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Minecraft Command Blocks | How to get It(Updated)2021

Minecraft command blocks are items in the game that can be used to execute certain commands. These can be found only in those Minecraft worlds which enable cheats.This means that they are available across custom servers and multiplayer servers.

Read on to find out all about command blocks in Minecraft.

How To get Command Blocks in Minecraft

You won’t find command blocks in the game’s Survival mode. They can’t even be found in the Creative mode on the Block menu. Follow these steps to get minecraft command blocks:-

  • Create a world in which cheats are enabled. On the Select World page, you can find your world and see whether it enables cheats or not. Cheats will be enabled by default if your world is in the Creative mode.
  • Clear one or more inventory slots at the bottom.
  • Press the ‘T’ key to open the chat menu.
  • Enter ‘/give <username> command_block’.
  • Hit the ‘Enter’ key.

You’ll find the command block in the cleared-out space in the inventory.

Minecraft Command Blocks | How to get It(Updated)

How to Enable Command blocks on Minecraft versions 1.7.3 and below

When you start a Minecraft server for the first time, even players with operator status will find minecraft command blocks to be disabled. In other words, no player will be able to run or program command blocks on the multiplayer server.

To enable command blocks on Minecraft versions 1.7.3 and below, follow these steps:-

  • Shutdown the Minecraft server by entering ‘/stop’ as a server command. In the server console, the words ‘Stopping the server’ will appear.
  • On the right side of the screen, go to Files> FTP File Access.
  • Click the login button after entering the panel password.
  • Find the server.properties file under the ‘name’ column.
  • On the right side of this file, click the ‘edit’ option.
  • At the bottom, type ‘enable-command-block=true’.
  • Tap the ‘save’ button.
  • Restart the Minecraft server.

You’ll find that the minecraft command blocks have been enabled.

For Minecraft enable Command blocks on versions 1.7.4 and above

You can easily enable minecraft command blocks on Minecraft versions 1.7.4 and above, if you follow these steps:-

  • Stop your Minecraft server, following the instructions stated above for versions 1.7.3 and below.
  • On the right side of your screen, go to Files> Config Files> Server Settings.
  • In the text box beside ‘enable-command-block’, type ‘true’.
  • At the bottom of the page, tap the ‘Save’ button.
  • Restart your server.

The minecraft command blocks will be enabled now.

List of command block commands in Minecraft

You can enter any of the commands listed below into the command block to power it up. The command will then be executed remotely and automatically.

  • kill <target>:- It kills whoever you set the target to be, immediately. You can even kill a particular player’s game character by entering his or her username in the ‘<target>’ section.
  • seed:- It displays the specific Minecraft world’s seed in the command block interface’s previous output box. If two or more worlds are derived from the same seed, it means that they are created in the same manner. The seed is actually a number of around 20 digits, from which your world is derived.
  • time <set | add> <value>:- It displays any number between 0 and 24000 to show the time of the day. As soon as this number reaches the mark of 24000, it becomes 0 again, representing the passing of an entire day and night. In other words, nighttime starts at 1200, while daytime starts at 0. You can manipulate this number with the help of this command.
  • defaultgamemode <mode>:- If you’re a new player who’s entering the Minecraft world, this command will display the specific game mode. To change the game mode, enter adventure, survival, spectator, or creative in the place of ‘<mode>’, or the corresponding numbers of these modes, i.e. 2, 0, 3, or 1, respectively.
  • gamemode <mode> <player>:- This changes a specific player’s game mode. You can either enter 0, 1, 2, or 3 in the place of ‘<mode>’, or type survival, adventure, spectator, or creative.
  • xp <amount> <player>:- This command grants experience points to a particular player.
  • Xp <amountL> <player>:- It grants experience levels to the target player.
  • title <player> <clear>:- This removes the title that’s displayed to a particular player.
  • title <player> <reset>:- It resets all the title and subtitle settings of the target player to their default mode.
  • tellraw <player> <raw json message>:- You can send text messages in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format to one or more target players.
  • me <action>:- This command is purely for fun. It will display everything you say in the chat in third-person form. For example, if you type /me is finding a biome, the chat will display ‘* Rogue is finding a biome’.
  • difficulty <new difficulty>:- It sets the game’s difficulty level. In place of ‘<new difficulty>’, you can type normal, peaceful, hard, or easy, or even their respective numbers like 2, 0, 3, or 1.
  • say <message>:- This displays a normal text message. When you enter this command, it will display ‘[<command block name>] <message>’.
  • title <player> <title> <raw json title>:- A large string of text is instantly displayed on the target player’s screen. The text lingers after fading in, and fades out finally.
  • title <player> <subtitle> <raw json title>:- The text is shown on the target player’s screen as a subtitle under successive titles.
  • weather <clear> [duration in seconds]:- It produces clear weather in your world. You can enter a number at the end of the command for specifying the weather’s duration in seconds. For example, if you want clear weather for 100 seconds, enter ‘weather <clear> [100]’.
  • weather <rain> [duration in seconds]:- You can make it rain in your Minecraft world with this command. Enter the duration of the weather in seconds at the end of the command, just like the above command.
  • weather <thunder> [duration in seconds]:- Enter this command to produce a storm in your world.
  • title <player> times <fadeIn> <stay> <fadeOut>:- It defines how the title will be displayed on the target player’s screen. You can enter numbers in the last 3 parameters to specify how long the title must take to be displayed, how long it should linger on the screen, and how long it should take to fade out.
  • tell <player> <private message &#x2026;>:- This produces messages in a private chat that only particular players can see.
  • toggledownfall:- This command has entirely to do with rain. If it’s not raining, enter this command to make it start raining, and if it’s raining, the rain will stop.

Summing up

Once you have enabled minecraft command blocks, you can grant players experience levels, change the existing world, and even alter the game settings to suit your needs. Before using command blocks, however, you must always activate them with the help of the above instructions.