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Discord on PS4 | Complete Guide -How to Install(2023)

Discord on PS4 Complete Guide

Discord on PS4. – If you love to chat with your friends that happen to play the game with the use of Discord, it might may a good sense that you should show off the game you are playing at the moment. This can work as something of a good conversation starter. It informs your PS4 friends of the consume you have been using & even gives them the exact sense of mood you are in. So, if you are new to PS4 or Discord itself, here is how you can use Discord on PS4.

Discord on PS4

How to Download Discord?

If you are wondering whether you can use Discord on PS4, the answer is yes, you can. If you have been playing over the Xbox One or PC, sharing the activity via Discord can be easy to download and even sign into the same. Things on the PlayStation 4 might be a tad bit trickier. If you want to know, can you use Discord on PS4, you need to keep in might that the PS4 platform doesn’t come with the official integration for Discord. However, it surely is backed by a 3rd party application developer that created the Discord application to show you the PS4 activities. This is pretty similar to how the Discord platform does things on its very own platform.

In order to opt for downloading your PS4 or PlayStation Discord application over the computer, you need to follow a pre-set protocol. There are several buttons for Mac and Windows over the website. Once your installation is complete, open your application & sign in to the same with the help of the PSN account.

Once you have logged in, you need to make sure that there is a rich presence that has been successfully enabled in the Discord app PS4. If you have been wondering what this Rich Presence concept is, it is actually an API-based feature allowing 3rd Party Developers a chance to create the apps that help independently surface the information to the users’ over the Discord accounts.

There are also 3rd party applications that allow the use of Discord to show people exactly what you have been listening to over the iTunes or watching over Netflix along with other things.

However, there is a downside to the Rich Presence Applications, which includes the PlayStation Discord. This Discord App PS4 will only run over your computer as long as the computer has been turned on with the application running.

This won’t be a problem for you if you continue to actively use the Discord while playing a game. However, if you opt to play on the PS4 without actually opening the application or if you plan to use the Discord over your phone, this information might not show at all unless you happen to leave this application running on the system’s background.

How to connect discord to PS4 if you want to chat?

Discord is no doubt the popular voice and text chat application for gamers. There is a wide collection of PS4 Indie and PS4 exclusive games that are available, and no doubt, Discord is a perfect option that allows you to stay connected with other players of the PS4 players all across the world.

With PS5 soon to launch, we expect that this PlayStation device will completely support the Discord over its platform as opposed to the PS4. If you are wondering whether the Discord platform works over the PS4 platform, well, there are several gamers that make use of the same over the desktop or the phone.

Here are a few steps that you have to follow if you plan on setting up the Discord as your console.

How to link discord to PS4: The Set-Up Process

  • Use the headset that is known to support the USB connection & comes with the optical cable. You would require something that can easily switch the audio between the PC and the Console.
  • You need to connect the device’s optical cable amid the PS4 and mix amp.
  • Next, go to the pathway Settings>Sound & Screen> Audio Output Settings
  • Now, change its primary port for output to the Digital Out, which would be its optical variant
  • Make sure the USB has been plugged into the base station as well as other end of the PC
  • Keep in mind that your base station has been set up in the PC mode
  • Boot up the Discord within your PC & change its input device using the voice settings of your mixamp
  • Use the 3.5mm jack for audio & run the same from the output PC speaker to your mixamp
  • Go to the voice settings option in the Discord & change your output device as PC speakers
  • Now, enjoy the PS4 in Discord

Is Discord on PS4?

Well, to answer your question, No, the Discord isn’t officially supported over the PS4 platform. However, it can be used as a 3rd party application. We hope that the upcoming PS5 has been designed to support the PlayStation discord.

Equipment required setup Discord for PS4

  • Headset, such as A40 TR that comes with optical cables & supports the USB connection
  • Mixamp or similar devices such as Mixamp Pro TR to switch the audio between the desktop and PS4
  • Cables-> 3.5mm Aux Splitter, 3.5mm Male to Male, 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm with Volume
  • You also required the PS4 discord app to be installed over the desktop. However, this part is optional

How to use discord on PS4 without a PC?

In case you want to use the discord over PS4 without PC, you can do so with your iPad or iPhone. Follow the steps similar to the one explained above in the guide for the PS4 discord app, and you are good to go. This particular process works in a way that is similar to your desktop and helps you use PS4 discord without any particular glitch.

Make sure you download the Discord application on your iPhone/iPad to get started and configure the same to support your PS4 as well.

Use Discord and Play on PS4 At the Same Instance + Game Sounds On

If you have been wondering how to use Discord & play on your PS4 platform at the very same instance with the game sounds on, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Download & install the application named “PS4 Remote Play” over the PC
  • Install & log in to your application with use of your device PSN creds
  • Now, choose your option that allows the manual setup of PS4 connection
  • On the PS4 device, follow this pathway: Settings>Remote Play Connection Settings>Add Device> {six-digit code}
  • Now add in the six digits secret code generated as you follow step-5 into your remote application in the PC
  • Next, connect the controlled to the PC via the use of USB cable

This will ensure that the audio passes through the PC with no trouble as you play on your PS4.

Also, if you, like many other folks, have been facing a JavaScript error in discord. Here’s our article to help you with that.

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