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Origin Won’t Open | Not opening – Not loading(Updated) 2021

The article below suggests you about how to solve if the Origin is not working. It would tell you various ways to troubleshoot your worries and install this app. Read along to know more.  

Origin won’t open? 

Most of you have complained about the origin opening. Also, problems like Origin won’t open in windows 10. Well, yes, it is sometimes a pain when you are unable to play your favourite Origin games. Don’t worry, and we got you all covered with all possible fixes to these bugs. So, without further ado, let’s get started with the article. 

But before you move ahead, you must know what it is all about.

What is Origin? 

It is the best platform for online multiplayer gaming, which allows you to play and buy games like FIFA, Battlefield V etc. There is a store, where you could buy these games for your PC. It is powered by EA, which added cloud savings and additional in-game covers. Also, in-game chats, profile management, and game joining are some other features that got added to it.

Origin error loading webpage: Why Origin won’t open?

Corrupted cached files, corrupt temporary files, and complications with core origin files are the cause for the Why Origin won’t open. Many of you have faced this issue, now no need to worry as the article below will provide you some ways to solve this problem. 

Solutions you must try to fix the “Origin not opening” problem.

Following would be some of the easiest ways to recover the “Origin not loading” problem. Each pointer below has some steps that you must follow to debug this bug. 

Try out all the under-mentioned ways until you get the solution, 2021. Let’s not wait more and go ahead:

Delete the Origin’s Cache files: 

The bugs might have to trouble you because of the cache files. So, you must delete these files, and the points below will tell you how to do it: 

  • You first have to exit from it by clicking on it at the menu bar and then select EXIT. 
exit fom origin's
  • On your keyboard, you have to click on to your Windows logo and press R to open the run dialog box. Then type %ProgramData% and then press Enter.
run dialog box
  • The screen would show up a pop-up window next, where you have to press the folder named Origin.
press the folder name in  the origin
  • Delete all the data in the folder, except for the LocalContent folder.
delete all the folderexcept local content
  • Again, click on the windows logo and press R to open the run dialog box. Then type %AppData% and press Enter.
open the dialog box & type %AppData%
  • Then the pop-up window appears. Delete the Origin folder.
delete the origin folder
  • Then click the curser on the AppData on the address bar.   
click the curson on appdata
  • You have to double click on to the Local folder and open it. 
double click on the local folder
  • Then, again delete the Origin folder from it.   
again delete the origin folder
  • Now, restart your PC and open the Origin by double-clicking on its shortcut icon. If it still doesn’t load then the problems aren’t solved so, later try the next solution. 

Run the program compatibility shooter, if the Origin won’t install: You must run the program compatibility shooter if you’re not sure that Origin works with your current windows installation. To do that:

  • Firstly, you have to the right click on the shortcut icon of Origin and then go to its properties.   
  • Click on the compatibility option and then select the Run Compatibility Troubleshooter. 
  • Then, click on the Try to recommend settings to test and run it. Now, follow the instructions that are provided to you on the screen, whether it works or not.   
  • If it still gives you problems, then rerun the compatibility troubleshooter and this time select the second option, which would get based on your issues. 
  • If the problem continues, then you must adjust some of the settings manually like compatibility mode, disable full-screen optimization, and then run the program as an administrator.
  • If the problem continues, then you must adjust some of the settings manually like compatibility mode, disable full-screen optimization, and then run the program as an administrator.

Update the graphics to the latest version: One of the major issues might be the archaic graphic drives. You must update your graphics, which could make your game run better. Driver Easy might be a good option for your graphics as it handles everything very well. 

  • Firstly, download Driver Easy.
  • Then, run and scan it. After that, it would scan your computer for problematic drives.
  • Then update your graphics and install its latest version.
  • If still the Origin won’t start then try the next solution.

Add Origin as an exception for your third-party antivirus application: As the third-party antivirus digs deep into your systems, it might contradict with Origin. Also, as the app absorbs a lot memory and CPU usage so it might regard as threats to your antivirus. You have to do is add the app as an exception for your third-party antivirus.

Perform a clean boot if the Origin won’t load: You must perform a clean boot as it the best to troubleshoot the problematic services and startups. As soon as you find the troubled one, you must uninstall that. 

  • You have to click on to your Windows logo icon and then press R to open the run dialog box. Now, type MSConfig and press enter. The system configuration window opens up
  • Now choose the Services Tab then check to hide all the Microsoft services. After that disable all.   
  • Click on the Startup tab and open the task manager.
  • After you open the task manager, select an item for each startup and then disable them.   
  • After that, go back to the system configuration window and then click okay.   
  • Now restart your PC.   
  • Then run the Origin app to see if the problem still lies. If yes, then you must open the system configuration window and enable every application one by one to view the problematic service. Once you find one, then uninstall it and restart your PC again.

Install the latest windows update: Sometimes, you may face issues due to the older versions of your windows. So, to avoid that you must install the new windows update.

  • Firstly, go to the windows logo icon and type update. Then click on the check for updates to open the window update option. 
  • Then choose the test for updates to upgrade your system.
  • Now, restart your PC. If it solves your problem, then the app would open but if not later try fixing this bug by the next fix.

Reinstall Origin: If all the above solutions don’t work then try reinstalling Origin. 

  • Firstly, uninstall the app. By again opening the Windows logo key and then press R. Type the command control and press enter to open the control panel.   
  • Then see the control panel categorically and select uninstall a program. 
  • Then double-click the app and uninstall it. 
  • Restart your PC.
  • Now, download the latest installation of the app.