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Discord Text Formatting | Syntax Codes | Block Color (Latest Guide) 2022

Discord is undoubtedly the best and greatest VOIP applications that have graced our systems in the past few years. And, surely, there is no comparable replacement for the same to date. The basics of this application alone are adorably fantastic. However, you might have wondered how the buddies of yours have been chatting with the use of bolded and colored text. So, what exactly is the Discord Text Formatting?

To put it in simple terms, the Discord platform uses the Markdown texting for formatting. This is actually a system that helps you make your written verses stand out from the rest.

In this guide, we will show you just how the Discord Text Formatting functions & add some zest to the Discord services along with features such as:

  • Bold
  • Colors
  • Italic
  • Underlined Text
  • Strikethrough

But, before we go ahead and decode more about the text formatting, let us understand what exactly the markdown is.

What is Markdown?

Markdown is one of the lightweight markup types of language that was initially released in the year 2004. This particular language packs in a plain text syntax formatting & was designed to function as simple to write and easy to read option. The original markdown only supports the HTML. However, the markdown can also be used in the form of an editor for plain text or creating a rich text when writing certain messages that need to pop up in any online forum.

Markdown generally works in your system’s background while formatting all the text being jotted down by you.

Discord Code Block: The Discord Formatting Syntax

Before we take a look at the syntaxes and the manner they change color with the Discord texts, you need to understand the code blocks. The Discord Code Blocks can be classified as an advanced form of text formatting in Discord. However, it is just as simple to understand. Codeblock is supported in Discord by use of the backtick key, which is represented as (`).

For the code blocks with a single line, you need to use this format:

`Line Needs to Go Here’

In case you want code blocks for multiple-line, you have to add 2 backticks (“`). This needs to go before as well as after your text.





Go Here “`

Discord Text Formatting: Know the Styles

Let us begin with the Discord formatting basics. With the use of a few Discord symbols, you can easily transform the plain, simple text into a rather prominent visual. So, if you are aiming to make the sentence simply stand out from the rest or want to highlight any specific word, the way to go is to use the discord formatting for text.

There are 4 different styles provided by the discord that can be used together or individually, which include the ones listed above in our guide.

How to bold text in Discord?

For the bold variant of the discord text, you have to add in two asterisks on either side of the written text.

Example: **Written Text Goes Here**

How to Italic your text in Discord?

For the Italic one, you have to add just a single asterisk or an underscore to each side of the text.

Example: *Text Here* or _Text Here_

How to bold Italic your text in Discord?

For the bold italic, you have to add 3 asterisks to each side of written text.

Example: ***Text Here***

How to underline the text in Discord?

In order to underline the text, you have to add 2 underscores to both sides of the written text.

Example: __Text Here__

Strikethrough Discord: How to Write Text with Strikethrough?

To have your text with a strikethrough, all you need to do is just add 2 tildes (~~) on two sides of written text.

Example: ~~Your Text to Write Goes Here~~

Now that you know about the styles you can add to the Discord formatting text, let us take a quick look at some of the code blocks.

Discord Syntax Codes: How does it work?

Before we go ahead and discuss the syntax codes in Discord and the way it changes colors of your text, let us first decode the code blocks. Technically, this is classified as the “Advanced Text Formatting Discord.” However, it is just as simple to use.

For the single line discord code block color, that is just meant to highlight your written text & leave the space surrounding the written text empty; you need to use just one backtick right before & after your text as represented in the example below:

Example: ` Your Text Goes Here ’

For the code blocks added to multiple lines, all you need to do is just add 3 backticks right before & after your text.



The  Text



How to write in color: Discord Formatting for Text

When talking about the colored variants of the text formatting in Discord, we actually work around highlighting the syntax. By simply typing in the syntax language name after 3 backticks, you can easily color the text. One thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that Discord doesn’t come with its own highlight function.

However, the code Highlight.js tends to run in your system’s background that enables one to add a range of colors to the messages. As you exploit the highlighting factor of the syntax, the colors open for you to use are actually limited.

The steps taken for each of the discord markdown color tends to follow the very same format that you need with the 3 backticks method.

How can you color your Discord Text in Red?

In order to make your text red in color, you can use the “Diff Syntax Text Highlighting.” It is important to note that you will have to bring in a hyphen right before the text.


“` diff



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How can you color your Discord text in orange?

To make your Discord text in orange, you need to make use of the “CSS Syntax.” This makes use of the square brackets.


“` CSS

[Text Here]


How can you color your Discord text in yellow?

To make the Discord text go yellow in color, you need to use the default “Fix Syntax.”



Text In Here


How can you color your Discord text in light green?

When using the Discord code blocks, you can also color your text light green by using the “Diff Syntax” like that of red. However, here you need to place the plus sign as opposed to a hyphen.



+Text Goes In Here


How can you color your text in Cyan?

In order to make the text in cyan color, you need to use the “JSON syntax.” Along with this particular syntax, one has to make use of the quotation marks on both sides of your text.



“Text Goes In Here”


How can you color your text in Blue?

In order to make the text blue in color, you have to make use of the “Ini syntax.” Also, keep in mind that you have to place the square brackets all around your text.



[Blue Text]


How can you highlight your text in color?

In order to highlight your text differently, you can use the “Tex Syntax” along with the ($) sign.



$ Text Here


Circumventing your text formatting in Discord: Code Block

Some of the users might make use of the underscores and asterisks with the various messages that come in on a daily basis in your chat. So, locating the Discord code block to counteract your syntaxes can be pretty useful.

Now, if the syntax highlighting discord is applicable to you, just use the aa backslash in order to negate its effects in varying syntax languages.