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What do Origin Points do (Guide) 2022

If you play games on Origin Client, you would know something known as the Origin Points. How many of you know what they mean? There has always been confusion when it comes to an understanding of what Origin Points mean. In simplest terms, they are visual representatives of your gaming skills. A synonym for this could be Achievement Points. One thing players should know is that they are not currencies. They are also nothing like Bioware points. These are simply for showing off. Brag about your points to your friends and gaming rivals. Although, to the majority of gamers, origin points are still a mystery. Here assembled is a small guide of common questions asked to help you uncover this mystery and make your life easier: 


What are Origin Points?

In simple terms, Origin Points are a representation of your expertise, talent, and dedication. This refers to the Origin platform. It is a tracker to help gamers keep track of their achievements in EA games. Spend more time logged in to Origin and unlock more achievements within the game. There is essentially no point to Origin Points. It is just a way to give you a visual representation of your gaming ability, set up by EA. 

Although they are achievements, Players should not compare Origin Points to Bioware Points, which are used to purchase DLC for Bioware titles that are slightly older. Hence, Origin points are not a currency.

What are Origin Points

Can you spend Origin Points?

No, Origin points cannot be used as a currency, as stated before. Origin Points are only proof of your gaming abilities. Nothing else. They cannot be used as currency. Hence, you can’t buy anything with them. Players can not avail of discounts by using them. You can use them to boast to your friends, nothing more. Use it as a miniature medal at the corner of your gaming screen.

However, you can always use Bioware Points to purchase DLC in-game if you wish to spend something. To reiterate, there is no connection between Origin Points and Bioware Points.

What is the difference between Origin Points and Bioware Points?

Origin Points use simple logic. You play; you earn achievements. However, Bioware Points can act as currencies. They are redeemable in-game or online. Bioware Points need to be purchased. Once you have Bioware Points, you can buy adventures, characters, weapons, armor, and other features. Hence, Bioware Points are currency, and Origin points are achievements. 

What is the point of Origin Points?

The sole reason for having origin points is to collect stats. According to a few sources, they are there just for a feel-good factor. The more the feel-good factor, the more time players spend on the platform. Such gamification methods are used in the gaming industry to ensure that the time spent playing their games increases.

When speaking from a psychological perspective, these points are a method of behavioral conditioning. Players who strive for achievements tend to spend much more time playing Origin Games. That is if their goal is to earn more Origin Points. 

Another objective is that when players spend more time on the platform, the chances of players spending more money increase. That is, players will spend the money on buying more Origin games, which will lead to players striving for more Origin Points. This psychological perspective of gaming is often gone unnoticed.

Another point of the Origin Points is to let players boast about them. Fans of Origin Games love to boast their dedication and loyalty. 

What do Origin Points do?

Origin points don’t have an exact function. You can’t really do anything with them. Like Bioware Points, you cannot convert them into currency and purchase items. Nor can you use it to purchase DLCs and get discounts. Since the launch of the Origin Points, EA has not yet divulged the exact point of the Origin Points. Players, too, have no idea as to what Origin Points do precisely. What can you do with Origin Points? This question asked by Origin Gamers has long been unanswered.

How can you redeem Origin Points?

Unfortunately, you cannot redeem Origin Points. Gamers cannot use it to buy in-game items for free or unlock discounts. The sole purpose is a visual representation of the achievements you have earned in the games and the amount of time spent in front of the screen playing Origin Games. You basically can’t do anything with Origin Points.

What do gamers think about Origin Points?

Since the start of the confusion, gamers have always wanted to use Origin Points in some way. They believe that the possibility of purchasing certain in-game items should be allowed even if they cannot be used as a currency—for example, cosmetics.

Players offer various suggestions. However, a lot of these suggestions have gone unheard. Some state that as the points act as proof of loyalty towards the platform, gamers should reward them for it. This is in comparison to the Ubisoft games. The Ubisoft company allows players to purchase certain in-game items or avail of discounts to reward their loyalty. 

Another suggestion put forth was that players should be given a free 1-month subscription. This should be possible only if players have more than 5,000 Gamers points. Like this, players would spend more time playing the game in the hope of earning a month of free gaming. Put to use some psychology.

While another suggestion states that EA should allow users to buy less-popular games with their Origin Points; like this, there would be some use of the Points and would help promote the less-popular games. The less popular games would be discounted to those using Origin points, hence calling on more players to increase their game time.

Many other suggestions keep coming up regarding the use of Origin Points. However, no changes have been made yet. If EA comes up with an innovative idea, it is sure that a lot of gamers would be highly appreciative, and it would be beneficial to the company as well. It would bring in more Origin Gamers and increase their profits.


Since its introduction seven years ago, Origin points have had no use. They are just visual representatives to encourage gamers to spend more time gaming. These points act as a way to boost your loyalty to Origin Games and push you to get more achievements. This classic use of psychology sure has the gamers playing. 

Hence, practically there is no use to the game. It is just a significant feel-good factor. 

Although there don’t seem to be any changes expected anytime soon, it would be great if the Origin Points had some practical use. So keep playing and gathering more points. Who knows, it might be beneficial in the future.

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