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Minecraft LAN Not Working | Not Showing Up (Fix) 2021

Many players might face a problem with minecraft lan not working. This might lead to the players not being connected to the Internet. In some cases, you won’t even be able to play with your friends in a Minecraft gaming session.

But don’t worry! You can fix this issue using one of the methods listed below. Whether you face this problem on Mac OS or on Windows 10, you can easily solve it after reading this post.

Minecraft can’t see lan game

One of the most common problems is that some players might not be able to see the hosting player’s computer itself, so, they can’t connect to it. In that case, try these methods.

Check Windows Firewall settings

First, you need to check whether Windows Firewall has blocked Minecraft or not. To check if Firewall allows the Minecraft executable file, follow these steps:-

  • Go to Control Panel> System and Security> Windows Firewall.
  • Alternatively, click the Start button and type ‘Windows Firewall’ in the ‘Search programs and files’ box at the bottom of the Start menu.
  • On the left side of the screen, under the heading ‘Control Panel Home’, choose the ‘Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall’.
  • A dialog box will appear with the title ‘Allow programs to communicate through Windows Firewall’. Select the ‘Change settings’ button on the top right of the screen.
  • In the list titled ‘Allowed programs and features’, find ‘javaw.exe’.
  • See whether the box beside ‘javaw.exe’ is checked. If it’s not, tick the box. If there’s more than one such entry on the list, ensure that all of them are checked.
  • Also, tick both the ‘Private’ and ‘Public’ boxes beside these ‘javaw.exe’ entries in the list.

Different networks for your computers

Make sure that all computers are running on the same network. This is because Wi-Fi devices like laptops can automatically get connected to an open Wi-Fi network nearby.

All the computers must be on the same local network with the same name.

For those who are using Ethernet to connect to the router, you should be connected to the same router to which the others are connected via Wi-Fi.

Different Minecraft versions for Different Players

If different players are running different versions of Minecraft, they can’t play the game with each other. Switch the version for using the same one by doing as follows:-

  • Open the Minecraft Launcher.
  • Select the ‘Edit Profile’ option at the bottom left of the screen.
  • From the drop-down menu beside ‘Use version’, select the Minecraft version you all want to use.

Minecraft can’t connect to lan

Disable Access Point isolation

If all your partners are connected to the same network, but you still find minecraft lan not working, it might be due to the AP Isolation feature of your router.

First, you need to check whether each computer can reach the host computer by following these steps:-

  • Open the command prompt on each computer in the Minecraft session.
  • Linux and Mac users should type ‘ifconfig’, while Windows users have to type ‘ipconfig’.
  • For each computer, note down the IPv4 address. For example, it might look something like ’’.
  • Next, enter ‘ping [IP address of the player’s computer]’ in the command prompt. For instance, type ‘ping’.

If you find that all the computers can access the Internet, but they fail to connect with each other, you need to check the documentation for your particular router.

Try to find out where the AP Isolation setting is, and how you can turn it off.

Update Network Drivers

If the network drivers are outdated, this might cause the minecraft lan not working issue.

  • Click the ‘Start’ button on the desktop.
  • Right-click the ‘Computer’ option.
  • From the menu, choose ‘Properties’.
  • On the left panel under ‘Control Panel Home’, select ‘Device Manager’.
  • Beside ‘Network Adapters’, click on the arrow. Right below the entry, your device information will appear.
  • Download the latest drivers for your device from the website of your network adapter manufacturer.
  • Once they’re downloaded, install them.
  • In the Device Manager, click on the Adapter option under ‘Network Adapters’. The Adapter Properties dialog box will appear.
  • Under the ‘Driver’ tab, tap the ‘Update Driver…’ button.
  • Select ‘Browse my computer for driver software’.
  • Double-click on the new driver file to load it.
  • Click the ‘Next’ button.

The installation wizard will now update your network adapter driver. Alternatively, you can use a network driver updater tool to do this work for you.

Check whether this has been able to resolve issue of the minecraft lan not working.

Minecraft LAN Not Working |  Not Showing Up (Fix)

Do you still see minecraft Lan not showing up?

Temporarily disable antivirus software

Your computer’s antivirus software might be causing problems, which is why you find minecraft lan not working. Try disabling the software temporarily, and then check if this resolves the problem.

If it does, you might consider getting another antivirus software that works smoothly with Minecraft.

Reinstall Minecraft

Uninstall Minecraft, and then download reinstall it. Next, reconnect all the computers and see whether the problem has been resolved or not. If it hasn’t, move on to the next option.

Disable Minecraft Mods

Mods introduce some changes in Minecraft and the gameplay, allowing more options for you to choose from, than would normally be available for you in-game.

If you’re using Mods in the game, disable them temporarily to see if the problem is resolved.

How to allow minecraft through firewall

Minecraft lan not working windows 10

These methods are for those who are using Windows 10 and can’t solve this issue. After trying the above options, if the problem still hasn’t been fixed, check out the following methods:-

Enable Network discovery:

If the Network Discovery option is disabled on your Windows 10 computer, Minecraft won’t be able to listen to your broadcasts, leading to minecraft lan not working. To enable Network Discovery, follow the steps below:-

  • In the Windows 10 Cortana search box, type ‘Control’.
  • Hit the ‘Enter’ key.
  • Click the ‘Control Panel’ option to open it.
  • On the left panel under ‘Control Panel Home’, select ‘Network and Internet’.
  • Click on ‘Network and Sharing Center’.
  • On the ‘Network and Sharing Center’ page, select ‘Change advanced sharing settings’ in the left panel.
  • Click the down arrow beside the ‘Private’ tab.
  • Under ‘Network discovery’, click the ‘Turn on network discovery’ option.
  • In the same way, click the down arrow beside the ‘Guest or Public’ tab and turn on network discovery.

Now, join your Minecraft gaming session again and see if the problem has been fixed.

Try connecting manually:

If none of the options listed above have been able to fix the problem on Windows 10, there’s one last option_ connecting directly.

  • In the Windows 10 Cortana search box, type ‘cmd’.
  • Press the ‘Enter’ key.
  • Click ‘Command Prompt’ to open it.
  • Type ‘ipconfig’ in the command prompt window, and hit ‘Enter’.
  • Find which network you’re connected to right now, and then take note of the IPv4 address.
  • On the host computer, launch Minecraft.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the words ‘Local game hosted on port xxxxx’. Note down this game port number.
  • On the computer that’s facing the minecraft not working problem, choose ‘Multiplayer’.
  • Tap the ‘Direct Connect’ option at the bottom of the screen.
  • Enter the game port number, along with the IP address, that you had noted earlier.

Minecraft lan not working Mac

Mac OS uses IPv6 for connecting to LAN, which might be the reason behind minecraft lan not working. Follow these steps to put this right:-

  • Go to ‘Launch Options’ in the launcher.
  • Create a new profile and set a name for it.
  • Enable ‘JVM Arguments’.
  • In the text box beside ‘JVM arguments’, type ‘-Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true’ at the end.
  • Tap the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the screen.

This will force Mac OS to use IPv4 instead of IPv6.

Final words

You can use one or more of the above options to fix the issue of minecraft lan not working. Playing a game like Minecraft isn’t always easy, but with a little troubleshooting, you can have an exciting experience!