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Discord Audio Subsystem | Legacy Audio(Updated) 2022

Whenever you check the Discord Audio Subsystem, you will come across different options such as Standard, Legacy, or Experimental. However, not everyone knows what goes into the same. In this article, we will layout all that is to know about this legacy application and its audio subsystem.

Among the audio subsystems, the standard comes at the lowest setting, while legacy is a bit higher on the same. With the experimental, as the name suggests, you can choose your own settings as required.

If you have been experiencing issues with its Audio Subsystem, here are a few steps you can try out to get things in line.

Discord Volume Too Low: How to tackle this issue?

  • In the first step, you need to completely close the malfunctioning client in the Discord application
  • Now, uninstall the same by visiting the Programs & Features section of the system
  • Now open the file explorer
  • Click on the thing that looks like the Address Bar and type “%appdata%” & press the Enter button. This will now take you to the Appdata Roaming
  • In the next step, locate the malfunctioning AppData folder in Discord which might be labeled as discordptb, discord, or even discordcanary
  • Right-click on this and delete the same
  • Press the combination “Alt+ Up Arrow.” This will take you to the AppData folder
  • Now, you can see 3 different folders named “Local, Roaming, as well as LocalLow”
  • Enter the “Local” folder
  • Next, locate the folder’s malfunctioning equivalent that you deleted previously and delete the same again
  • Reinstall the Discord app

Can’t Hear Anyone on Discord

Mic issues tend to happen to us all. We don’t ever want to come across sound issues when trying to relax while playing games on the app. If your Discord has been acting up, here are some quick steps you can follow.

  • If your Discord can’t hear anyone, you to start with the Resets and Restarts first. So, go ahead & restart the device. As the Discord turns back up, you need to reset the Voice Settings. You can find the same in the pathway User Settings>Voice And Video
  • Now, check whether the sound is being heard or not. In case you aren’t being heard, you need to set the Input Device and list the device that is being used by you.
  • Make sure you also enable complete access to the OS for the external device.
Discord Audio Subsystem | Legacy Audio(Updated)

Can’t Hear People in Discord: External Microphone Issues

Apart from the above-mentioned audio subsystem discord issues, one can also see that there are certain external microphone problems that might evade the sound from reaching others.

Here is how one can evade the external microphone problems with Discord.

  • If you can’t hear others, try and make sure that your USB/3.5mm sound input jack is connected securely to the computer. You can also try out different ports to check the same.
  • Next, check and see if the hardware mute has been engaged on the device.
  • Additionally, you need to make sure that you have all the latest software and drivers downloaded into your device.
  • Test if the use of “Push to Talk” as opposed to “Voice Activity” helps make any difference.

Discord Audio Not Working: Check Out Another Solution Here

If you still see the error in your Discord app and can’t hear others in Discord, well, worry not! With this next step, one can ensure that your Discord Audio Subsystem works perfectly.

  • Head over to your app’s User Settings>Voice and Video>Disable the option “Ensure Quality of Service High Packet Priority” or
  • You can head over to the User Settings>Voice and Video>Audio Subsystem. Now, select the option termed as “Legacy.”
  • Another way is to plug in the headset into different ports & run the Discord app as the admin.

Can’t Hear Anyone on Discord: 2022 Edition

Apart from the above-mentioned solutions, if you still experience the issue “Why can’t I hear people on discord,” here are some other methodologies you can try.

  • Restart the computer
  • Check if the headphones/speakers/microphones actually work
  • Set the Audio Device in the “Default” mode
  • Set up the correct sound input and output
  • Use the Legacy option in the Discord Audio Subsystem
  • Use can use the web version of the Discord application

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