How Much Money Have I Spent on League Of Legends (LOL) – 2020

There are instances when you don’t realize the funds you’ve wasted in the game. So if you’re wondering that “how much have I spent on League?” then worry not since we’ll tell you how to know it.

How Much Money Have I Spent on League Of Legends (LOL)

Money have I spent on League

If you want to be aware of the money wasted on LoL and see where else you could have invested it,

Click on this link

  • Sign in to your account
  • Click the big red “Show me the money” button and an image would appear with the amount of funds written on it.

The developers of such MOBAs are experts in taking cash from you in a subtle manner. They would make you spend the capital on seasonal battle passes that wouldn’t be of use after a few months, new skins for new characters, emotes, spam chat, game announcers and the list goes on. The League of Legends money spent can turn into a considerable sum before you can even comprehend.

Therefore, it’s necessary to be well informed of how much did I spend on League, so that you aren’t blindsided and have control over your resources.


We hope we made it effortless for you to know the funds you wasted. There is no need to stress out, even if you’ve invested a lot. All you have to do is be in control then onwards.