Sims 4 Piercings | Cc Piercings: Navel Piercing Download – 2020


Sims 4 facial piercing helps you pierce your different parts of the face like nose, eyebrow, ears, lips and upper lips. This attracts both male and female characters equally.

Sims 4 piercing mods are also one of the interesting and fun custom content of the game. It includes belly button piercing (or navel piercing) and facial piercings. This mod is made basically for your female Sims but the male ones could also opt for it. This mod enables your players to have rings pierced around or on your navel. These female players love to be fashionable and are always ready for related possessions. They’re fascinated by it and always desire to be in trend.

They like wearing their belly button piercings particularly when they have a chance to wear bikinis for beaches or parties. So, if you want to know more about Sims 4 belly rings and how to opt it for your Sims, read the article till the end as we have some really impressive and compelling comprehensions for you.


Sims 4 has always interested the game lovers with its mods. Yet another, amazing custom content i.e. Sims 4 piercing mod which has mostly amused feminine and some of the masculine characters. So, the following would be some piercing mods you want to know and might get it for your Sims:-

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This Sims 4 belly piercing mod enables your Sims to have a piercing around your navel which is really appealing for most of the characters and it really looks pleasurable. These belly piercings are found near tattoo section. These piercings are belly rings which don’t go with too thin or large bodies and works best with basic or moderate body type. It also outshines on certain skin archetype but manages with all. There are total ten Sims 4 belly rings.

These navel piercing rings are available in different colors so, choose according to the shade of your sim’s bikini. You could also recolor these belly rings and remember when you use them on large sim bodies, it would stretch. The Sims 4 belly button piercings are accessible for both the genders so in order to download this mod you need to have the expansion pack of the game. This increases buff too.


The Sims 4 facial piercing mod enables your Sims to have rings pierced on your face. These Sims get positive vibes when they look beautiful and negative when they don’t. The following would be some of the parts of above mentioned subheading:-


This mod enables your Sims to have a ring pierced on their nose which looks stunning and they automatically feel good about themselves. These nose rings are available in 5 different colors and re-coloring is not allowed. They are also accessible in 4 variant patterns for each side of the nose plus 3 varieties of septum piercings. Total 11 types are present for the Sims in the game. They could be connected and could be worn as per your own choice. They can be used with other piercing sets.


This mod helps your Sims to have multiple ear piercings which again looks wonderful. This mod enables females aging from teen to elder to access it. These ear piercings are available in 5 swatches with HQ compatibility.

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This mod makes your sim look sensational as it includes rings for eyebrows. These eyebrow rings comes handy in 5 different colors which are not allowed to recolor. They’re also available in 17 variant types of piercings for the left and right side, bridge and under. Total 29 sets of piercings are present in the game. These can be used in whatever manner you like and could be used with other piercing sets as well.


This mod enables you to pierce your lips with rings. It gives your sim a breathtaking look. These lip piercing rings are attained in 5 colors and are not granted to recolour. They’re also accessible in 6 piercings each for left, right and middle. Total 18 types of piercing rings are accounted for in the game.  You could use them in as per your need and wish.


This mod helps you in piercing your upper lip with rings. It makes you look astonishing. These upper lip piercings are available in 5 colors which do not permit re-coloring. They are also accessible in 8 variant types of piercing and comes I 4 swatches. Each swatch has two bits, i.e., Medusa, Madonna, Monroe and cyber bites. These could be used as per your desire and could be paired with other piercing sets.

If you love piercings and you want your Sims to look amazing with Sims 4 belly button piercing and facial piercings then download these piercing mods and enjoy this wonderful game. To know more about the latest Sims updates then keep following our page