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High Stakes Witcher 3 | Gwent Tournament | Sasha – Updated (2021)

Witcher 3 High stakes are one of the most challenging secondary quest hunts in the game where you have to play with the most adroit poker players but also, solve a big mystery!

Though the quest can be joined at any point in the game yet, it is advised to enter the quest after you’ve reached level 26 and the tournament is held at Passiflora in Novigrad. One more thing to keep in mind is that you should have a strong deck, hence, make sure you finish the “old pals” and “big city players” quest before entering this one.

Also, you don’t have to win every match to stay in the game but helping “Sasha” (another player) would help you stay in the tournament. However, winning in the game would give you quality cards that you’ll need for the “collect ’em all” quest.

So, here’s the high stakes walkthrough.

Witcher 3 high stakes

To start the quest, Read the notice on a notice-board anywhere in Novigrad like near St. Gregory’s Bridge. Or you could head to the Passiflora and find a Scribe to the north of Marquise Serenity, who will be busy denying a Gwent player entry into a tournament. After the sad reject leaves, talk to the scribe, show him your cards, and pay the 1,000 Crown entry fee. Then, you’ll have the opportunity to get inside and talk to some of your opponents, and one that would stand out will be “Sasha.”

Witcher 3 high stakes
Witcher 3 high stakes

The notice will be-

“Geralt is hardly an expert gambler. He has had a few great runs in dice poker tournaments, true, but these were always limited affairs against opponents whose skill level left much to be desired. A tournament in the world’s greatest metropolis – now that was a horse of an entirely different colour. The high entry fee and stringent deck requirements scared off amateurs, so only wealthy professionals had signed up. Everything was in place to play at a high level in exciting company – in other words, my friends, for pure pleasure.

Players involved in high stakes Gwent tournament:

  • Bernard Tulle
  • Sasha
  • Finneas
  • Count Tybalt
  • Patrick Hazelnutt
  • Bramble Fruntenstroch
  • Tim Knott
  • Harald Featherbuns

But you’ll have to win against only four opponents.

  • Bernard Tulle with Northern Realms deck
  • Sasha with a Niflgaard card set.
  • Finneas (Hal-elven) with a Scoia’tael deck.
  • Baron Tybalt with a Monsters card set

Win a match against Bernard tulle in Witcher 3 Gwent tournament.

When the tournament begins, your first competitor will be Bernard Tulle. He’ll use the Northern Realms deck, and when you win against him, you will gain the Foltest – The Steel-Forged card, and 25 XP!

Regardless, if Geralt wins or loses his match with Tulle, Sasha will approach you after the game in the balcony and suggest that you both should work together to get the prize money. She will not provide any details about her plan, only recommends that you should survive till the end. If Geralt agrees, the tournament will resume, but if he defeated Tulle, your next opponent would be Sasha.

Note: winning every tournament is essential as it gives you a rare deck that is much needed later in the game.

Bernard tulle in Witcher 3 Gwent tournament.
against Bernard tulle in Witcher 3 Gwent tournament.

Witcher 3 high stakes Sasha’s match

This time your competitor will be Sasha who uses Nilfgaardian Empire deck and when you win against her, you will receive the Emhyr var Emreis – The Relentless card and 50 XP. But to win against her, you should Counter her with decoys and spy cards; keep the unit cards in the deck close to 22 and with the highest possible unit strength.

The White Flame leader card is also, helpful for countering her leader card, which draws a unit card from the player’s discard heap for her use. It is highly recommended that players make a save if they wish to win the tournament outright; otherwise, Sasha beats Tybalt in the last round. She can also be romanced if Geralt agrees to her proposition.

Witcher 3 high stakes Sasha's match

Defeat Finneas, one of the Gwent high stakes player

After defeating Sasha, your next opponent would be Finneas right away, and you won’t have a chance to save the game after defeating Sasha! Finneas uses the Scoia’tael deck. So, when you defeat him, you will be rewarded with the Francesca Findabair – Queen of Dol Blathanna card and 50 XP. He is an easy player to win over, a few spy and decoy cards would do the work. Finneas won’t be happy to lose and hence, attack you in a fistfight but dodge, punch and parry until he falls.

NOTE: are you looking for a tough armor that would help you defeat all enemies? Then, you might want to check out Witcher 3’s wolf school gear the one that guarantees victory.

Gwent high stakes player

Win against Count Tybalt in high stakes Gwent match

Next up will be Count Tybalt who will have a monster deck, which are comparatively predictable than other decks.

Using a “spy” card would be an excellent move against him, and then, you would get a “Villentretenmerth”, which you can counter with “Decoy” to obliterate said “Muster” combos. When you defeat him, you’ll get another Leader card; “Eredin, Destroyer of Worlds”.

Now, you’d be called as the “Gwent Master” after your win against Tybalt at Passiflora Witcher 3.

Count Tybalt in high stakes Gwent match

The big heist

After your big win, the scribe will come with a piece of news that the prize money has been stolen! Now, what next?

You first doubt Sasha, but she assures you that she wasn’t the thief. Then, you team up with her to find the culprit. Next, she talks your way past the guard and up to the second floor.

Then, with your Witcher senses, inspect the crime scene. Examine a bolt on the terrace and then head outside to look for more clues. Follow the strange odour to a crate on the road. Sasha recognizes the guild seal on the chest and tells Geralt to meet her at a warehouse on the docks.

Once you reach the warehouse, Sasha shows Geralt that the door is locked. Move to the back of the warehouse to find the other way in. Along the way, Geralt will see the wagon used by the thieves and note that it has the same odour. Climb up the wooden ladder at the rear of the building, and enter the warehouse through the window.

Then, approach the group of men to find the unexpected thief Bernard Tulle! After a short conversation, you’ll have to fight Tulle and his henchmen.

After defeating Tulle, Sasha will invite you for dinner at Kingfisher. You can either decline, which concludes the quest or accept the invitation, which provides you with the opportunity to romance Sasha and even gets to know her real name. If you romance her, she will leave you while you are asleep, and leave a note on the pillow.

The quest ends, and you are remunerated with 45 XP and 4500 crowns!

The big heist

Some key insights

  • The quest Geralt tells Sasha during their dinner date is “Blue Eyes” from The Witcher. A part of the Order of the Flaming Rose (a militant branch of the cult of the Eternal Fire) asked you to search for his sister, who had taken up working at a brothel run by vampires.
  • If you beat every opponent in the game, you will receive the achievement, Gwent Master.
  • If you complete this quest after completing “A Matter of Life and Death” but before “Now or Never”, dining with Sasha will get you stuck inside the Kingfisher Inn, and the only way to leave it would be by jumping from a balcony!
  • Accepting Sasha’s proposal at the end of the quest will not have any impact on your romance options with Triss or Yennefer.


This was your Witcher 3 high stakes guide. Remember all the key points and carefully choose your cards while defeating your opponent in the most challenging poker game of history, the high stakes Witcher 3. Happy gaming!