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Discord Screen Share No Audio | No Sound | Chrome – 2022(Solved)

At this point, who doesn’t know about the amazing Discord application! If you have been experiencing audio issues whenever you try to opt for the screen-sharing option in the Discord app, we will try to resolve this problem for you.Here shared below are some quick fixes if you happen to experience the Discord screen share no audio issue.

Discord Not Sharing Audio

If you are wondering what causes the Discord Not Sharing Audio issue, here are some of the major problems that can be lingering in your system.

  • The audio feature is in the system’s initial phase
  • A bad variant of audio drivers
  • Administrative access failure
  • Application issues
Discord Screen Share No Audio | No Sound | Chrome (Solved)

Discord ScreenShare No Audio: Quick Fixes

  • Restart the computer: Certain programs that have been running on the computer might conflict with the Discord application, which ultimately leads to the No Audio problem. The best thing you can do in this case is to restart the computer, which leads to a closedown of all the unnecessary programs. Once it is done, try and re-launch the Discord in order to test whether the issue reoccurs. If this issue still persists after a reboot has been done, you need to switch to our next Discord audio fix.
  • Update Your Discord Application: Just like any other software developer, the Discord is regularly updated by its team to fix any possible bugs. It might so happen that any recent application update has managed to stop your device’s screen share option from working perfectly.In case you haven’t updated your application, you can try the following instructions:
  1. On your keyboard, press the key with Windows logo on it along with R
  2. This will open the Windows Run Dialog box
  3. Type the code”%localappdata%” and then hit the OK button
  4. Next, double click over the Discord button
  5. Later, double click over the Update.exe & wait for its update process until the same has been completed
  6. Now, re-launch the Discord and test whether the issue occurs or not.

Also, if you want to know more about the discord audio system and its different versions, then check out our article on discord audio subsystem and learn about other options that discord has to offer.

  • Update the Audio Driver: One of the common causes due to which Discord shows the no audio issue is during the screen sharing option, which comes from the outdated or missing audio driver. In a sense, you can easily update the device’s driver in a manual manner, if you do not have any issues getting them done one by one. However, this might take quite some time. You can also update them in a single go using different software available over the internet.
  • Clear the Roaming Data in Discord: If you are still experiencing the Discord screen share no audio issue, you can try this new method. Improper settings on your account or the temporary files within Discord might also lead to the failure of the application. In this scenario, try to clean off the roaming data within the application to check if the same fixes.

Here is how you can do it:

  1. Exit the Discord app completely
  2. On the keyword press on the key with Windows logo
  3. Next, type the code “%appdata%.”
  4. Now press on the Enter button
  5. Right-click over the Discord option & select the “Delete” button
  6. Now, re-launch the Discord in order to test the issue

If your sound is missing after this during the screen sharing, try the fix listed next in this article.

  • Disable the Antivirus Temporarily: If you can’t hear sound on Discord, it is highly likely that the antivirus could be a core issue. However, you need to rule out this possibility. You need to temporarily disable the antivirus program & check whether the problem remains. If your Discord tends to work perfectly even after your antivirus software is disabled, you need to contact your antivirus vendor & ask them to help resolve the issue or opt for the installation of a different solution for your system for antivirus protection.
  • Reset Voice Settings for Discord: If you happen to have your Discord streaming no sound, it might be something related to the settings in Discord. In order to fix the voice settings, you need to follow the steps written below:
  1. First, run the Discord & eventually click over its Settings icon
  2. Now, click over the Voice & Video option, and then you need to “Reset Voice Settings.”
  3. Next, click over the “Okay” button
  4. Try and share your screen once again in order to test the issue
  • Include the Program to be Shared on Discord: In order to share the screen in a proper manner, you need to verify that your program to be shared is actually added within the Discord application.

Here is how you can do the same:

  1. Run your Discord & the program needed to be shared
  2. Click over settings icon in the application
  3. Click over the tab named “Game Activity” & click on “Add It.”
  4. Next, click on the box that opens the app’s drop-down option
  5. Now, select the designated program needed to be shared
  6. Click over the Add Game option
  7. Now turn on toggle option next to the OVERLAY
  • Reinstall your Discord App: When you are dealing with the Discord streaming no sound issue, you might have to uninstall and then reinstall the app to avoid any errors. To do so, follow the steps given below:
  1. Find the control panel in your system
  2. Under the “View By” option, select the “Category” option
  3. Now, select the “Uninstall A Program” option
  4. Right-click on the Discord app & eventually click on the Uninstall option
  5. Once the download is complete, open the file & follow all the instructions for reinstallation
  6. After the installation is complete, try to share the screen again and check whether the sound is working

We hope these quick fixes will help resolve the Discord go live no audio 2022 issue.

Discord Screen Share No Audio Chrome

If you have been using Discord in conjunction with the Google Chrome browser, some individuals might also experience this issue. Now, this particular screen sharing audio problem comes due to the recent changes that came with the Google Chrome infrastructure update for the audio. In order to address this issue, you need to download the latest Discord update with fixes for the Chrome audio problem.

If you still have trouble with audio in the screen share section, here is something you can try to work around with:

  • End the screen share session & refresh your application by using the key combination CTRL+R
  • Close the Google Chrome browser and reopen it
  • Once Chrome has been reopened, start playing the audio in your browser right before launching the screen share session
  • Now, enable the screen share & try the same once again

Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working

Discord is actually particularly powerful software that enables the users a chance to share video, audio, as well as text with the companions in your game. However, the screenshare audio issue can be quite confusing. This can be an issue in several OS platforms such as Windows 7,8,10.

Make sure you check all the above-mentioned solutions to ensure that your screenshare audio issue is corrected.