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Best Pokemon Rom Hacks | Gba Gen III, Emerald (Latest) 2022

Best Pokemon Rom Hacks

Since the demand and love for Pokémon games are increasing day-by-day, so is the modder community’s creativity, as there are plenty of Pokemon ROM hacks available in this gen. The only catch is these are playable only on any Game Boy Advance supported emulators, so make sure you have one; As we have curated a list of the best rom hacks to level-up the fun, excitement, and challenge for you, with new landscapes, characters, and whatnot.

Best Pokémon ROM hacks 2022

Here’s the list of top Pokémon GBA hacks,

Pokémon rocket edition

Have you ever wondered what must be the villain’s side of the story? Is he doing what’s best for him or what led him to do all of this? Then, this mod helps you see the unseen by letting you go through the Kanto region as a Team Rocket grunt, dealing with the shady underbelly of Pokémon society in a story that runs parallel to vanilla FireRed that includes a morality system, side-quests, and explores edgy fan theories about the Pokéverse that don’t get much attention in the main games.

Pokémon rocket edition

Light platinum

This is a fantastic Pokemon Ruby hack with edited graphics, Zhery Region meeting explorations, and battling new rivals. You can put your skills against the Region’s authoritarian Gym Leaders and hardcore Elite Four, as well as the Champion. You can also capture and train Pokémons from the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh Regions. This should be on your download list.

Poke adventure red

Next, up in the list of pokemon gen, 3 ROM hacks is adventure red, which showcases Red traveling across the different regions, with splendid custom sprites, 255 level cap, the Day/Night system, and the addition of new types like Fusion and Shadow Pokémon all make this an incredible game rivaling with the official releases.

Ash gray- Pokémon ROM hacks 2019

This is the most classic hack out there! Following the original story of the newbie trainer “Ash,” where he fails to get a strong pokemon for himself as he woke up late and couldn’t reach on time, he has to soothe himself- Pikachu. This hack also has some scenes from the movie to make this more engaging. 

Another good thing is Hm moves are removed with this hack, so now you wouldn’t need to have an HM slave and teach those creatures!

Ash gray- Pokémon ROM hacks 2019

Pokemon original islands

Original islands hack is quite similar to the ash-gray one discussed above, but what stands out for this one is its super original storyline and intrinsic details. You’ll start with Pikachu but would get many opportunities to add more Lil characters in your poke-gang. Also, the Team Rocket’s intro in Game Freak’s narrative style would make you go crazy.

Ultra-shiny gold stigma

Though this game follows the story of gen 2, since there are still great points and elements to the report, you will get over 800 Pokémon rosters of Generation I to VII, other features such as Mega Evolutions, Miracle Exchange, and the removal of trading evolution by which you can evolve a Pokémon typically without the tedious act of trading them. With day and night cycles, that means longer duration and many Pokemon’s; this is a great deal.

Pokemon clover

For the lovers of fakemons and politically incorrect gags, this one would be a blessing since this hack is an original and a huge one based on inside jokes and the over-all dope culture of the infamous imageboard 4chan.

This hack is filled with offensive Pokémon’s; hence, viewers discretion is advised.

Pokemon clover


This one follows a typical boy growing up and dreaming of being the best ‘mon trainer, but destiny has something else in store for him. Just when he starts his training, the world begins to end, and he has some duties to fulfill.

While he plays a part in saving the world, you have a feature to explore three Regions Tunod, Johto, and Rankor, a dream world Pokemon and a ton of Legendries to catch in the game. This makes for a great pick in the list of best Pokemon hacks.

Kaizo emerald

This pokemon emerald rom hack makes the base game more challenging and tough by leveling-up the trainers too. Puzzles in the Hoenn region are more demanding now, and you’ll need to change bikes more often. On the other side, all Pokémon from Gen III can be caught in this game version. Post-game scenarios have also been dynamically changed. This one is a fantastic hack for emerald fans, do get it.

Kaizo emerald

Mirage of tales

The ancient biblical tales inspire this hack with 3 exciting characters Kala, Evandor, and Zhafira, and their unique stories follow when you choose them.

Other features include The Finance Chamber, Alignment System, and The Strategy Map.

Nameless edition

With a well-developed storyline and great adventurous through the huge Cyenn Region, but also visit smaller regions like Western Tyron, Sevii Island, and the Lande. These are all severe components of the game’s dynamic and dramatic storyline. It also includes ‘mons from gens 4-7 and replaces Gyms with Battle Arenas, which are quite the same but are different enough to keep you engaged.


With firered as the base game and an intricate narrative of orbtus Region where earthquakes have become the new normal, professor redwood takes trainers’ assistance to control the seismic activity.

With the ‘mons coming from the Regions of Kanto, Johto, Unova, Sinnoh, and Kalos, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire inspire the jumpy-moves and other aspects. A multitude of mechanics such as the Mega Evolutions, underwater locations, Fairy-type, and more. You can also find Hidden Grottoes and Temples and use TMs again and again.


Liquid crystal

Again, an extension of fire-red with crazy new stuff like pokemart and “pokemon center,” remastered soundtracks, real weather, day and night timers, better graphics and maps, underground dive, evolved version of the viridian trainer house, and whatnot.

This, too, is an excellent pick for elevating your firered base game.


Next up in the last of pokemon hacks is saffron. They have several Pokémon species on their yearly migrations in The Azira region. However, once in a while, a vast number of migratory patterns coincide in this Region. Making it the most biodiverse territory on the planet, this is where the story of Pokémon Saffron starts. This is why there are 280 of the most sought-after Pokémon roaming around, including monsters from every gen, Sword & Shield too!


Life version

This listicle’s last one is the life version, filled with new and better things for fireRed. New regions and environments, amazing visual graphics, Blue Crystals, bye-bye to PC spawn, New Pokédex, Animated ‘mon sprites, side-quests, Updated abilities, Black and White Music, Clarity enhancements, and the most essential, Shiny rate is increased!

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

My games don’t start, and hence, I can’t play

Newbies can find this game difficult to play with though it isn’t as tricky as it looks in the beginning. But You’ll get the hang of it soon, so don’t stress out, but if you still can’t play it and you think there might be some technical bug then, there might be several reasons for it;   

  • Your emulator can’t support the game or read the file format.
  • Error in the patching process.
  • A different version of base rom is required.

GBA emulators can read GBA files while some can read both .gba and .zip files; hence, all these GBA hacks are compatible with the GBA emulator. However, the issue is that most of these games are shared as patch files; it could be in a .ips or .ups file format. The solution for this is patching the file to its required base rom and then using it.

Note: Some GBA ROM hacks require a v1.0 ROM version, so make sure to check its version before patching. Moreover, some rom hacks require separate software for patching, so again, check your game if it needs a different patching app for successful patching.


With this, we come to the end of our list of the best pokemon rom hacks out there for you to choose and enjoy. These hacks can really boost your gaming experience with extra toughness, fun graphics, and details but again, make sure you have the GBA emulator, and you are good to go!

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