Sims 3 Sex Mods Adult & Woohoo Mods

Sims 3 Sex Mods | Adult & Woohoo Mods (Updated) 2023

Since a lot of you prefer to play your most loved Sims 3, we’ve curated a list of the best Sims 3 sex mods to spice up things for your sims, from daydreaming about hooking up with your favourite sim to living the dream. These are the most realistic sexuality mods you’d find on the internet.

Sims 3 adult mods

Here’s a list of all the dynamic modifications and where to find them to have a luscious gaming experience.

Sims 3 Sex Mods

No censors sex mod

We know you can’t fully enjoy it if the only thing that you see on your screens are blurred grids. So, to make your virtual sexual fantasy more authentic and unhindered, download this mod and get rid of them for a great graphic experience.

Nudity mod

So, you got rid of the censor mode, but now, all you see down your female sims are some unreal visuals. Well, to solver this issue and to make your experience more realistic, this modification adds delicate details to your girl’s and butt, so you don’t have to bear with those barbie-like genitals. To download it, click this module.

sims 3 nude mod

It’s a real bummer when you see your character in TS3 look like a ken-doll. The nude mod eradicates this problem by adding that dangly and real-looking to your sim. This elevates the whole scene and makes it super interesting, and this modification is compatible with other cc too. Download it now!

Cyber woohoo

Why shall your sims be devoid of some action over the internet? Well, this sex mod does an incredible job by allowing you to “wohooo” with any sim online! So, let your characters have some rumpy-pumpy with the Woohooer mod.

Breasts naked mod

Unfortunately, even after removing the blurry grids with the aid of censor mod, you get to witness the most unreal breasts of all time. So, with this mod, you can have natural breasts with contoured nipples at your disposal. Make sure to download it!

Sims 3 Sex Mod Download

Karma sutra skillset

For all those love-making pros, this mod lets you get the Kama sutra skill which rises with every woohoo (can be done with cyber wohoos as well). This also affects the moodlets that your sim gets after sex. They can either be successful and have a great time, or be left wanting more due to their inexperience.

Street art nudes

Did you wish to paint nude models like Jack from titanic? Then, this modification helps you do just that because, with this cc, you can show off nude paintings by being a street artist, but the only catch is that you should have the university life expansion. And then you are good to go withthis mod!

Progress Pregnancy

This moduleallows you to have more control over your sim’s pregnancy. You can choose to pause it, resume it, have it immediately, and even instantly impregnate whatever sim you click on. Very useful for people that obsess on getting a baby of a specific sex, as well. Interesting, isn’t it?

Extra real wohoo with Graphical XTC’s

This wohoo mod sims 3 is your knight in shining armour as it brings to you the rawest virtual sex experience on TS3! Yes, you heard it right. This modification has,

  • A daydreaming option that lets you hook-up with any sim in multiple love-making positions.
  • Each sexual interaction includes foreplay too.
  • With this, you also, get the game’s “Incredible Time!” moodlet, a boost to your fun motive, and an increase in their relationship with their partner.
  • Get pregnant too! With the Try for Baby interactions have a 75% chance of success, the same as the game’s regular bed interaction, while Risky Sex has a 10% chance of success.
  • Gives you commands to change a sim into their nude outfit or sleepwear.

To know more about this fantastic mod go to this link:

Alfiechan’s passion module

This mod has a lot of expansion packs designed for it, and you won’t regret putting your hands on this one. Just as the name suggests this one’s rather a passionate modification with nice romantic touches, all to fulfil your fetishes. This, like the previous cc on this list, would be a great choice!

To install this and have an exciting escapade go tothis.

Fiery – Sims 3 Woohoo Mod

The animations included in this are way too good to be true! This cc has all the things that you need, from letting your sim if you don’t get a mate to lots of foreplay. This would keep you entertained all the time. It also has added sexual positions, so you don’t get bored and great graphics attached. All in all, this one is an incredible option.


We all continuously look for ways to improve our gaming experience, and these Sims 3 sex mods not only does that but add that missing spice into the gameplay! Download them asap and encounter the excitement.

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