch Armor:

If you were searching for armor in the Skyrim game designed only for females, this armor is something you will definitely love. This is a human-only armor, which means that you need to avoid the same if you are going for the Argonian look.

With this mod, you can add an Apex-variant of the Werewolf armor within the game that is beneficial & can easily be crafted in case you have access to an advanced smithing perk with armors in the game.

Raven Witch Armor:

Click Here For Raven Witch

Skyrim Light Armor Mods: Types and Variants

If you are looking for lightweight armor mods in the game that doesn’t weigh down your character heavily, you can surely try the mods listed below.

  • Immersive Armors
  • Lustmord Vampire Armor
  • Helmet Toggle Mod
  • Triss Armor Retextured
  • Improved Closefaced Helmets
  • Tribunal Masks and Robes Mod
  • Silver Dragon Armor

Skyrim Female Armor Mods

Wondering what are some of the cool armor mods for females in the Skyrim game? Here is a quick list to help you select the best from the lot.

  • Demon Hunter Armor
  • Medusa Armor
  • Blood Witch Armor
  • Girl’s Heavy Armor
  • Zerofrost’s Valkyrie Armor
  • ESO Altmer Armor
  • Mavari Armor
  • Hedge Mage Armor

Skyrim Oblivion Armor Mod Artifact Pack V6

With the help of the Skyrim Oblivion Armor Mod, you can add multiple unique weapons as well as armor pieces to the game’s Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion. This includes add-ons such as The Redwave, The Escutcheon of Chorrol, Draconian Madstone, Blackwater Blade, and so on.