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Of Swords And Dumplings | Hattori & Dumplings (Updated) 2021

Of swords and dumplings is a side quest in Witcher 3: wild hunt, that would reward you with a premium weapon crafted by the best armourer Hattori. 

This quest can be taken up early in the game if you have upgraded your Axii powers and can control your enemies’ mind with “puppet”. Otherwise, starting it at level 24 is recommended.

The location for the Witcher 3 Hattori quest is in Novigrad near the centre of the docks; that’s where you’ll find Hattori’s dumpling shop and then, start hearing his woes.

Witcher 3 of swords & Dumplings Step-by-Step Guide

This quest can be picked up in numerous ways, by asking some armourers or swordsmiths if they know how to craft master swords or anyone who could, and all of them will point you to “Éibhear Hattori” in Novigrad. Another easy way is directly going to his home.

Now, to reach Novigrad, use the “Cavern” signpost to travel fast to the “Glory Gate” signpost and cross the bridge to reach Novigrad. From there, follow the road north-west to reach the square, as mentioned earlier, where Hattori lives. Please make your way into his dumpling shop and talk to the odd elf to get him to tell you his woes.

Of Swords And Dumplings
Of Swords And Dumplings

Talk to the Witcher 3’s Hattori

After reaching his home, talk to him a bit. While, you can choose to try the dumplings or not, but ultimately the conversation will turn to look for a master armourer. Hearing this, he’ll show you his collection upstairs while telling you a long story which in short is about:

Ernst van Hoorn, another armourer, who couldn’t defeat others in skill, so in place of that managed to cut the competition in other ways through debts, accusations, and cutting off supplies, and along with Cleaver’s gang backing Ernst, Hattori’s appeal was denied and he now, resorted with making loaves of bread instead of swords.

So, if you want Hattori’s master-crafted sword, you’ll need to agree to help him negotiate deals, get him crafting supplies and help him get into the business again.

Help the Witcher 3 Hattori make a deal with his supplier

You assist Hattori in negotiating the supplies’ agreement, and for that, you meet him at the docks around 8 pm. You will have to wait for a long time before you could complete the supplier. So, when the dealer comes, you have to hear him; he wants half the profit. Now, you could choose to:

  • Let’s negotiate (negotiate down to 25%)
  • tell him he’s crazy (negotiate down to 25%)
  • Fine. Let’s get this over with. (stay at 50%)

The best option is calling him crazy. That would bring down the deal to 25 percent. Or you could choose “Fine, no deal” and tinboy would reach out to you again with a discounted price.

Help the Witcher 3 Hattori make a deal with his supplier

Escape the chaotic mess

After you conclude your dealing, you will be interrupted by few of “Clever’s” men, you’d have to fight them and hence, save Hattori for which you’ll be awarded 20 crowns/XP.

But Hattori gets scared and runs towards his home and locks himself inside and demands a bodyguard without whom he won’t come outside.

Escape the chaotic mess

Find hattori of Witcher 3 a Bodyguard

Travel to the Sturgeon and find Sukrus, who Hattori needs as his bodyguard. On Geralt’s arrival, Sukrus will challenge Geralt for a fistfight. After defeating him, head inside with Sukrus and have a drink. He will agree for being the bodyguard, but first, he would want your help with getting money from his brother-in-law.

hattori of Witcher 3 a Bodyguard
Find hattori of Witcher 3 a Bodyguard

Convince Sukrus’ brother-in-law and get back the money

Go to the dock and board the ship of Sukrus’ brother-in-law. It would be best if you utilized the Delusion (2) to convince the trader. Otherwise, you’ll have to use your weapon or Aard sign to destroy his goods. In the process, the merchants will attack you, but if you defeat one of them, the rest will escape. Now, for using Aard sign, you’ll get 40 XP.

Convince Sukrus’ brother-in-law and get back the money

Tell Sukrus the excellent news

Return to Sukrus at the Golden Sturgeon and tell him the great news. After listening to this, he’ll gather some of his boys and then move to meet Hattori. You will be rewarded with 10 XP each for helping Sukrus and talking to the newly protected swordsmith.

When you reach Hattori’s place you’ll come to know that you haven’t entirely evaded the problems there is still one thing left to deal with.

Tell Sukrus the excellent news.

Borrowing from Van Hoorn

According to your plan, you have a clandestine meeting around 6 pm with Sukrus at the Golden Sturgeon, where you discuss a full-fledged plan of stealing the supplies.

Now, the supplies that you plan on stealing are of Van Hoorn’s, stored in a warehouse. So, as you move forward, you’ll run into the brother-in-law again, who suspects that maybe you’ve been following him around to torment him. But, then the dwarf, who is also the door-keeper of the warehouse, will recognize you from a mutual friend, Yarpen, and will let you in through the door using one of the following options:

Borrowing from Van Hoorn
  • Pay 200 (earns 20 XP)
  • Use Axii (Delusion level 3, gives 40)
  • Head straight in (through an imported save if you once sided with Iorveth in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.)

After this, interact with the door to unlock it, then you can move in and use your Witcher Senses to find and mark the three crates containing the supplies. Once you’re done, head out to talk to Sukrus.

clandestine meeting around 6 pm with Sukrus at the Golden Sturgeon

When you move out of the warehouse carrying the supplies, you will encounter several bandits, Ernst van Hoorn himself and the brother-in-law again, outside. However, when Van Hoorn threatens Sukrus, the brother-in-law will side with you, and the three of you must defeat van Hoorn and his bandits as, no matter what you say, the fight will be inevitable.

 warehouse carrying the supplies,

The upside is that the brother in law and bodyguard would reconcile after the fight!

NOTE: never roam too far away during the fight; otherwise, the quest will decline, and there will be no way to prepare Hattori to forge master swords for you. Also, you don’t have to protect your allies even if they get slain down amidst the fight; they’ll survive anyway.

Go back to Hattori

Move back to meet Hattori and tell him that Van Hoorn’s taken care of, which means that Clever would lose interest in the swordsmiths.

Move back to meet Hattori and tell him that Van Hoorn’s taken care of, which means that Clever would lose interest in the swordsmiths.

Go back to Hattori


That’s all you need to know about the Witcher 3 hattori quest or of swords and dumplings. This is an incredible option to acquire a master-crafted weapon and at the same time, enjoy an exciting storyline. Have fun completing the quest!