Sims 4 belly button piercing | Navel Piercing | Belly piercing 2020

Belly Piercing

This Sims 4 belly piercing mod enables your Sims to have a piercings around your navel which is really appealing for most of the characters and it really looks pleasurable. These belly piercings are found near tattoo section. These piercings are belly rings which don’t go with too thin or large bodies and works best with basic or moderate body type. It also outshines on certain skin archetype but manages with all. There are total ten Sims 4 belly rings.

These navel piercing rings are available in different colors so, choose according to the shade of your sim’s bikini. You could also recolor these belly rings and remember when you use them on large sim bodies, it would stretch. The Sims 4 belly button piercings are accessible for both the genders so in order to download this mod you need to have the expansion pack of the game. This increases buff too.

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