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Sims 4 No Mosaic | No Censor – Uncensor Mod Download – 2023

Sims 4 No Mosaic

The article below mostly focuses on the Sims 4 no mosaic mod which removes the censor grid, which is formed over the Sims while they are taking a shower or swimming. Many such events are there in the game when the Sim is blurred. Now the sims are shown nude, and the mosaic is removed.

Toddlers are also added in their new updated version of the no mosaic sims 4 mod. The article also tells you about its do’s and don’ts. Also, follow the steps given below and install the mod. There are also specific frequently asked questions about this mod. Read along to know more. 

Sims 4 No Mosaic/uncensored Mod:

The Sims 4 no mosaic mod/uncensored mod removes the blur from specific images, which mainly occurs over the Sims. Moreover, this no mosaic no censor mod que es is an updated version as now it would remove the censored grid from the toddlers too. 

Before you download this mode, make sure that you don’t have the older version of it, which is moxiemason _no mosaic. Now it works for all the age groups. By default, these Sims do not have genitals, but you decide the custom skin color and tones. 

How do you remove the blur on Sims 4?

This Sims 4 uncensored mod removes the blur from sims, which generally occurs on the Sim when they;

• Go for a shower
• Use the toilet
• Breastfeed the toddlers
• Streak
• Potty train your child sims and
• Change their diapers.

What Does The Sims 4 No Mosaic Censor Mod Do?

Here are some essential points to keep in mind about the remove censor command.

  • This module is available to all age groups and genders.
  • The no mosaic sims 4 mod removes the censored grid over the Sims. Also, this mod doesn’t have any complications as the censored file is not combined with any other file, and is a standalone file.
  • Its updated data resource is 0x545AC67A 0X00D6FA33 0XDEAD4915C9C6C0D8 in the 2022 ClientDeltaBuild0.package.
  • This mod is applicable to toddlers also.
Sims 4 No Mosaic

What this mod DOESN’T do!

  • This uncensor mod ps4 doesn’t grant the permission for your Sim to roam naked everywhere except for the places they would usually be.
  • This Sims 4 no blur mod would not affect the Sim’s behavior at all if any sim is swimming or taking a shower in clothes that might be in their selected traits.
  • The censor grid would appear for every event. There is no specific event for which you could disable censor. If any one event is disabled, then every event is disabled.

How To Install The Sims 4 Remove Blur Mod? :

A question that plagues the simmers mind is “what is the cheat to remove the censor in Sims 4?” So the Sims 4 remove blur mod removes the censor grid in the following ways:

  • Firstly, download the mod from http://modthesims.info/d/533172. As this mod removes the mosaic from the Sims. Remember that the mod can only be availed in PCs and Mac.
  • Secondly, click onto “files”, which is just below the images of the mod and is to the right of the description button.
  • Thirdly, click on the moxiemason no mosaic toddlerupdate.rar and this helps in downloading the mod.
  • Now, open the RAR file, and for this, you need either WinRAR or 7-zip. Please note, that if you’re using Mac, then you can double-click on The Unarchiver to extract the file from it.

After you open the RAR file, all you need to do is click on “Extract To” or “Extract” to move the package file into Sims 4 mods folder. Moreover, the game doesn’t support remove pixels cheat and blur cheat pc. Follow the instruction below:

 Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods. Then press, OK. Enable the mods as these mods won’t enable automatically. It would be best if you made sure that you enabled the mod every time the mod is updated. You can do the same by following the rules of Sims 4 remove blur cheat below:

  • Firstly, start your game.
  • Secondly, click on the three dots at the upper right corner of the game screen.
  • Select the Game Options.
  • Click on to the “Other” option in the menu.
  • Select the “Enable Custom Content” and “Enable Script Mods” in the given menu.
  • Click on the “Apply Changes” then restart the game.

Start the game as now you’ve installed the game correctly. Now, the game would remove the blur when the Sims are nude.

