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Sims 4 Curly Hair | Hair CC, Mods ( Download) Updated – 2021

What if EA games didn’t provide great options to revamp your curls. You don’t have to be sad anymore, as we’ve curated a complete list with the best sims 4 curly hair mods for you to benefit from and have the pretty hairstyle that your sims deserve.

Sims 4 curly hair CC for Females

Sims 4 Curly Hair

Here’s a list of all the fantastic modifications available for you,

Zara hair

If you stan the ombre-hair look then this is the most attractive hair mod that you will find on this list because ombre-hair plus curled hair is the best ever combo in this universe! You should totally get this one.


This modification is simply a top-tier representation of coiled locks. Thick and curly locks with a beautiful red-headband is the best feature of this cc.

Curly wings hair

This is a super trendy and soft-curls hair extension pack. With vibrant colour options available in dual-tone and single too this gives you a wavy cum curled wig look altogether.


If you’ve ever gone gaga over Cardi-B, Normani and Rihanna’s half-braided long curly hair, then this one is tailor-made for you. This cc has the braids, pigtails, the curls, the parted bangs with Ombre! It is a great deal for sure.


This is the cutest hairstyle mod because guess what? It has space-buns! And who doesn’t love space-buns? This is way too cute to ignore.

So, go and download this cc curly hair from

Mercedes hair

Just as the name indicates, it’s a highly luxurious curled look for your sims! The one that you wished to have and it also has snap clips with it. Isn’t it cute enough?

Natural Curly Hair

If you’re looking for something more natural, then this is a cool option for your crisp hair female sims. If you are into African hair-dos, you would surely give this one a thumbs-up. The mod was designed by CATTISHCATS, who did a fantastic job creating this.

Short Curly Hair Conversion Mod

This is the only unisex modification on this list, but it’s worth mentioning as it gives your teen/elder sim a relaxed look for short locks. It also comes with unique colour options like strawberry blonde and with hat compatibility.

Julie hair

This is Ariana Grande’s famous high-ponytail’s rolled version! I don’t think I have to say more about this one—a high, thick and braided on the top ponytail. Girl, it would be best if you indeed had this.

Kool thing

Women with coiled locks tend to look really fearless, and with this cc, you would get a redefined medium curly hair look. The length is just suitable for those who don’t love the bulky look and want a wide range of colours to choose from; this one really deserved to be on this list.

Curly Hair Sims 4 Mod for Males

Why shall girls have all the fun when it comes to having great hair options? So, we’ve found a few cc for your male sim to have. The list is as follows,

Short and Curly Haircut

This is an incredible look for you to have as it has an excellent color range and a nice texture added, so give your sims a look that he deserves!

Curly Mesh Edit

Do you wish to give your sim that Jay Sean look? With nicely trimmed hair on the sides and thick curly fur on top, this should make your sim look hot.

Curled Hair Edit

This is the soberest curled locks look for you. If you love a low-key appearance, that 90s professor look then, this would suit you right. To download this mod,

Curly Fade Zipped

A short mane, with flames style trimming above ears-This, is genuinely a dope modification.

Curly hair cc for toddlers and kids

Now it’s time for our kids to get a glamourous hair-do for them as well. So, here are some suggestions,

Mid Curly Hair for Boys

This mod is a typically good look for young boys with soft-curled locks and decent color options. So, download it and give your boys a lovely appearance.

Curled  hair

Get this beautiful extension by BIRKSCHE that has straight bangs and heavy curls for your baby-girls!

Curly Bangs Toddler

Give your toddlers those nice flowy rolled bangs with great contrasting colours that would make them instantly charming. To download and know more about this.

Kids Coiled Bun Hair

Thinking of giving that typical Juliet look to your young girls? This modification has done just that by giving you a clean bun and wavy baby locks  in the front.


Looking good is supremely important, even if it’s for your virtual avatars and a chic hair-do really changes your beauty-game. So, these sims 4 curly hair modifications are heavenly for those lovely curls of yours. Get these cc asap!