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How to Play Music Through Mic: Here is a Quick List of tutorials(2021)Updated

If you are a big-time gamer or someone who loves to play with sounds, or someone who experiments with the voice applications, this question is something you might ask. So, if you have wished to find any method through which you can know how to play music through mic, here is a complete list of methods listed out for you. But, here is the catch. Maybe you do not have any microphone with you. It might also happen that you wanted to get things done in a special way. Whatever be the method, it hasn’t yet worked out for you, and you are looking for new possibilities.

Now, the methods listed below will work efficiently in the OS, which includes:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10

Note: These methods might also work with other OS; however, they haven’t been tested on other operating systems as of yet. If they happen to work, do comment down below to let us know.

How to play music through Mic: Here is a Quick List of tutorials/methods

Free Software Solutions for You

VoiceMeeter with Soundboard

If you are wondering how to play sounds through mic, this is most probably the best way to try things out. With the help of the VoiceMeeter and Soundboard combination, you will get access to a versatile option. You can easily speak through your microphone regardless of the audio source configuration. Plus, there is a good scope to make things work in a way that suits you best.

This player is actually a virtual variant of the audio mixer that comes with an in-build audio cable in the virtual work that packs in a soundboard.

Virtual Audio Cable with Soundboard

This solution is just as good. However, it is a bit limited as opposed to the previous option. So, if you are wondering how to play sounds through mic, this particular method allows you a scope to select the specific source of audio that you would like to play via the system’s virtual microphone. Now, keep in mind that this configurable source of audio could be anything, but in your case, the source can be the soundboard that makes use of the hotkeys in order to trigger your sounds.

However, when using this method, users might be unable to head sounds that they transmit depending on the source of audio that has been used. This is due to the fact that most of the audio sources do not have two outputs. The one that is existent is actually occupied by your cable input.

Stereo Mix:

Now, this is a basic method used by most users that want to know how to play music through mic and talk. Although this particular method has been listed under the free solution, it is also a limited one as compared to the previous two. You can use it for the transmission for audio to the game or any voice application to make it seem like it came in through the microphone.

In this tutorial, you can find out the ways to check whether you have any stereo mix option or its equivalent. Now, keep in mind that most of the sound cards tend to have this option by default. So, there is no such need for downloading anything extra.

Commercial Solutions:

If you are looking for the best and upgraded commercial solutions on how to play music through mic, Windows 10, here are some of the best options available in the market.

MorphVox Pro:

In our list for the best commercial solutions present in the market, the MorphVox Pro is an ideal option. This particular software primarily serves as an option for voice changing. This software is a feature-packed option that is way more than just a soundboard. It can easily make the music or sound seem like it comes through the mic with the use of the hotkeys. However, the software is a bit old.


It is software that is dedicated specifically to play the audio via mix. So, you need to keep in mind that there is no need for extra programs to be phased into the scenario. The way these SoundPad works is that you load the audio files like music or other sounds to this interface. Next, you need to assign the hotkeys & play the same through the mic. Moreover, the SoundPad also packs in a range of add-on features that tend to support your audio playing experience via the microphone in different ways.

However, before you make a purchase, make sure it is the right software for you. You can do this by trying out the demo option first.

Play Music through Mic Software: Added Solutions

If you still wish to transmit the audio into a voice application like Skype, Voice Chat, Discord, etc., here are some added solutions to help you out.

Streaming with Spotify Music via Mic:

Now, streaming Spotify via your microphone tends to be a bit tricky. This is due to the fact that Spotify lacks the output selection option in your audio settings. With this tutorial circumvents around that problem in a fairly easy way. All you require is the software like Windows 10, VoiceMeeter, as well as Spotify.

Streaming YouTube Audio via Mic:

Streaming the audio that comes through YouTube via a mic is actually easy. With YouTube Audio, you can easily stream the audio via the mic. All that is required is the very same software combination, as stated in the option above. The only difference is that as opposed to Windows 10, you have to replace the combination with YouTube.

How to Play Music through Mic Discord:

If you have ever wished to play any music on the Discord platform, you can do so very easily. Further, the platform allows you to opt for that microphone sound even when you lack a mic or have low audio quality.

Play through Mic in the Rust:

Another way you can play music through mic software is to opt for the Rust software. This is true even if one doesn’t have any actual microphone.

Use Your Virtual Microphone: How to Play Music through Mic-in Game

 If you are wondering how to play music through mic PUBG, there are certain steps that you might want to follow. These steps include:

  • Download the virtual cable (audio) and the Soundboard
  • Next, on how to play music in VRChat, is to visit the Recording Settings in your Windows OS
  • Now, select the option “Show the Disabled Devices.”
  • This option is present in your system’s “Recording Tab.”
  • Finally, enable the cable output

Last but not least, visit the system’s SoundBoard & then configure your virtual cable in the input form. So, if you are looking for an effective way on how to play music through voice chat or game, or any other option, these steps are a definite try.