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Best Maxis Match CC 2021(Updated CC): Hair, Clothes, Furniture, and much more

If you are looking for custom cc to add a sense of uniqueness to your game, you can always look from among a plethora of collection coming from various makers. In this case, we are talking about the Sims 4 Maxis Match CC. This particular cc collection has been developed by Maxis, which is the branch of EA or Electronic Arts. EA are the prime creators of the game Sims and all the variants in this series.

What does the Sims 4 Maxis Match include?

The Sims 4 Maxis Match comes with a collection of custom content that can be used with your Sims character to create a unique look. Everything from skin tone to eyebrow shape can be picked. While Maxis is in a bit of sync with the base game, Alpha is a whole new cc in itself which is way different.

Why is Maxis Match CC better than Alpha CC?

You might notice that the variants such as Sims 4 Maxis Match hair are very close to the base game. This means your sims character won’t look too out of the place as compared to the Alpha CC. This means, if you walk into the game with the custom content added by Alpha, you might look too weird walking through that road or into that burger joint. In a sense, you closely fit into the Sims world with the Maxis CC.

What all do you get with

With Sims 4 Maxis Match CC, you get a range of custom content that fits your need such as custom makeup kit, genetics (skin, eyes, and eyebrows), hair, decor items such as Sims 4 Maxis Match furniture, and so much more!

So, if you are on a hunt for one among the best Sims 4 CC, this particular CC could be the right fit for you!

The best Maxis Match CC Creators

Here is an in-depth list of the same.

Wondercarlotta Hair CC with Tiare Hair and more!

Click Here For Wondercarlotta

Harris Britney Hair, Age, Style, and Clothes

Click Here For Harris

Green Llamas for Hair and Clothing

Click Here For Green Lliams

Te and KRI Custom CC for Sims 4

Click Here For Te And KRI

GrimCookies Skin, Clothing, Makeup, and Hair CC

Click Here For GrimCookies

IMVIKAI Hair CC Downloads

Click Here For IMVIKAI

Luumia  CC Skins, Clothing, Hair, and More

Click Here For Luumia

Pyxiidis Content Sims 4 for Skin, makeup, and accessories

Click Here For Pyxiidis

Nolan Sims Clothing Furniture, and Accessories for Sims 4 CC

Click Here For Nolan

PeaceMaker IC Content for Sims 4

Click Here For PeaceMaker

XLD Sims Clothing, Hair, Facial hair CC

Click Here For XLD

List Of Best Sims Maxis Match 
XLD Sims Clothing, Hair, Facial hair CC
Click here For XLD
SIM Laugh Love Accessories, Clothing, Hair CCClick Here For Sim Laugh
Wyatt’s Sims Furniture, Clothing, Hair CC
Click Here For Wyatt's
Renora Sims CC for Clothing, Hair, and More!
Click Here For Renora
Marvin Sims Clothing, Accessories Sims 4
Marvin Clothing
Wildly Miniature Sandwich CC Mix Compilation
Wildly Miniature
Aveira Sims Shoes, Clothing, Makeup CC
Aveira Shoes
Picky Pikachu Clothing, Accessories Sims 4 CC
Picky Pikachu Accessories
Simple Simmer CC Clothing and Hair
Simple Simmer
LeeLee Sims CC for Clothing, Hair, and Accessories
Leelee CC
Weeping Simmer Accessories, Clothing, and Hair CC
Weeping Simmer
Ridge Port Sims 4 Custom Content
Ridge Post CC
KotCat Sims 4 Custom Content
Click Here Kotcat
Manuea Pinny Clothing CC
Manuea Pinny
Allisas Sims CC for Build and Furniture
Allisas Click Here
Sim Andy Skin, Hair, Clothing CC
Sim Andy Click Here
Pixel Sim Dreams Makeup, Furniture, and more!
Pixel Sim Dreams
Kismet Sims Clothing, Hair, Furniture CC
Kismet Click Here
Busted Pixels Sims 4 CC
Busted Click
Birksches Sims for Clothing, Hair, and AccessoriesClick Here Briksches
Tukete Accessories and Clothing CC
Tukete Accessories Click Here
Wild Pixel Hair and Clothing Custom Content for Sims 4
Wild Pixel Hair Click
My Stuff Origin Sims 4 Custom Content
My Stuff Origin Click
Dream Bot Clothing, Facial Hair Sims 4 CC
Dream Bot Hair
Tamo CC for Sims 4
Visit Tamo
-Budgie2Budgie Sims 4 Custom Content Clutter and Furniture
Budgie Visit
Sims on the Rope Custom Content for Sims 4
Rope Visit
Veranka S4CC for Build and Furniture Custom Content
Veranka Click
Lina Cherie Build and Furniture CC for Sims 4
LIna Cherie Tumblr
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This isn’t the only mod that offers such great variety. Check out lana cc finds for more such features for your character.