Paradise Halls Skyrim

Best Paradise Halls Skyrim Mods – (Download) 2023

Paradise Halls Skyrim is located on the outskirts of Riverwood on a little hill and allows other modders and creators to bring out their creativity. There are some more Skyrim mod paradise halls that would enhance this feature even more; however, they might not be compatible with new editions of this game. So let’s know more about it. 

Skyrim Paradise Halls Mod

There are 5 mods, including add ons, that you can install in your game, and they are as follows – 

1. Paradise Halls-slavers Hideout Add-on

Paradise Halls-slavers Hideout Add-on

Layam’s Paradise Halls is a place where players can keep their slaves and prevent them from escaping. This two floor place is pretty well decorated, and moving from one floor to another doesn’t even require loading screens.

The top floor includes a single bed and a table where you’d find a note and a key, whereas the basement consists of a jail cell for the slaves, and if you command them to stay there, they won’t be able to escape.

2. Paradise Halls: Family Feud

Paradise Halls: Family Feud

With this module, your avatar would go in depth into Skyrim’s slavery history and would discover the reality of human smuggling as they move ahead in the game. The Family Heads were nowhere to be found till now and the whole reason for setting up this place was to keep themselves self-sufficient. 

The roles are divided as follows:

  • One of the delegates supervises the first slave camp.
  • The father is working on creating a path from the headquarters to the slave owners to transport weapons.
  • The mother is in charge of understanding the behavior of others regarding this new enslavement concept.

There’s so much more that this mod offers, including new weapons, armor kits, cuffs, characters, hostages, etc. 

3. Paradise Halls Dres Trade -slavery-wip

Paradise Halls Dres Trade -slavery-wip

In this feature, there are two captive settlements, a job system, along with a follower stand down in the halls. Here’s how to navigate to the Dres Trader. Your avatar must cross the rift bridge, and they’ll find a secret pit door during the journey’s easter end, which leads to the shopping cave behind the bushes. The bridge would be marked on the map. 

The next camp is the Congregation of the Visual Impairments, whose symbol is marked on the map. Players would come across two trigger cards on the owner’s table, and choosing these would begin the task. If you opt for the left card, you can ransom those slaves you currently own. The right card is the Dealer NPC, and you can either buy or sell slaves. When you enter the action mode, you can choose the left card to acquire all the seized servants in the area. 

This modification includes two new slave towns, and they follow the mythological storyline. Both the towns are located on the thin side, where one is in the workforce zone, and the building enterprise there would pay a salary for 30 slaves. Till now, three slave owners have been caught. This town is full of mischievous individuals. There are two vendors who sell medicines, while the third one trades money for enslaved people and acts as a mediator. 

All the communication that goes on between the enslaved people is through text panels, and they are pretty user friendly as well. In addition, it’s advised not to transport your slaves to the trading zone, especially if you’re not presenting them.

4. Paradise Halls Merchant Add-on

Paradise Halls Merchant Add-on

So when you download this add on, it’ll introduce a new character, “Payment the Cynic,” a merchant who is the only one in the game. Here are a few of its features –

  1. You must offer the merchant trade piercings and slave fabric, such as Linley and shackles, along with a few other items, including additional paddles. 
  2. The merchant is capable of offering slaves. 
  3. Players can send a male to a subterranean bar or for illegal trade to loot the goods available to the troops of the stronghold. Players can acquire the Colonial and Storm cloak armor quite easily. However, if they wish to obtain armor from some other holding, then they must kill a trooper first. So the illegal market is your best bet.

Skyrim Paradise Halls Enhanced (Skyrim Pahe) Repacked With Customary Add ons  

This is the special edition of Paradise Halls, and it’s the SE version of the game. Those who download this edition would have the option of abducting and making a non-quest NPC their slave, and you can trade Jerrek near Fellglow Castle’s slave camp or make him do your work as a courier or sex slave. 

Here’s how to go about this storyline. Your avatar must head to Dragon’s Peak and get a whip and three chains from Wizard Farengar’s Chamber. Now, your character’s task would be to find a non-quest NPC and reduce their vitality to less than 50% using a sword or a spell. Afterward, from the text panel, select the “Enslave” option, and he’d be at your command. You can even fit him with a harness and chain. 

Once you have a slave, head to Fellgrove Barracks with them in the Northeast of Whiterun and consider selling them by talking to Lord Jerrek. 

Here are the features of this edition –

Things you can do 

  • Players can make people their slaves and train them.
  • You can train them to respect you and fight for you.
  • Characters can also have sex with them for pleasure. 
  • If you have the tdf prostitution mod, then you can even turn those slaves you had sex with into tdf prostitutes. 
  • Submissive slaves can also be turned into prostitutes.
  • Players can make the slaves wear equipment, and they can also put them on a leash to prevent them from escaping.
  • There are more advanced leash options that you can opt for, which would make the slave follow you for training. 
  • Players can also restrain enslaved people using ropes or iron cuffs. However, iron cuffs are a much better option because of their sturdiness.
  • Restrained slaves would also gain training in posing.
  • Enslaved people would also talk and use pre-existing dialogues. 
  • New voice types have been included for the enslaved people.
  • Players can now use a whip, and it’ll also leave whip marks. 
  • The camp isn’t converted to sse yet.
  • If you download the devious devices patch, then you’d have more collar and leash options. Also, if you use this patch with the advanced leash option, then you can manage multiple slaves simultaneously.
  • Players can have 128 slaves instead of 15.
  • There’s also a jail expansion for HF Falkreath.
  • Players can use the “Enslave Cancel Button” to cancel the process of enslaving someone before it starts. 
  • You can use the “Teleport Debug” feature to teleport a lost or stuck slave from anywhere through the mcm, using a map.

