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Asus Aura Download | Sync Software Download(Updated) V1.07 For Window 10(2022)

Asus Aura Download | Sync Software Download

You recently bought Asus graphics card/motherboard but have zero ideas on how to download its software for lighting control. Here is a complete guide to help you understand everything about the Asus Aura Download process and its sync process.

But, what exactly is the Asus Sync?

Asus Aura Download | Sync Software Download(Updated) V1.07

Asus Aura Download: Know More about the Asus Sync Software

This is a software that has been designed to control the overall lighting in all the associated Asus RGB products. Not just that, the aura sync can also help synchronize the lighting for other products by Aura Sync for the creation of an integrated form of lighting effects.

These aura sync products include things such as graphics cards, motherboards, peripherals, as well as monitors.

Asus Aura Download Windows 10

When it comes to the Asus Aura sync download, there are two different ways that help with the download of this software.

  • Download & install the software via the homepage
  • Download the program as per the Asus Aura

Aura Software

How to install Asus Aura for Windows 10?

In the first method that is downloading the software via the homepage, you need to follow the following steps.

  • Go to the official website
  • Click on the option “Choose A Version” and then click on the latest available version. Your software will start downloading automatically
  • When installing the sync software, you need to unzip & then open your file. Next, double click on the setup & follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation process.

This step is only doable if you happen to download the files through the homepage of the Asus website.

The next method is to download the program in accordance with the Product.

To get compatible Aura sync software, you need to download the related software while ensuring it is the best fit for the model name of the product.

  • Visit the downloading center by Asus.
  • Next, type in the product’s model name & find the related aura program. Next, click on the section named Driver and Tools.
  • Select the OS type present in your PC. Next, check the Utility section in the AURA program.

Asus Program: Update the Asus Drivers

In order to get better lighting and gaming experience, it is important to make sure that the drivers are updated. Now, there are 2 ways to download the device software drivers.

  • Manually: In order to manually download the program manually, you will be required to update the drivers with patience. You have to find the exact driver over the online platform, download the same, and then install it following the step-by-step methodology.
  • Automatically: This is no doubt the quickest, as well as the easiest option available for you when it comes to the program download. It can easily be completed with some mouse clicks and easy for the computer newbie.

Here is a complete setup process for the software.

  • Extract the Asus aura installation file
  • Now, double click over the downloaded files named atkexComSvc &axins separately
  • Next, go back & install your app from its setup file
  • Install your app in a recommended folder listed during the installation process
  • Restart your computer when asked after finishing your installation process

Asus Lighting Control: All about It

What is the RGB in Asus?

In the software, the abbreviation RGB denotes Red, Green, and Blue. In the PC lighting, the RGB abbreviation means LED components & accessories that show multiple colors that come from mixing the same in different variations.

Most of the RGB components tend to show as many as 16.8 Million color types.

Aura RGB Download: RGB Lighting Incompatibility

This is a common issue with the Aura RGB software. The Asus Aura Sync might be unable to sync with every component in an individual way unless and until they are perfectly compatible with the same. So, you might find that some of these components tend to light up in a manner that is different. Not just that, the aura program RGB might not even glow at all.

Aura Program, Aura Sync: Motherboard Not Detected

The major issue with this Sync is the fact that it might not be able to detect the motherboard. This leads to none of its compatible components syncing with your application. Ultimately, it makes your PC look similar to a sad version of the non-RGB type PC.

Reasons for Asus Aura Sync Not Working

Listed below are some popular reasons that lead to the dysfunctionality of the sync.

  • A corrupted variant of the installation file
  • Conflict with the software for RGB Lighting
  • Wrong Installation Pathway
  • The Fast Windows Startup Feature
  • ARGB/RGB Strips Connected Inappropriately
  • Older Version of the Aura Sync Application

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