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Sims 4 Furry Mod | Anthro Mod – CC(Updated) 2023

The content below tells you about some of the sub mods of Sims 4. They are Sims 4 Furry and anthro mod that are similar in characteristics. There is more to these modifications. Read along and download the custom content to change the look of your Sim. This custom content has benefits and other features to look forward.

Sims 4 Furry mods

Sims 4 has many sub mods, which might be similar but are separated. Two of them are Sims 4 furry and anthro mod, which seem to have similar characteristics. Both of them include animal characters, which inhibit human characteristics. So, it gets understood that these noticeable players would look like animals but have human mindset and behaviour. 

Sims 4 Furry Mod CC - latest

Sims 4 Furry Savestate mod

In the initial times, the game has released only Sims 4 Furry mod, but later they thought it would be great to add the Savestate to the modification. Now, Sims 4 furries are very much interested in Savestate and are moving through it. As this may provide your sims with the comic appearances throughout the game with any mod of the game. 

Savestate Comic: One such thing in the game is Savestate Comic, which would help you work as a comic character in the above-mentioned mod. On this spot, you must get provided with a differently styled sim that makes you adaptive with the clothes and hair from the vanilla level of the game. So, to make your Sim, a Savestate Comic, download the custom content and go ahead. In this way, you would move forward to the animal ears and Sims 4 anthro mod. 

DLC has allowed the players to have new furries, which could help them create cheetahs, leopards, tigers, dogs, foxes, and wolves. You could also make the ears up, rounded or folded. Make the tails curled and have long dogs and cats. 

These might keep their shape intact while bathing. They have the choice to wear any shirt. But they can only wear shorts, or cropped pants, and skirts because of their hind paws. 

You could also have the opportunity to use WickedWhims with them, but that might harm the leg part of the male sims. Also, you could change the colour of their sexual organs.  

Sims 4 anthro mod

Now, as mentioned earlier, furry mods and anthro mods are quite similar but there’s a slight difference in both.

The difference exists in how you install or download the mod. Also, the individual behaviours of your sims are retained through this mod.

The Furry Skin mod in Sims 4

With your Furry custom content, you might be available with many furry faces, which is possible because of the Furry Skin modification. The maxis recolour performances your player gets the right colour and appearance. The skin mod is available with makeup, mixture colour, and face textures.

You could choose them according to your choice and give your Sim a new look. Also, remember you must use the assigned colours with five base colours as you’ll get provided with ten swatches and shades of it. Use them judiciously.  

Can you be a furry in sims 4?

Yes, you can be furry in sims 4 by downloading furry ccs and mods.

How do you qualify as a furry?

You qualify as a furry if you are keen to be an anthropomorphized animal, that is animals that look like humans but are mostly furry.

Can a furry be a kid?

Yes, a kid can be a furry.


A better and updated version of it is the control pets mod which offers you numerous features for your pets.

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