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Sims 4 Butt Slider & Booty Mod (Updated) 2023

Sims 4 Butt Slider & Booty Mod

Customizing your Sims the way you want is what all Simmers want. The CAS has a few restrictions you must adhere to whenever editing. The struggle is real. While editing, your Sim’s butt is never perfect. Either it is too thin, too big, too saggy, or too much up.

Never the way we want it to be. It is awkward to see your Sim standing there in CAS, just smiling at you while you try to figure out the perfect butt for your Sim. However, the fix to this issue is now here. The Sims 4 butt slider lets you construct the ideal butt for your Sim to enjoy and show off.

The butt slider has also come to be known as the bigger booty mod over time. So, what does this bigger booty butt slider mod do?

The butt slider is an extension that lets players change the way their Sim’s butts look. Customize the butts precisely how you want. This works similarly to other sliders. Drag the mouse left and right or up and down to change the shape, height, and size of the Sims 4 butts. With this, you can make your Sims butts much more realistic and natural-looking.

The butt sliders are a much better solution than downloading any big booty cc. They do not give a natural look. Players are not able to customize according to their needs. Your Sims might get bigger butts. However, they won’t be as realistic as the ones made by the butt sliders. So let us look at the butt slider mod and explain how it works.



You will find a lot of Butt sliders present on the internet. However, the top one is the Enhanced Butt Slider. This one has been the most consistent when speaking of updates and bug fixes.

This butt slider is the creation of CmarNYC, a popular creator within the Sims 4 gaming Community. The content and mods created by CmarNYC are very easy to use and solve most of the issues faced by the Simming community. The butt slider has seen more than 310,000 plus downloads. This shows how much demand is there for the butt sliders within the Sims 4 community. 

Sims 4 Butt Slider & Booty Mod

How does the Sims 4 butt slider work?

It is effortless to operate the butt slider. All you need is a mouse, your Sim in CAS, and an idea of how you want the butt to look. Simply click on your Sim’s butt and drag it around. Change the height, length, and shape in whatever way you want. The shape will be a feature on your Sim and won’t be the same boring semi-circular butt you always saw in CAS. Hence, just dragging your mouse around the butt gives you the advanced butt you could have gotten with expensive plastic surgery.

How does the Sims 4 butt slider work

The Sims 4 butt slider mod has two versions available on the internet

  • cmar_EnhancedButtSliders – This version allows you to customize the height of your Sims big booty. Lift it up and tighten it to look good in those jeans you bought at the last sale.
  • cmar_EnhancedButtSlidersV2 – This version of the mod allows players to change both the height as well as the shape of the butt. So now, lift them up and increase the size. Change it to whatever way you think looks good on the Sim. There are no restrictions. The only limit is your imagination.

Whichever version you choose to download, the big booty you wish for will be made available to you. Craft your Sims in the best realistic way possible and be satisfied with the smooth edits. Create any unique shape you wish. If giving a simple lift is what you want, go for the first version. However, if you wish for a distinctive profile, as mentioned before, go for the second version, as it will set you apart from all other Sims using the butt slider.


This Sims 4 butt slider is compatible with any mods in Sims 4. Specifically any clothing and body mods. Various big booty cc also work well with the butt slider. Players also have the possibility of using it with any Sims 4 body slider mods. 

There are instances when conflicts can occur. Although rare, the butt sliders may conflict with extensions that change the Sim’s butt hot stop controls, be it a male or a female.

You can download this Sims 4 butt slider mod right here:

Extended Butt and Hips Sliders

This butt and a hip slider is another one available on the internet. This works best on all sims. Be it teens, adults, or elders. Butt sliders know no age limit. This offers players a lot more diversity and choices. 

This butt slider allows you to increase the booty size horizontally, much more than the permitted limit in the base game default. It will enable you to place the butt position higher or lower. However, the but position of high and low is allowed only on male butt sliders for now.

As it completely replaces the default butt slider, many new features are added. Various views are possible. The front view, back view, up view, bottom view, and side view are present as always.

Another new feature that is available in this mod is the extended hip slider. This gives players an additional choice to make their Sim’s hips higher or lower. There is no change in the Sim’s height. 

It is possible to use both sliders at the same time.

Extended Butt and Hips Sliders

You can download this extended butt slider and hip slider right here via this link:

TS4 Detailed Butt Slider

This is just like any other butt slider; however, this promises a very sculpted finish. It claims that it does not increase the number of polygons on the butt; instead, it does the necessary by sculpting. This is because sliders use a large grid, which is not always suitable for small details. This slider has a version for both male and female Sims. 

TS4 Detailed Butt Slider

This Sims 4 butt slider shows a medium level of compatibility with clothing.

To get your Sims the sculpted bigger booty you wished for, download this mod right here:

Download any version of The Sims 4 butt slider, whichever you think suits your needs. Now no need to compromise with the big booty cc you downloaded years ago. CC, which did not give you what you wished. Now sculpt, customize your Sims butts with these Sims 4 but sliders and make the game much more realistic.

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