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Witcher 3 Tower Of Mice | Fyke Isle,Mice Ghosts (Latest) 2021

The Witcher 3 a tower of mice is a secondary quest in the game, which is the first step towards the path of romancing Keira Metz or getting her help in the Kaer Morhen. Now, located in the Velen region at the Fyke isleOreton, this quest requires you to be at least on level 6.

So, it starts with Keira Metz wanting you to lift the curse on the fyke isle which is doomed by a plague maiden Anabelle, ghosts, ghouls, Rotfiends, etc. And the only way to lift the curse is by finding Anabelle on a scary and dark tower centred in the island.

So let’s begin the journey.

Guide to A towerful of Mice

Start by following the marker to Keira’s boat, which she kindly offered for your use. From the safety of the ship, it’s visible that a monster has infested this island. You can circle the island to look for the best place to land as close to the tower as possible and then, look for the building which is marked on your mini-map.

Guide to A towerful of Mice
A towerful of mice

Use the magic lamp (gifted by Keira) to find the towerful of mice ghosts.

Before entering the tower, you’ll see many rotfeinds and ghouls stopping you from heading inside so make sure you defeat them. Also, be wary of the black clouds as they are swarms of flies but can be killed using the Igni sign.

Now, there are eight places where you can use the magic lamp that was gifted to you:

  • Near the fast travel point (they will talk about how wonderful the attack will be)
  • South of the fast-travel point and towards the edge of the yellow search area on the map.
  • On the north-east side of the main building (shows one of the peasants getting sick).
  • Every floor, except the third, has a ghost or ghosts having a conversation.

Locate the green glow or lantern on the map, that’s the location where you’ll use the lamp and see the ghosts’ final moments before they died as watching these scenes would render you some XP.

 to find the towerful of mice ghosts.

Explore the Witcher 3 fyke isletower

Head inside the tower. You’ll notice the high rat population in the notorious tower full of mice. Then, use your lantern and watch the final moments of the four ghosts that reside in the tower.

Then as directed by Keira, you’ll have to go on the top of the building to look for the Mage’s lab, which is hidden and can be found by pulling two levers on the “fake top”, and a secret passage would lead you to the actual location.

Explore the Witcher 3 fyke isletower

Investigate Alexander’s lab in Witcher 3: a Towerful of Mice

When you reach the lab, please take out your lamp and use it. Then, you’ll meet Anabelle who was the daughter of the former lord of Velen and now, a “Pesta” or plague maiden. But what led her to this gruesome end? When talking with Anabelle, you’ll come to know that she was presumed dead because of a heavy-duty sleeping potion given to him by the Mage as a cover for faking her death during the peasants’ attack. But she woke up in the state of paralysis, and the rats ate her alive.

Having learned from her what happened in the tower, Geralt will realize that the only way to lift the curse is to reunite Anabelle with her beloved former Graham as the hoax started with hate and only love can break it. So, she has to forgive her partner, Graham, who abandoned her on the isle, having believed that she had been dead. However, she’ll only forgive him if you bring her bones to Graham for him to bury her. Geralt can decide to agree or refuse the offer.

Investigate Alexander's lab in Witcher 3: a Towerful of Mice

If you refuse her request

This can be considered a towerful of mice’s good ending.

If Geralt refuses, she asks you to bring Graham to her. However, as you refused to take her bones to Graham, she already thinks you are unfaithful and reveals herself as a plague maiden to attack you.

You have to fight her but can’t kill her till the curse’s broken. Keira would advise you to look for her partner, who lives north in Oreton. Then, go to Graham to inform him of the hoax and about Anabelle becoming a demon, and the only way we can break it is by proving his love for her.

Then, while heading back to the isle, you’ll be attacked by ghouls of the curse’s victims, who blame the partner for their misery, before finally making it to the top of the tower where the plague maiden waits; Graham explains to Anabelle that he didn’t mean to leave her alone and that he still loves her.

So, she asks him to prove his love by kissing her. Graham kisses her, and she returns to human form, while he dies and reunites with her in death, lifting the curse.

considered a towerful of mice’s good ending.

If you follow her request

You take her bones to Graham, where he admits his role in allowing the peasants access to the island that led to the tragic massacre but was unaware that his love was still alive after drinking the potion.

Geralt gives her bones to the partner to bury and leaves. But suddenly, before he gets too far, Geralt hears a scream from the fisherman’s cabin and rushes back in only to find him dead, with his body surrounded by rats and Anabelle floating over him as a Pesta.

Now, that the bones are off the isle, the curse is lifted, but the Pesta is released to roam the world and spread the plague, ruining Kerack in the process.

This is not a great ending.

Geralt gives her bones to the partner to bury and leaves

If you leave the conversation

If you decide to leave the conversation and proceed to leave the tower, the maiden will lock the door and release an attack. This path leads to the same story as if Geralt refuses Anabelle’s request.

Go back to Keira to give her the good news.

After you tell her that the hoax is broken, she’ll have one more favour to ask, and it leads to your romantic relations with her, so buckle up and take on the new side quest “A Favor for a Friend.”

Note: this quest will fail if not finished before starting The Isle of Mists.


You will earn 500 XP for reuniting the lowers and 300 XP if you accept Annabelle’s request.

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That’s all you need to know about the Witcher 3 tower of mice side quest. We hope you make the right choice and help reunite the lovers to lift the curse and impress Keira Metz by saving the isle.

Happy monster hunting!