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Sims 4 book of chaos | Torture & Chaos mod | Ts4, V 1.3 | 2023

Sims 4 book of chaos

This article describes the Sims 4 evil mods in the Book of Chaos which consists of a detailed explanation of its interactions. These interplays allow your evil Sims to perform vicious activities. These hideous Sims torture the selected Sims to death so they won’t mess with them. The Book of Chaos contains certain evil mods like Sims 4 torture mod; Sims 4 death mod, Sims 4 torture and chaos mod which makes the bad Sims kill other Sims.

These Sims feel happy and contented after seeing the chosen sim die. They also have a partner in crime who support their mischief and convince them to commit more crimes. This article also helps you how to get the Sims 4 Book of Chaos in the game and also informs you about the latest updates. If you’re keen to know more details about it, then read along and download the newest version to play this exciting game.

Sims 4: The Book Of Chaos

Sims 4 Book of Chaos is a custom content created as a tuning mod so; it doesn’t overlap or override other mods except for the “Death Hunger”. This book consists of 17 interactions which play a massive role in the game. These interplays would make you so fierce that the other would think a hundred times before messing around with you. This book refers to several mods like torture mod, evil mod, and death mod in Sims 4 and hence, it increases buffs each time your sim makes the others sad or depressed. In a way, you’ve to resort to extreme violence to earn bonuses.

This Sims 4 death allows your evil sim to murder anyone as these Sims don’t fret others. They enjoy killing other Sims, and instead of grieving and being distressed about it, they make fun of them like psychopaths. These evil Sims would react to different situations, accordingly. This is available in 4 versions, which will suit your already installed packages.  

Sims 4: The Book Of Chaos

Sims 4 Book Of Chaos: Types Of The Book

The Sims 4 Book of Chaos has some basic types, and hence this mod uses references from “Spa day” and “Get to work”. There is no compulsion for you to have them. You could also download and play the base game installation. Some of the types are as follows:

BASE GAME: The base game has only 15 interactions which don’t include the steamy death, sim abduction, and freeze the sim.
THE GTW: The GTW (Get To Work) is one of the references taken by this mod. It consists of 17 interplays which don’t combine the steamy death of the sim.
THE SPA DAY: The Spa day is also one of the references taken by the Book of Chaos which support 15 interactions subtracting the sim abduction by alien and the sim freeze.
THE SPA DAY+GTW: The GTW and the Spa day both have all the 17 interactions plus the alien abduction, freeze the sim and the steamy death.

File NameSize
Torture & Chaos-Base Game Only v1.3192.0 KB
Torture & Chaos-GTW Only v1.3192.0 KB
Torture & Chaos-SPA DAY Only v1.3192.0 KB
Torture & Chaos-GTW+SPA DAY v1.3192.0 KB

Sims 4 The Book Of Chaos: The Latest And Upgraded Version

The Sims 4 Book of Chaos has V.13 as a latest and an upgraded version. This adaptation has many improvements in the game, which are:

• The interaction, partner in crime, has been added to the mod which is mentioned earlier in the article. Now, the book could read again.
• The reactions of the other Sims and the affecting sims have improved. The fire would stop in the “burn the sim” after the death of the affected sim. Now, Sims could run for their life when they sense the presence of the evil sims.
• Some of the interplays like “make a sim streak” and “embarrass a sim” have upgraded. Now, the Sims 4 Book of Chaos will have Spanish and Russian translations.

How To Get The Sims 4 Book Of Chaos?

• This will be in the “Activity” and “Miscellaneous” area. You could also find it in the buy mode where you have to click on the easel icon, and you could also search for BOC. The book costs 750$.
• To gain the mischief skill, you need to read the Sims 4 Book of Chaos. You would receive +3 buffs every time you perform the previously explained interactions as it exhibits a happy feeling.
• You could choose many Sims to execute the interplays. You could even decide to murder kids by giving them an electric shock or by other interactions as these kids are not allowed to practice these actions. You could also kill Sims and other non-player characters outside your house lot.
• You could put the Book of Chaos in your inventory, and later your sim could use it. All interactions are self-driven and non-autonomous. Your sim would react to the situations according to you as you’re responsible for the actions your sim performs.
• This mod only overrides the “death hunger” mod with one of the interplays, which is the “torture the sim”. In this interaction, the evil sim starves the selected sim to death just like the “death hunger” mod.
• It is available in seven languages in total, which are English, German, Czech, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and French.

