Kernel Security Check Failure: How to correct it?(Updated)2020

Did you just see that dreaded blue screen taking over your operating system? Well, worry, not! There is a quick solution to the same. The Kernel Security Check Failure issue in the Windows 10 platform usually leads to a BSOD. While the occurrence of this blue screen error in the Windows 10 platform has existed for long, it might not be something you would want to experience as you are handling a critical task on your desktop or laptop.

So, for someone looking for a quick solution to the problem, here is a complete guide to help you resolve the failure issue.

What does the Kernel Security Check Failure Windows 10 mean?

If you happen to experience this windows 10 issue, it means that any file in your system has failed to comply with the integrity or compatibility check & there is a requirement for it to be replaced or updated.

Now, this error might be a result of outdated drivers or inherited drivers that have been added from the Windows 8 or Windows 7 platform. These types of drivers might not be completely compatible with the Windows 10 platform or the drive. It might also happen that the core file has been corrupted.

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What initiates the Kernel Security Check Failure?

In most cases, this failure is a problem that occurs primarily due to:

  • Outdated drivers
  • Memory problems
  • Viruses
  • Security programs
  • Corrupted Windows System Files
  • Corrupted or damaged hard disk

Out of all these, the commonly known issue is an incompatible driver. This is true, especially if you have recently opted for an OS upgrade. It is highly likely that you might have been using the driver that previously worked amazingly. However, the recent update has rendered it incompatible.

How to fix the Kernel_Security_Check_Failure?

In order to fix the BSOD Kernel Security Check Failure, you have to first perform an update to the Windows platform in order to assure that you are running the OS’s latest variant.

Follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the settings> update and security>windows update
  • Next click over the tab “Check for Updates.”
  • Now, update everything that is required to avoid the kernel security check failure Windows 8

Then you need to do the following:

  • Next, paste or type the text “verifier” within your box for Search Windows
  • Now, select the “Create Standard Settings” & click the Next option
  • Select the “Automatically Select Unsigned Drivers” & click on the Next button
  • Update all the drivers within the list
  • If you just upgraded to the Windows 10 operating system, you can try the “Automatically Select Drivers Built for Older Versions of Windows” option.
  • Make sure you update these to ensure that they do not overlap with the previous step

Now, in the next run, you need to opt for the following steps:

  • When opting for the Windows stop code failure, you need to open the CMD window while functioning as the administrator
  • Now, type/paste the “sfc/scannow” code and then press the Enter button
  • Allow the process to complete & introduce any repairs that are necessary
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In most of the cases with windows 10 blue screen, you will see that these methods will eventually fix the problem.

How to fix kernel security check failure: Additional Methods

Apart from the processes listed above, there are several other ways to tackle the failure windows 8.1. Here are some listed below for you.

Remove the Removable Peripherals & Check Critical Connections

Whenever the Windows 10 OS starts, it initially connects with all your system peripherals that have been connected. If any of these connections start getting loose or in case the device hasn’t been responding correctly, it might so happen that you will experience the stop code kernel issue.


Shut down your computer in case it hasn’t already. You might also have to opt for the hard shutdown. This can be done by pressing down on the laptop or computer’s power button for a minimum of 30 seconds.


Next, check your disk drives, headphone, USB ports, microphone jacks, and a slot for memory cards that might have removable devices like flash drives, SD cards, external speakers, headphones, game controllers, DVDs, CDs, or similar things. Remove anything that you find except the keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

These are just the 3 devices that need to be connected with your system at the given point. If you plan to remove the disk from the computer, you can do so by using the paper clip end to press onto the eject hole. This particular hole is fairly tiny and is located on the front-side of your disk player.

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Now, in order to deal with the kernel failure Windows 8.1, you should check for proper connectivity between the mouse, monitor, as well as the keyboard with the computer. Each of the cables needs to be attached securely to both ends.


Also, check whether your RAM or the hard drive has been connected properly.


Now, restart the computer, and in case the issue persists, opt for the next list of methods listed below.

Kernel Security Check Failure Windows 10 Install: 2020 Checklist

Apart from the methods mentioned above, you could also go for the below-mentioned methods that help correct the Kernel Security Failure Error.

  • Run the advanced variant of system repair
  • Reboot your computer in the Safe Mode
  • Create a USB that is bootable
  • Uninstall unnecessary programs
  • Avoid overclocking
  • Update the windows
  • Install or Update your 3rd party anti-virus
  • Run your system scan and check for corrupted files
  • Use the file explorer & check your disk
  • Use your Windows Diagnostic tool to test the RAM
  • Opt for a complete system restore
  • Reset the computer
  • Perform the clean install with the use of the USB drive
  • Try to revert to previous Windows version
  • Update the computer’s UEFI/BIOS firmware
  • kernel_security_check_failure