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Who Is Shroud’s Girlfriend? Here’s Coolest Photos(2020)

Michael Grzesiek, also known as Shroud is a Polish-Canadian Counter-Strike: Global Offensive legend who turned into a streamer after competing in Cloud9 for three years. He has a knack for grasping new mechanics quickly and master all the games in the market, especially PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds. His personal life has been veiled from the public, but we finally have the answer regarding Shroud girlfriend.

Who was Shrouds ex?

Jessica Rago was the ex-girlfriend of the legendary gamer, and they broke up in January 2019. She’s half-Korean, one-quarter Italian, and one-quarter Irish.


  • Rago’s father was in the U.S Air Force; therefore they settled in various countries over the years. They permanently returned to the States when Rago was 12 years old.
  • She has a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from the University of Georgia and has also studied in Soul’s Yonsei University for a short duration.
  • Jessica worked as a teacher in the Korean Poly School in Seoul between 2012 and 2014. She taught English to little children over there.
  • She has been living in Georgia since 2015 with her family.
  • Rago also worked as a volunteer writer and translator for an esports production company, OGN Global. She was part of a content managing team LolPro.
  • It is believed that she met Shroud while working for Hyper X, a superior gaming accessories brand. He was one of the brand ambassadors for it.

Reason for break up

The timeline of their relationship isn’t clear, but one thing is for sure, viewers enjoyed Jessica’s occasional appearance on his stream or gaming videos. Their affectionate tweets for each other didn’t go unnoticed by viewers as well. Both of them owned two dogs, a crossbreed of German shepherd/Siberian husky, Troy and a Jindo mix, Miso. Troy played cameos in Michael’s videos at times, which was much appreciated by the fans.

Their break up came as a surprise to everyone since they weren’t aware of any issues between the two but out of nowhere, Jessica tweets informing everyone of their mutual decision to split. No reason was given behind the break-up, but there were no bitter feelings involved between them after splitting up, which was a relief for all. Both the dogs stay with Jessica after the parting ways. Troy turned up in only one video of his after that.

Who Is Shroud's Girlfriend? Here’s  Coolest Photos

Who is shroud dating currently?

Shrouds gf presently is Hannah Kennedy, popularly known as Bnans. Hannah was born in America, and her nickname is ‘Banana’ which she got when she was a child based on her cuteness which later turned into ‘Bnans’ in the teenage years.

She has been a gamer since she was 6 years old and is a famous streamer now on Twitch. Her gaming titles include Oregon Trail and Concentration. As she progressed, numerous games across varied platforms were championed by her, and soon she started streaming games like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege, PUBG, and Destiny (1 & 2). She’s also famous for playing Nintendo and Sega among others.

Hannah and Michael:

Their relationship began in April 2019 just a few months after Shroud’s break up with Jess. Bnans has moved in with him and also makes appearances on his live stream now and then as the fans fully support their love story.

Bnans Instagram account has 87,500 followers and more than 100,000 on Twitter. It isn’t much if compared with her boyfriend, but it’s quite a success on its own. If we talk about Twitch, she has over 1.7 lakh followers and 30 lakh views in total. Shroud sits at 1.1 crore subscribers across both platforms.

Their Twitch account doesn’t contain any updates regarding the two, but Shroud does post their pictures or other moments on Instagram.

Hannah has been seen supporting her boyfriend whenever his gaming sessions turn into a late-night thing. Like when he was occupied with WoW Classic for more than 12 hours a day, Bnans was encouraging and even helped him out at times.

Miscellaneous details

  • Bnans has eight tattoos on her body.
  • She is two years older than her boyfriend.
  • Hannah is also a graphic designer and digital marketing expert.


Here is every minor detail you need to know about Shrouds girlfriend and his love life. I hope this was enough of gossip you’d require for today. Keep on gaming!