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Risk Of Rain 2 Gold Orb, Orb Appears, Portal (2021)

One of the strange things in this game is the Risk of Rain 2 gold orb, which is originated by a unique altar. While fulfilling a level, you might encounter the Altar of Gold who’d ask for money from you. When you pay him cash, a gold sphere will emerge near the level’s teleporter with a message “A gold orb has appeared.”

Risk of Rain 2 a gold orb appears

After you acquire this particular item, continue the game as usual but focus on retaining as much gold as possible as it’d help when interacting with the sphere.

After this, navigate to the teleporter, vanquish the boss and charge the teleportation completely.

Risk Of Rain 2 Gold Orb, Orb Appears,  Portal
Risk Of Rain 2 Gold Orb

Risk of Rain 2 gold portal

Instead of enabling the teleport right then, you can also choose to enter the Golden Portal beside it. The portal would take you to the Gilded Coast. It would lead you to a new area with seven shrines. Once you trigger all of them, a powerful boss ‘Aurelionite’ would appear.

How to kill Aurelionite

Defeating Aurelionite wouldn’t be easy. Your weapons won’t be of any use against him. To kill him, you need to activate the seven altars again which would cost you 282 spheres after initiating the first one. If you don’t have them, mix in with the enemy crowd that is generated along with the boss.

You’d get some time off to destroy him after triggering the sanctuaries. Use all your efforts into this one task as he’d be at his weakest at this point. It wouldn’t be suitable to be stuck with him for too long. It’d be a tough challenge to do so but not impossible.


The Risk of Rain 2 gold orb is significant for your progress, and it’d unlock various attributes for you to enjoy along the way. So make sure to save the gold for later purposes.