Grandmaster Witcher Gear

Grandmaster Witcher Gear | Grandmaster Armor (Update) 2023

With the release of Witcher 3’s last and massive blood and wine expansion, comes an exciting bunch of quests and top- tier armor sets called grandmaster Witcher gear. This gear comes with five armor sets, additional bonuses from equipping parts and excellent quality! So, let’s dive into this article to know all about it.

How to upgrade Witcher gear to grandmaster?

The process is the same as previous Witcher 3 armor sets —

  • Find the diagrams
  • Craft the gear at the armorer/blacksmith
  • Collect Mastercrafted set pieces (they’re needed as crafting materials)

NOTE: To find the diagrams, start by talking to the Grandmaster Smith – Lazare Lafargue in southern Beauclair, he’ll initiate the Scavenger Hunt quests for finding the Grandmaster upgrade diagrams for Wolf, Cat, Griffin, and Bear school gear. Each of these grandmaster armors Witcher 3 diagrams are hidden throughout the world of Toussaint in hazardous, hard-to-find locations but will also reward you with the most fantastic gear available in the game for you depending on your playstyle.

Also, the grandmaster Witcher gear can be costly if you buy the whole set instead of gathering the required items. So, make sure you have enough money or another alternative is to install the Witcher debug console and use the “add money” (#) command and earn money easily.

Witcher 3 grandmaster armor sets

Now, let us look at the five Witcher 3 armor sets that come with this expansion,

Legendary Feline Armor Set

Made especially for sword combat, the feline set provides high protection against your competitors’ close-ranged attacks. Now, this one comes with a hood, and who doesn’t like a hood! Paired with an offensive playstyle, this can cause a lot of damage.

While this set isn’t meant to block physical damage, it still makes up for it with its elemental damage resistance and attack power bonuses. As a whole, this Witcher 3 grandmaster set offers 75% essential resistance and 55% additional attack power, with a steel and silver sword that boosts dismemberment chance, Aard sign intensity, critical hit chance, and causes bleeding. 

Overall, this is a powerful melee weapon that can slay enemies like butter when all the buffs are stacked (with nearly 160 percent damage!)

Legendary Feline Armor Set
Legendary Feline Armor Set

Armour bonuses:

  • 3/6 Pieces Equipped
  • Strong Attacks can increase Fast Attack damage for 5 seconds by 10% for each piece of the set.
  • 6/6 Pieces Equipped
  • Rear attacks can deal with 50% more damage, and also stop opponents at the cost of one Adrenaline point.

 Legendary Griffin Set

Well-suited for players of Ydren and limiting the enemies’ movements, Griffin can enhance the robustness of signs and magic. With an eccentric colour scheme, this one falls right behind the ursine and wolf and gives a sign intensity bonus with every equipment in the set.

Pairings with a steel and silver sword that further boost sign intensity, dismemberment chance, critical hit damage, and critical hit chance.

Being one of the most substantial arsenals, it provides 300 percent sign intensity bonus if all gear pieces are equipped, and you’re at the yrden trap. This would indeed create havoc on humans and monsters’ side if combined with the ability to use standard signs indefinitely.

Armor bonuses

  • 3/6 Pieces Equipped
  • After the use of stamina to cast a Sign in standard mode, the next Sign cast within three seconds will be released without using up energy.
  • 6/6 Pieces Equipped
  • The size of Yrden traps increases by 40%. While you are at Yrden trap, stamina regeneration is increased by five per second and Sign intensity by 100%, and 20% damage reduction.

Manticore Armor assemblage

Perfect for players who want critical hits and focus on alchemy, manticore kit bonus is excellent for people relying on potions. This, however, is not titled as “grandmaster” but is no less than them in terms of stats. The beautiful looking manticore boosts a little better defence than the Griffin and Feline.

This set provides a massive bonus to your max toxicity, which allows you to ingest more potions and decoctions without exceeding the safety threshold of the character. Paired with a steel and silver sword which provides a bleeding effect and critical damage bonus and for the first time in the game, and armor-piercing development, the Manticore set is a powerhouse against humans and beasts.

Armor bonuses

  • 3/6 Pieces Equipped
  • Critical hit chance and hit damage also applied to bombs.
  • 6/6 Pieces Equipped
  • The max number of charges for each alchemy piece is increased by one.

Grandmaster Legendary Ursine

If you are a defensive player and often use Quen, then ursine is your best bet. Now, boasting a massive amount of damage resistance this set is one of the best defensive ones in the Witcher 3.

Pairing with a steel and silver sword, it boosts critical hit chance, adrenaline point gain, critical hit damage, and dismemberment chance. It also gives two unique bonuses revolving around the sign Quen, which renders a defensive shield for your character.

While this is one of the heavy gears, you can enchant it to make it medium or lightweight one with the “Runecrafter” from Hearts of Stone.

Armor bonuses

  • 3/6 Pieces Equipped
  • If a Quen shield shatters, there’s a chance that the new one will cast at no stamina cost. This chance bonus can be increased by 5% for each piece.
  • 6/6 Pieces Equipped
  • Damage dealing abilities involving the Quen sign are increased by 200%.

Grandmaster Legendary Wolven Set

Suited for players who are keen on using offensive tactics, fight monsters at close-range and equipping oils. The Grandmaster Wolven, is one of the best-looking attires in the entire game, blending in Geralt’s background perfectly.

Also, if you think you have a defensive playstyle then, you might want to check out The Witcher 3 cat school gear that lets you dodge all enemies!

Boasting defences across the board alongside bonuses to attack damage value, sign intensity, and critical damage bonus. Wolf set is one of the incredible kits suited to the player.  To boost essential hit chance, sign intensity, adrenaline point gain and a high chance to cause bleeding on your enemies, pair it with the silver and steel sword.

The set works for a player with an agile playstyle that is balanced between signs, alchemy and swords.

Armor bonuses

  • 3/6 Pieces Equipped
  • Three different oils can be lubricated on a sword at a time
  • 6/6 Pieces Equipped
  • No delay in throwing bombs.


By not only giving you an updated look of your previous sets but the grandmaster set also adds bonuses for both 3 and 6 pieces respectively giving you an additional bunch of unique abilities that you won’t find anywhere else! But bear in mind, that each set would require to be at level 40 to have a chance at equipping them.

So, this is all you need to know about the grandmaster Witcher gear of the blood and wine expansion. Have fun reaping the benefits of this incredible kit.

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