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Sims 4 Pose Player by Andrews Studio: Know more About This Important Mod

What is the Andrew Pose Player?

If you are an avid Sims 4 game lover, you might have surely heard about the Pose Player Sims 4. This particular mod adds an option for the user to play various poses and even animations in the game. Additionally, it adds a particular interaction to the sims called the Pose By Pack and Pose By Name option. All you need to do is click on the sim in the way you would with any other task in the game.

When opting to pick the “Pose By Name”, you can easily enter the animation name, and then your sim starts doing the animation you desire till the same interaction is cancelled by the users. Now, it can be used on your sim or a sim of your choice even when it isn’t a part of the sim’s household you have. To stop any sim from following the posing sequence, you just need to click on them again. This will enable the option that stops the sims posing.

You can get several Sims 4 Pose Player packs that are available on the official website which include:

EA Death Clips:

Using this pack initiates the different ways your Sims character can die. You can pick any form of death you want for your Sims character.


This pack lets you decide the emotional feelings your Sims character will showcase in the game.


This andrew’s pose player pack lets you decide on the traits or characteristics to be displayed by your Sims character.

Vogue Pose Pack:

This particular Pose Player pack is all about the fashion poses to be executed by the Sims character you have in the game.You can get the complete list of the in-game animations from the link provided here:

What is the Studio Effect Player?

It will allow the users to play an effect of choice from Sims 4 game while you can easily select from the list comprised of more than 6000 effects. Get started

• First, you need to purchase the Studio Effect Player
• Now, Click on the same and choose the Select Effect option
• From the list of options enter an EA effect name
• After initiating the effect, the user can stop the same with a second click. This also comes with a replay option.

Additional Options on Studio Effect Player

Once you gain mastery over using one of the effects of the player, you can buy many more. Some of these options include:

  • Hide Others: This particular Andrews pose player option hides all the effect players excluding the one which you have clicked on. This option comes particularly handy when opting to take screenshots and making videos. This is where you don’t want the effect player showing up but the effect is needed.
  • Show All: After you have hidden the effect options, you might require the same to be un-hidden so that you can easily move the same or delete it.
  • Stop All: This option in the Sims player will effectively stop all the effects being displayed on the screen.
  • Replay All: This particular option restarts all the effects placed by you on the Sims character. It is highly useful not just when you have managed to stop the same, but also when the effects do not tend to loop like the explosions.

Here is a list of the effects included in the same:

Tips to place the effects

  • Once can easily opt for moving the effect player in the Live Mode with the use of Click and Drag option.
  • You can opt to move the cursor over the effect player in order to know the effects name being used.
  • If you are working with the larger effects, you might want to opt for the use of EA’s cheat that enlarges effect player using the key “[“when placing the same.
  • Effects placed by you will be eventually saved with the game.
  • If you happen to hide all the effect players while deleting the one not hidden, you need to buy a new one for retrieving back the menu.

Sims 4 poses make you pose well and play smart

Yes, the Sims 4 Studio is right here again to amaze its users with this amazing new Sims 4  posts mod. Sims 4 poses mod is all-new addition in the mod list of the great Sims 4. Here the Sims 4 application in this mid allows you to pose by name or pose by character and take up any imaginary name or character and play the whole Sims 4 game in the much exciting and interesting way. Just enter any name from your mind or take up any character from the list and start to play using them in this new sims mod known as Sims 4 poses. Pose as your favourite named character and play well the Sims 4 pose mod.

Studio Effect Player-Version 2

This one is the latest update to the existing Studio Effect Player. The new version allows you to set delays over the effects. You can also have the same repeated.

You can type in this code for use of the latest feature:

   ep02_bonfire_fireball_fail_explosion delay:5 loop:1.5 max:10

Using this option will initiate a wait period of 5 seconds just before playing. Now, this will repeat after every 1.5 seconds while playing just 10 times. You might not need to use extra options but if you want to use one, you might not need to use all of them.

You can download a list of complete effects in the game by clicking on this link.