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Discord Can’t Hear Anyone | Volume Too Low (FIx) 2022

Discord Can’t Hear Anyone

The content below gives you handy solutions to fix your (discord volume too low) problems. Every possible fix has been cleared up so please read it thoroughly to make sure how you would be trying to resolve it. Many queries have also been resolved later in the article. Could you go through it to know more?

Discord volume too low: Why is discord so quiet?

Sometimes you might wonder why are my friends so quiet, and now you will know, why? There are some common glitches faced by the users like discord randomly mutes others or its volume is deficient. Well, the volume issue can disappoint you in anyway, and hence we are here for you with some fantastic solutions for your problems. There would be eight tricks to resolve your issue like discord not playing sound.

Follow the guidelines given below and see the magic in a few minutes. Your queries like why are my friends so quiet will be cleared up quickly. Also, more questions will be addressed later in the article. Hook on to the content now to fix your bugs and enjoy with your friends again. 

Discord Can't Hear Anyone | Volume Too Low (FIx)
Discord Can’t Hear Anyone

Discord audio not working: Can’t hear people in discord

Is your discord too quiet? Not anymore. Now, let us not waste more time and jump right into the fixes. The following adds guidelines too so please carefully read all of them and try to make your audio start working. They are:

Restart discord

First let us all start by the go-to fix for many IT technicians, which is restarting the application. 

  • Many glitches are solved by simply restarting it as it may clear up specific gaps and lingering problems.
  • Also, a window restart can benefit you too. 
  • Moreover, press CTRL and R to refresh the application, and you will notice a fresh layer of the digital paint to appear. 
  • The voice problem may also cause because of some coding issues or with the app itself. Hence, for fixing it, you must operate discord in your web browser to test if you still don’t hear voices. 

Hardware check

  • Sometimes simplest things would not come to your mind when needed. Hence check your microphones and headset jack(s) whether they are securely connected or not. It should be appropriately connected to the inputs and the outputs of the system. 
  • Gaming headsets often have global mute options with them and so make sure you haven’t tapped on it. 
  • Devices and systems need to be up to date if you want them to work efficiently. Moreover, many manufacturers are continually producing products to repair the sound quality of the systems. 
  • It would help if you had the dedicated devices for your use. 

Turn off third-party voice-altering software: 

  • Sometimes the voice changing software alters the timbre and affects the sound quality of the system within the application’s voice channels.
  • Hence, this voice alteration fiddle with the exceptional tuned software of the application, so makes sure you turn off those third-party sound alliances.

Discord settings- Output device and volume: How to test voice on discord?

  • The application offers you many options to fix your audio problems. Firstly, you must visit the “user setting” option, where you will find the cog icon next to your avatar in the bottom right corner of the screen. There you must click on the left-hand side menu, click on voice and video.
  • After that, you must scroll down and reset the voice settings to solve the troubles away. Before moving on to the steps below, make sure you test it. 
  • Then, make sure you selected the correct input and output devices from the list you were provided. Your choice would depend on the types of peripherals you use to hear the audio.
  • Start by selecting “default” as an option.
  • If that doesn’t work out for you, then select a headset, which has an inbuilt mic or any other device that suits you the best. The discord emits a beep sound whenever a peripheral is connected. If you hear the beep, then you are all set.
  • Now, make sure that the output volume isn’t on zero and if it then slides it slightly to the right at a considerable amount that you like. 
  • Then, hit the lets check button on the screen and try speaking or singing anything. If you hear your voice, then we have solved the problem as discord relay back your voice.
  • Now, choose any random voice channel and test whether you could hear others or not. If not, then you toggle the input mode below and between the “voice activity” and “push to talk” mode. Select the one that suits you best.

Discord advanced settings

  • Now, when in voice and video option in the settings, scroll down to see the advance section. It would provide you with a list, which shows you two options called Standard and Experimental. 
  • Make sure you choose standard rather than experimental as the latter is used to test the under the hood changes. 
  • While you select standard, it would make you reset the discord subsystem. Hit on the “okay” button to do so. 
  • Moreover, disable the “Ensure Quality of Service High Packet Priority” that is present in the “quality of service” section as this feature could create disturbances with the router or the modem.

Window’s audio setting

  • Sometimes, the problem might not be the application, but the input devices that are set up in your windows. It might be a chance that he output or the voice is directed to some other speaker or headset. 
  • Now, please navigate to the speaker or volume icon present in the taskbar and then right-click on it. After that choose the open sound settings or playback devices option depending on which update of the windows you are using.
  • Once the window appears with the sound list, then make sure that the tab you selected along the top is playback. Now, locate the desired device and right-click on it to make it a default device. 
  • Then repeat the same, and this time click on the “set as a default communication device”. You will notice a green tick once it is done that indicates to be set as default.  
  • In a doubtful situation, where your device doesn’t show up in the playback, and at this time you must click anywhere in the list. You will find an option called show all the disabled devices and hence enable your desired one.
  • Now, repeat, as mentioned above.

Simple checks

  • Sometimes we do ignore the simplest of things, and we don’t cross-check whether the other person is there or not. I can’t hear anything on discord, and similar problems might cause due to these reasons as well.
  • Firstly, check whether the person you want to hear is contactable by emails, phones, and other mediums of communication. 
  • Make sure they are sitting on the other end of the device they are operating and are trying to communicate because sometimes they may be yapping away. 
  • Secondly, make sure your volume is at the highest level so that you and the other person can listen to each other’s voices. 

Contact discord

  • If the problem persists, then you must contact the discord itself, who provide friendly and supportive customer care. 
  • They have VoIP debug a feature that gives you a fully-fledged guide for the fixes.

How to turn down discord volume or increase it?

So, it is possible to adjust the discord individual volume level in your server for optimizing your audio efficiency. Follow the guidelines below:

  • On the right-hand side of the screen, there present the user id. You must right-click on the user whose volume you want to adjust, and a menu will get displayed on your screen. 
  • A volume slider would be displayed on your screens, and hence you could raise or lower according to your needs. 
  • You could make this volume slider in a voice channel for more efficiency. 

These were some of the essential handy solutions for discord volume too low. You could also turn down or raise the volume as per your requirements.

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