Sims 4 uncensor patch issues

There have been several reported issues related to the classic No Mosaic Sims 4 Mod created by the mod creator Moxiemason. Sims 4 users have reported that the sims when visiting the restaurant in the game wouldn’t actually get served by the waiters.

So, how does this error happen in uncensor mod ps4?

Whenever a waiter takes the order of your sim, they might not get the food delivered ever. This issue surfaced after the No Mosaic Mod was updated for the toddlers.

This issue could have been surfaced due to the fact that your mod files have been either:

  • Duplicated
  • Broken Mods
  • Outdated Mod Files
  • Missing Mod Files

Wicked Whims for Censor Removal

If you’re wondering “how to take off censor in Sims 4,” then apart from the Sims 4 No Blur Mod, you can make use of the Wicked Whims, which is a mod that unlocks and discloses everything that is censored by the main game. It allows your sim to indulge in actions such as having sex, flirting, kissing, or other things that are usually considered a big No-No in the Sims world.

Which File Does the Sims 4 No Censor Mod work on?

The Sims 4 No Mosaic mod simply edits your game’s resource file which looks something like this:

“0x545AC67A 0x00D4FA33 0xDEAD4915C9C6C0D8”

This file is located in your .package folder, which is named “ClientFullBuildo.package.”

Sims 4 Uncensor Mod Conflict

As long as the mod uploading is concerned, it might not have a conflict with your game or similar mods given the fact it is a file of the independent type. In case you experience any issue with the mod, you can report the same to Moxiemason, the mod maker.

For as long as we remember, the Sims series has always blanketed the private acts from the sims users, such as showering or using your toilet. You can also see this pixilated blur in the real world where things are a bit gruesome or belong to the No-No zone.

With the use of the Sims 4 censor remover, your game treats you like an adult. This is why the mod works by unclothing the Sim. Remember, you might see them without any possible nipples as they are generally Barbie-bodied.

Moxiemason No Mosaic Toddler Update 2022

Earlier, if you wanted to remove mosaic from your Sims character, you could only do so with the adult sims only. However, the users wanted much more than just this. So the mod maker came up with the latest update to the no blur mod.

This latest update was moxiemason_nomosaic_toddlerupdate. This new no blur mod actually relies upon the updated variant of the Data resource. However, this might cause a conflict with your old version. So, it is always better to stay updated with regard to your mod needs.


The mod isn’t working correctly. How could I resolve this?

You’re facing problems with the mod then follow the rules below:
• Remove all the mods, and if you’re still facing problems, then you’ve issues in installation.
• Maybe, your other mods are conflicting. Check your mods one by one using the mod conflict detector.
• Your game might be broken or corrupted, so if it is then to right-click on the game and click on repair.

This mod has crashed my game. What should I do now?

You start playing the game with the Sims 4 no blur mod; please make sure that you’ve deleted the older version as this censor off mod works with new data resource which doesn’t support the older one. Secondly, make sure that the graphic levels of your computer are appropriate for the game.
Want to download the mod and play the game in 2022 and in a more fun way? Then the article above is right for you. Download the mod given in the article and install it for this exciting feature.

How to disable censor in Sims 4?

For disabling the censor in Sims 4, follow these steps –
• Press Ctrl+Shift+C.
• To remove the mosaic, enter the code ‘introp censorgridsize 0’ in the small field on the top of the screen.

How to remove censor Sims 4?

You can remove censor Sims 4 by activating “move objects” mosaic cheat. Move the character away from the shower or love seat and your sim would appear naked, but the mosaic would remain where they were earlier.

Can you remove the blur in Sims 4 ps4?

No, it isn’t possible to remove the blur in Sims 4 ps4 as ps4 isn’t compatible with mods and that is necessary for the feature to work.

Why is my Sims 4 gallery not working?

To fix your Sims 4 gallery if it’s not working, do the following –
• Quit the game for the time being.
• Move the mods folder to the desktop.
• To solve troubleshoot, delete the localthumbcache package file through Documents/Sims 4 folder.
• Start the game again and reopen the gallery.

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