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Hoe It Up & stripper Mod – (Download) 2023 – ts4

If you want to turn your female characters into a woman of the street, then this hoe it up mod is a profession that many women around the world pursue. Many of them enter involuntarily, but some choose it willingly.

The Sims 4 hoe it up can help you convert your female Sim to a woman of the street. Moreover, the mod includes lap and pole dancing, personal request woohoo, strip clubs, Sims 4 hoe it up challenge, and a lot more. Lets us move to the article now. Moreover, read the detailed information and download these mods now.

Know-how of Sims 4 hoe it up mod

The following pointers are the categories and services that this brothel module offers you. This modification can make your pockets full of money in no time, entirely on the basis of your appearance. Therefore, each service below has skill levels, and remember, the higher the skill, the higher your payment. They are as follows:

Sims 4 Hoe It Up Mod | Prostitution Mod, ts4 (Download) 2022
sims 4 hoe it up mod

Lap dancing

Lap dance is a service you provide. For those who avail this service have to pay and get laid. You can also give a lap dance to anyone on a love seat or a sofa. Also, giving it would add up a new skill called Lap dancing skill. You can either offer free or paid services, according to you. As quoted earlier, “the higher the skill, the higher you get paid.” You can even offer lap dance for free and increase the intimacy level.

You can find this option in the “Prostitution menu” and they can choose the “Give Paid Lap Dance To” option from the love seat or couch and earn money.

 Lap dancing skill levels

  • Level 1: In this level, your Sim will perform three seductive moves, and some of them will be goofy ones. Also, you will get $1000 at the end of the dance.
  • Level 2: Again, you will have to perform three seductive moves, and some of them have to be inappropriately goofy ones. Moreover, you will get $1500 at the end of the lap dance.
  • Level 3: Now, you have to display two inviting dance moves that don’t have to be goofy or inappropriate. This level has to involve more intimacy than before. Moreover, you will receive $2000 at the end.
  • Level 4: Here again, you have to perform two inviting dance moves that include touching and intimacy. You will receive $2500 at the finish of the dance.
  • Level 5: The last level has to be the most intimate lap dance, which involves two luscious dance blows with touching. You will get $3000 at the end.

Sims 4 stripper mod

This ts4 hoe it up involves pole dance service dancing and stripping on a pole in a strip club. The new stripping pole is introduced in the game with this mod under the category skills and activities. It facilitates you with new pole dancing skills. Furthermore, you will earn money by stripping on the pole in front of your customers. The pole is available in 5 unique colors and has lighting preferences. Also, the highest level gets more money.

Levels of Sims 4 stripping mod Pole dancing skills

  • Level 1: In this level, you will have to perform three pole dances, particularly when you choose “Strip Dance for money.” Here customers will give you tips up to $1, $50, and $100.
  • Level 2: Here, you have to display four pole acts when you select Strip dance for money. Moreover, you will receive tips up to $2, $100, $200.
  • Level 3: You have to display six pole acts, and now your character can brag about it in front of others. You will also receive tips up to $3, $150, $300.
  • Level 4: Now, your character can display seven pole acts where you will receive tips like $4, $200, $400.
  • Level 5: In the last level, you can display nine pole acts and spray perfume on yourself to improve your hygiene. Moreover, you will get tips like $5, $250, $500

More about Sims 4 strip mod

The below points will tell you about particular instructions related to the strip mod: 

  • Assigning characters to poles: You can attach your player to any of five poles even if they are not in your domestic establishments. You can also choose from nine unique dances, but you will undoubtedly get tipped according to your level of pole dancing.
  • Opening a strip club business: The Sims 4 strip club mod will work for you if you have the Get to Work expansion pack installed. Also, if you have purchased a retail store, you can buy poles from there. Moreover, you can assign characters as well to strip dance on the pole. Money earned by stripping will go directly to your retail money, even if the character is not your family member.
  • Kids on pole: Your kids can play around these poles because that might increase their fun requirements.

Prostitution Mod

With this module, your character can offer sex services to male characters and also same sex services to females. There’s no restriction when it comes to this feature. Here are the levels that this option entails –

  • Level 1: Vajayjay Oral service
  • Level 2: Boob service
  • Level 3: Scissoring, this is only available for a female to female sexual interaction.
  • Level 4: For male to male interaction, there’s the swordsman service. Your character can buy “Protection packs” from the Prostitution Menu to avoid pregnancy.
  • Level 5: Once your character reached this level, they cans educe customers for various sexual services. To do so, click on the target –> Prostitution –> “Seduce into xxxx Service” A consumer would want to hook up with your character more.

New services offered

Reverse service compatibility: Now, the players might get pleasure in return with backward service compatibility. For example, a female/male sim may get oral or sodomy services. Also, all services have a reverse service pre-installed in them.

Reject customers: You can reject the customers as well if you don’t want to provide your services to them.

Improved services censor: The censor grid that appears while your sim gives aid has been enhanced with better visuals and appearances. Also, you can remove the grid anytime.

Customer’s gender option: The default gender option in this mod is saved to both males and females despite the choice. But with this option, you can choose the gender of your customers.

Overlap with other mods: This mod works completely swiftly with other mods, especially wicked whims mod. But the nudity reactions of the wicked whims can sometimes interrupt the animations, so you must turn them off.

The Sims 4 mod download has been the most suggested installations. Download it now.

This brothel mod gives you services and money according to your levels and profession.

Installing hoe it up mod

Follow the steps below to install the hooker mod.

  • Visit the sacrificial mod’s official website or download it from the sacrificial patreon’s page.
  • Afterwards, move the zipped file to the mods folder. It’d get downloaded in your Downloads folder.
  • Either use 7-Zip or WinRar to unzip it.
  • Shift the contents to the mods folder you created – Documents > Electronic Arts>Sims 4>Mods> “Hoe It Up.”
  • Start the game and check the Game Options for Script mods and CC.
  • If you still face issues, then you might have an old version of Resource.cfg in your folder. Install the latest version from
  • Unzip the file and place it in your folder.

Don’t forget to restart the game for its effective functioning.

  Updates in the module

  • The waiting line for clients is 3 times longer now.
  • The characters who have chosen this career can’t form romantic relationships with their customers, so they can’t be accused of cheating with another sim.
  • Romantic involvement between these avatars and their family members isn’t allowed.
  • The fireworks animation and woohoo dialogue are removed.
  • There’s an improvement in the customer’s reactions and sound effects during the service.
  • The “UnavailablePackSafeResourceError” last exception is fixed if you hadn’t installed the ‘Road to Fame” module.
  • A customer can slap the avatars operating in this field if they are unable to seduce them.

There’s another module we need you to check out for making the game more realistic, which is the period mod.


How do you put up hoe up in Sims 4?

For putting hoe up in Sims 4, take a look at the installation process given in the article.

Does wicked whims work with hoe it up?

No, wicked whims and hoe it up module are two different modifications and aren;t connected in any way, so they won’t conflict with each other in any way.

How do you use the hoe it up mod?

To use this mod, install the mod from the sacrificial mod site or their patreon page. Place the zipped file in the mods folder. Move the contents to the folder after unzipping it, and activate CC and script modules. Now, start the game again.

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