Things you can’t do

  • You can’t make an unplayable race your slave, but some creatures are excluded from this restriction.
  • Players can enslave NPCs, but it’s not advisable because it might hinder the quest you’ve embarked on. The quest NPCs disappear at times from the quest, and it might become an issue if they are your slave as well. 
  • If you’re planning on enslaving scripted NPCs, then it wouldn’t do any good as well because even the scripted follower add on mod doesn’t work at times and might cause glitches in the game.

Escape Rules and How to Avoid It

  • Wearables don’t do much if the slave is above the submission setting.
  • If the enslaved person’s wearing a leash collar but is below the submission setting, then they might escape.
  • Devious collars and Dwarven devious suits also act as leash collars and devious collars with benefits, respectively, and prevent enslaved people from escaping.
  • For slaves who are below the submission setting and wearing a basic collar, along with zbf shackles, then there are other parameters that come forth based on the shackle type. For instance, if the type of shackle activates the tied state or if the update game time event does that. 
  • You can activate the tied state of the zbf shackles by using the dialogue “I’m going to make you stay here.”
  • It’s easy to escape rope restraints as compared to iron cuffs. Enslaved people can’t escape from these cuffs at any cost.
  • Players can craft leather cuffs at the tanning rack and iron cuffs at the forge. 

There’s also an SSE variant of this mod Skyrim Pahe reborn aka Paradise Halls Enhanced – Skyrim Slavery WIP (pahe lives on), whose features are as follows – 

  • Players can make NPCs their slaves.
  • They can find the spellbook, whip, and collar in White Run, Dragons Reach, and Farenger’s room once you’ve installed them.
  • Using the conversation options, players have the chance to participate in a battle or not. By default, this setting is set to non-participation.
  • You can make changes to the equipment.
  • Players can give follow or wait orders to slaves.
  • They can even make them naked.
  • Hitting an enslaved character with a whip would scar them.
  • You can even release a slave through conversation.
  • It’s common to sell slaves and earn money in return. The price of the slave depends on their race and status.

How to Install?

Follow the steps mentioned below to install any of the mods we mentioned above. 

  • It’s recommended to install the Nexus Mod Manager (NMM).
  • To manually install the mods, extract the .esp file in Skyrim Directory’s Data Folder. For instance, C:/Program Files(86x)/Steam/SteamApps/Common/Skyrim/Data.
  • Place this file in the NMM after Layam’s Paradise Halls or Skyrim Data Files. 

Issues and Incompatibilities

There are certain issues that you might face while using the Paradise Halls Skyrim features, so here’s how to deal with them.

  • If there are any weird glitches in the game, then it’s advised not to use the sse edit auto clean because it usually causes CTD or weirdness while playing. It might also be because some of the mods are no longer compatible with Paradise Halls 0.7 version. 
  • Old scripts of previous versions might also cause issues, so use the Script Removers to uninstall them and then install the latest versions instead. 
  • It’s also recommended to leave the console open when you’re resetting a slave restarting the mod.

Some players also wanted the whip marks to remain for a longer time; therefore, to do this, open skyrim.ini under the Display option and input the following line – 


Adding this would increase the lifetime of all the Decals.

When it comes to incompatibilities, here are a few.

  • If you have mods that make an NPC surrender, then it’d conflict with the capture feature of the paradise halls mod.
  • There are a few modules, such as skyre, that increase weapon damage, and it might lead to whiplash causing more than just marks. It might lead to the death of the captives. 

To avoid this from happening, 

  1. Enter “<weapon_exclusion_string>Whip</weapon_exclusion_string>” under the <weapon_exclusion_strings> in ReProccer’s Stats.xml. 
  2. Now, run the patcher.
  3. The whip’s damage would remain as 1. 

Orlong’s Hearth and Hunters Cabin of Riverwood would conflict with the location of this mod. 


Where Is Paradise Halls In Skyrim?

Paradise Halls is located at the top of a little hill north of Riverwood. Once you download this patch, your character can teleport to the Globe Point, and there are map pictures as well to help you locate it.

How Did My Slave Get Out Of The Jail Cell?

Slaves have a tendency to escape or run whenever they find a chance, so it’s essential to follow your slave to the jail cell, instruct them to stay there, and then close the door as you go. If you have too many enslaved or captive people in the cell, then try reducing that number so that you can manage things easily.

How To Get The Slaves Down The Ladder?

If you’re taking more than one slave to the captive area, then you might face this issue because both of them can’t get down the ladder at the same time. So it’s better to ask one captive to stay beyond the entrance and take the other to the cell. After that, do the same thing again for the other slave. It’d be easier to follow one captive to the jail at a time instead of trying to send them all in at once.

What to do if your slave disappears?

If your slave disappears while playing, it might be because of a glitch in the main mod, and you’d have to contact Layam, the creator of the mod, to solve this issue. It’s not caused by add ons.


This was all about Paradise Halls Skyrim and the mods and add ons it comes along with. There are so many updated features that it makes the gameplay immersive and fascinating for the players. The storylines are intense and complex, making for an excellent experience. So do download this mod and the add ons because that’d give you the full effect of this mod.