Sims 4 Book Of Chaos: Interactions

As mentioned earlier, the Sims 4 Book of Chaos has 17 considerable interactions or interplays which trace a crucial role in the game. The following would describe these interactions:

  1. THROW POISONED DRINK: The Sims 4 torture mod enables the evil Sims to throw a poisoned drink at any chosen sim, who would eventually die because of the overheating of the liquid. The liquid tortures the Sims to death which absurdly pleasures them.
  2. THE KISS OF FLAMES: The Sims 4 evil mod which presides in the book enables your Sims to kiss and burn them. Your Sim is allowed to kiss the selected sim who instantly catches fire. The kiss would destroy the Sims to ashes then these destructive Sims seek satisfaction through this.
  3. THE KISS OF DEATH: The Sims 4 death mod enables your Sims to kill other Sims by kissing them. Your sim could kiss the chosen sim, and they would die of overheating. The death pleases your evil sim and convinces you to kill more Sims.
  4. DROWN A SIM IN PEE: The Sims 4 torture and chaos mod compels your selected sim to drown in their pee. They would die because of flooding in their urine. The drowning would increase your buffs as the chosen sim died of distress and shame.
  5. ELECTROCUTE THE SIM: The Sims 4 torture mod enables you to electrocute the other Sims to death. The electric shock would make the other sim die of heavy current flowing in the sim’s body. The massacre again satisfies your evil sim.
  6. EMBARRASS A SIM TO DEATH: The Sims 4 torture and chaos mod enforce the other sim to puke in a naked situation and then pee on it. It would embarrass the chosen sim to death. It would also increase buffs as the sim who was upset would be ashamed in front of everyone.
  7. File NameSize
    Torture & Chaos-Base Game Only v1.3192.0 KB
    Torture & Chaos-GTW Only v1.3192.0 KB
    Torture & Chaos-SPA DAY Only v1.3192.0 KB
    Torture & Chaos-GTW+SPA DAY v1.3192.0 KB
    DEPRESS THE SIM: This specific interaction would make the selected sim sad and depressed. The sim would cry in small intervals, and the other Sims surrounded by him would see and feel wrong about the crying sim. It would increase the buffs too, as the depressed sim would boost +8 buffs for being sad.
  8. GIVE A HEART ATTACK TO THE SIM: This Sims 4 death mod would give the other sim a heart attack. Your evil sim will perform a magic trick which would scare the selected sim, and it would be the reason for heartache. The heart attacks would make the sim die of pain and discomfort.
  9. FREEZE THE SIM: The Sims 4 evil mods enable your sim to freeze the chosen sim by the freeze rays. These destructive Sims don’t even own these rays. These Sims seek pleasure through these rays as they froze the affected sim till death.
  10. GET A SIM ABDUCTED: Your evil Sim is allowed to get the selected Sims to abduct by aliens. It requires a GTW EP to take them away without any permission. These hideous Sims love to kidnap the other Sims and hence, it makes them want to do it more often.
  11. BURN THE SIMS: The Sims 4 torture and chaos mod enable your hideous Sims to burn the chosen Sims to death. It could happen haphazardly anywhere. It would increase +3 buffs as it gives a moment of shock with a feeling of a daze. These merciless Sims laughs on them when these Sims catch fire.
  12. MAKE A SIM SELF PEE: This interplay involved in the Book of Chaos enables your dangerous Sims to compel the chosen Sims to pee themselves which is seen by other Sims too, and it creates a sense of embarrassment for the sim. The deceitful Sims laugh over their discomfort as they enjoy people being ashamed in front of others.
  13. MAKE A SIM STREAK: Select a sim and compel them to roam around naked in the given area. It would again make them ashamed in front of others which will appease these hideous Sims.
  14. MAKE SIM PUKE: The interaction in Book of Chaos mod enables your evil sim to make the selected sim puke in front of everyone and again feel embarrassed in public. These suffering Sims die of shame and humiliation.
  15. TORTURE THE SIM: The Sims 4 torture mod enables your vicious sim to pain the selected sim to death. These suffering Sims go through a lot like electrocution, puking, and eventually passing out. The torture won’t make the affected sim die, but the repetition of this act might cause death.
  16. SPREAD HATRED: The Sims 4 torture and chaos mod enables your sim to launch an air horn which will be the sign of the world’s hate for each other. After your sim commenced the horn, everyone will start slapping and throw drinks at each other, which would cause chaos for some time. The hitting would be the start of a fight which produces a feeling of anger, and due to this, +5 buffs would increase.
  17. PARTNER IN CRIME: This interaction would help your sim to have a partner in whatever crime you commit. Your partner would support and cheer you up every time you kill a sim or torture one. The supporting sim would make fun of other suffering Sims with you and would convince you to commit another crime. The befriending would again increase +1 buff with a happy feeling.
  18. END CRIMINAL PARTNERSHIP: This is an added interplay which would cancel your partner’s license of befriending you. By ending this, your ex-partner will react like other sims and would no longer support you in your mischief. Your once an alliance would panic after seeing you.
File NameSize
Torture & Chaos-Base Game Only v1.3192.0 KB
Torture & Chaos-GTW Only v1.3192.0 KB
Torture & Chaos-SPA DAY Only v1.3192.0 KB
Torture & Chaos-GTW+SPA DAY v1.3192.0 KB

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